Dead Cat” Registration Group Sending More Election Mail


A group which attempted to register a dead cat to vote is sending out more mailers this week, according to Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel.

“Group which tried to register dead cat to vote in Seminole County in 2016 sending more mailers this week,” Ertel said in a Facebook post. “To combat confusion and delineate between official #VoteSeminole election mail and political mail tactics visit

In 2016, a group called the Center For Voter Information sent out official-looking mail informing people they were not registered to vote, including the words “Government Document Enclosed” and “Do Not Discard.” The mailers generated headlines when one voter received a voter application in the name of her cat. The cat, named Gracey, had been dead for two years.

This prompted Supervisor Ertel to create a website to help voters determine which mail originates from the Supervisor of Elections office.

The images of letters originating from the Center For Voter Information posted by the Supervisor of Elections indicate the group may be comparing publicly available voter files with mailing lists obtained elsewhere to determine if an individual is registered to vote at a certain address. The letter then informs the voter they may have moved and includes a voter registration form with their new address already filled in, along with a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

The letter then instructs the recipient to visit the official Florida Department of State online voter registration page.

The Observer reached out to the Supervisor of Elections to ask how many people had registered to vote as a result of one of these mailers and will continue to report any attempted voter registration activities by the Center For Voter Information.


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