2018 Campaign Update: Orange County Commission District 3


With Orange County Commissioner Pete Clarke fully committed to running for mayor, District 3 on the
county commission will be up for a special election as soon as Clarke resigns.

The race is crowded as big named candidates are littered across the field. With six candidates filed to
run, this is one of the hottest races to watch in Orange County.
Pete Crotty, brother of former Orange County mayor, has raised a little over $13,000 for his campaign.
Likely relying some on name recognition, Crotty has raised enough to be competitive.

But his numbers don’t compare to Belle Isle City Commissioner Bobby Lance. So far, he’s pulled in
$42,260 for his campaign since filing in December.

The last two recognizable candidates in the race are Eric Rollings and Mayra Uribe. In the race since
November, Rollings has a slow but methodical approach toward fundraising. He’s raised $27,222 and
brought in close to $6,000 in February.

Uribe, a former staffer for Senator Bill Nelson, she’s run for office before. With just a little over $17,000
in her campaign account, Uribe is working to catch-up to Rollings and Lance.
As this race goes along, money is sure to continue to roll in. Clarke’s time on the commission was
without fireworks and controversy. With business interest in the seat, it’s likely that there is a want to
keep the seat free of disagreement.

No matter, though. Voters will have a clear choice in who wants to move the district forward. Uribe’s
platform focuses on service and jobs, Rollings wants better public safety and lower taxes.

The commission is likely to see a lot of turnover with Mayor Teresa Jacobs terming out, Clarke leaving to
attempt to take her place, and Commissioner Bryan Nelson leaving to serve as mayor in Apopka. Will the
body get more conservative in its leaning or move to the left?

We have plenty of time to find out.


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