Central Florida Police Benevolent Association Endorses Rob Panepinto Over Demings for Orange County Mayor


Rob Panepinto, Orlando business leader and candidate for Orange County Mayor, today
received the endorsement of the Central Florida Police Benevolent Association (CFPBA).

“I am incredibly honored to have the support of an organization that works so hard to represent
our men and women in blue,” said Panepinto. “Our law enforcement officers put their lives on
the line each and every day to protect our families and as mayor, I will work to ensure they have
the resources, training and funding they need to do their jobs safely.”
In an endorsement letter sent to Panepinto Friday, CFPBA President Jerry Hagan said the
association will ask its members, their friends and families and “all citizens in Orange County
who respect the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws, to cast their ballots in support of
Rob Panepinto.”

“The Central Florida Police Benevolent Association proudly announces its endorsement of Rob
Panepinto for Orange County Mayor,” said CFPBA President Jerry Hagan. “The CFPBA
recognizes that law enforcement is just part of the overall Orange County services and cannot
achieve its missions without the other facets of Orange County government. The CFPBA is
confident that Rob Panepinto has the complete set of skills, vision and character to lead all of
Orange County. We are certain that Rob Panepinto will guide all of Orange County to a higher
The publisher of the Orlando Political Observer and Gravis Marketing, Doug Kaplan, is Rob Panepinto’s brother.


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