Andrew Gillum Campaign Rebukes Gil Ziffer Over Endorsement


Geoff Burgan, Communications Director for Andrew Gillum’s Gubernatorial campaign, released the following statement in response to Tallahassee City Commissioner and fellow Democrat Gil Ziffer’s endorsement of Gwen Graham:

“Gwen Graham’s a self-described “very conservative Democrat” and voted to weaken Dodd-Frank provisions, while Gil Ziffer voted against “Ban the Box” legislation in the City Commission and didn’t back the Mayor’s renewed push to fight the gun lobby following the shooting in Parkland. We never sought his endorsement, and would not have accepted given these strong policy differences.”

Andrew Gillum is currently serving as the Mayor of Tallahassee.  When asked why Graham won his endorsement over his colleague, Ziffer replied: “Governing, it’s not only about winning. It’s not only about beating the other side. It’s about finding solutions. Sometimes that means compromise. I have witnessed and seen Gwen Graham try to find that middle ground and I’ve not seen that as much in my mayor.”


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