Dr. Lee Mangold, Democrat for HD28, Receives Endorsement from Longwood City Commissioner and former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan


Dr. Lee Mangold, Democratic candidate for State Representative in District 28,
has received another endorsement, this time from Longwood City Commissioner and former
WWE Superstar Matt Morgan.

In his endorsement, Morgan states: “It is my absolute honor, to endorse Lee Mangold for
Florida House 28. Lee is Exactly what both Central Florida and more importantly, Tallahassee
need at the moment in my opinion, and would be a great representative for both!

This man has a tireless work ethic and one of the very few that is a non-career politician. Lee is
an “every man” simply looking to represent EVERYONE! That’s what drew me to Lee the most;
he is a family man simply looking to do what he can to help his fellow neighbor by representing
them on a much larger scale. He’s not the type to play the game of using political office simply
as “ another wrung on the ladder.” He feels that he can do what he has previously done, on a
larger scale, and I admire that greatly in a candidate! It’s what makes him more relatable than
pretty much anybody else out there in my opinion.

I also admire the fact that Lee wants to put more money behind our education programs,
realizing the same thing that I have for years: we are only as strong as our youth coming down
the pipeline! Our job is to make sure we do everything possible to give these children all the
tools necessary and opportunities, to be the best versions of themselves that they can be,
because guess who our future leaders of tomorrow are going to be? Lee understands that, and
subscribes to that same theory as its a very big part of his platform!”

The endorsement from Mr. Morgan is the third formal endorsement for the Mangold campaign,
and the first of the year.

“Matt Morgan is a prime example of effective leadership in government,” Dr. Mangold replied.
“I was proud to support him during his campaign, andI’m sincerely grateful for his kind words and his endorsement.”
The staff of the Mangold Campaign extends its sincere gratitude to Mr. Morgan.

Dr. Lee Mangold is a 35-year-old native of Central Florida, a Cybersecurity Entrepreneur, and an Adjunct
Professor at the University of Central Florida where he teaches Cyber Security. As a lifetime learner and
educator, Dr. Mangold understands the modern challenges facing students and educators and is excited
about working for teachers, students, and their families. Lee’s legislative priorities include strong support
for public education, environmental regulation, and healthcare for all. More information about Dr.
Mangold and his campaign can be found on his website, www.leemangold.com. This site includes
biographical information, a calendar of upcoming events, as well as the candidate’s position on many of
the important issues affecting his district.


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