LAKELAND, FLORIDA (March 29, 2018)—On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 6:00 p.m., student entrepreneurs will take the stage to present their business plans before a panel of local leaders of industry and a public audience. The students are dressed as young professionals, and are ready to wow the crowd.

Nine students in grades 6 through 12 from the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Polk County (YEA! Polk), a chapter of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce,  will have five minutes to pitch their business plans to prominent local members of the business community, during the program’s annual YEA! Shark Tank Investor Panel Event. Based on the appeal and merit of the students’ plans and presentations, representatives from companies such as Jannetides College of Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership at Southeastern University, Maximize Digital Media, Publix Super Markets, and SunTrust will determine the amount of funds to allocate to each business. Investors may choose to fund one business at 100%, several at various percent’s, or all of the businesses equally.

The investors will also select one business to advance to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy National Saunders Scholars Competition, in Rochester, NY, where they will compete with students across the United States for college scholarships.

The students are all from Polk County – Bartow, Lake Alfred, Lakeland, Mulberry, and Winter Haven – and represent All Saints Academy, the International Baccalaureate School at Lake Wales High School, Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, Mulberry High School, Polk State Gateway High School, and the Thomas Christian Academy (home-school).

Student Businesses:

Aerial Perspective is a drone photography and videography service that will capture stunning views from both in the air and on the ground. The price to fly the drone would be per hour. My potential customers are realtors, property appraisers, and event planners. Once the business gets off the ground, Aerial Perspectives may add an infrared imaging service. The company would acquire the adapting infrared camera for the drone for inspecting roofs and may even fly into attics to look for water leaks and holes in the insulation. Our potential customers for the infrared camera would be inspectors, home insurance companies, and possibly energy companies. We plan to advertise to our customers by having a website, social media ads, fliers, and business cards. Since the CEO has experience flying drones, he feels he will be the ideal pilot once he turns 16 years old and is eligible for a FAA drone pilot’s license. He feels that his business will be successful.

Drink I.D. is a dial label that can be put on cans or cups during parties that will help distinguish one can from another. Buyers would include party planners, businesses planning to throw a party for employees, and sports fans. This label can work for any container, not only plastic cups. Especially cans.

HelpMate is a business idea that stemmed from experiencing the benefits of using a similar service. HelpMate plans to charge lower advertising rates on a more local scale to better connect smaller businesses. The business will be strictly website based until there is a need for a mobile app. Through the website a customer can browse qualified individuals and make contact with them for business measures. This idea will offer services that my target customers look for and are found in their local area.

Hidden Spray is an underground irrigation system that, instead of watering over ground, crops are watered underground because it targets the roots of the plant directly and allows no water to evaporate. This product is smiliar to drip irrigation where water is dripped into the ground near the roots in the spot where the roots of the plants are in order to conserve water from evaporating from the ground. The main difference is that my product is actually underground instead of drip irrigation. This fills the need of watering the crops less often because the water is already absorbed into the the soil and it is also more cost efficient because instead of farmers spending more money on a mobile over ground irrigation system, farmers would only have to install underground pipes and regulate the flow of water through the pipes.

The purpose of InnovaTutors is to provide a better way to tutor students using the students and teachers themselves as leaders! InnovaTutors targets the student, and their constant struggle to catch up or be higher than others in their class. It works by first requiring a school administrator to enroll their school in the program, then their website is customized to reflect their curriculum. By using this form of tutoring, teachers get to know their students better, students can find help easily, and allows helpers to become potential leaders in their community! This is a form of tutoring unlike any other, and differentiates completely from other services provided by competitors. It is completely safe, affordable, and a smart way to tutor within school.

Just Ball is basketball rebound netting. This product will cut the need for having to take time to chase after a ball because of a missed or bad shot. Instead of repetitively going after the ball in the yard, you can have it bounce back towards you. The net will also go behind the goal post instead of in front so it does not get in the way of the playing space like the competitors products do. The netting will be adjustable for both in-ground and portable goal posts and also goes up to the top of the backboard for total coverage. This is an opportunity because the simpler design doesn’t drive the material and production costs too high. It is also very appealing because of the useful purpose it serves and it does not require constant care or replacement.

ScoutVenture provides an app for Boy Scout Troops that helps Scouts manage themselves and plan for the future.


ToGoGo is a solution to the problem of when you want food but don’t necessarily want to leave your house and get into traffic to go get it. My company brings already made food from your favorite restaurants to your front door. The goal of ToGoGo is to satisfy consumers with the convenience of having food brought right to their house without them having to lift a finger.

UniqueForm is a better manufactured uniform that “Grows with the student” and is well needed. Better manufactured uniforms would be beneficial for the parent, due to its long lasting life and its affordable price. The kids would benefit by being able to adjust the uniform to better accustom their unique form.  Parents of tweens and teens at schools that still require them to wear uniforms would be my target market, since the parents would ideally be the ones purchasing the product. It is different because the UniqueForm uniform lasts longer than competitors and the quality manufacturing allows the uniform to accustom one’s unique form.

The event is free and open to the public.  Interviews with young entrepreneurs or members of the judging panel can be arranged.

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Polk is made possible through the support of sponsors:

Investor Sponsors:

Allen & Company of Florida, Inc.

Jannetides College of Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership at Southeastern University

Lakeland Chamber Foundation

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

SunTrust Bank

Scholarship Sponsors:

Citrus Center Kiwanis

Maximize Digital Media

Mulberry Community Service Center

Suncoast Credit Union

Community Sponsor

Gary S Claville Trust

Got Candy & More


Buena Vida Auditorium, Southeastern University, 1000 Longfellow Blvd, Lakeland, FL  33801

Date/Time Information:

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
5:30 – 6:00 pm Meet & Greet with light refreshments from Got Candy & More
6:00 – 7:30 pm Investor Panel Presentation

Contact Information:

Rebecca Fortier (863) 688-8551 x 229



Free and open to the public. Registration requested.

YEA! teaches kids ages 11 to 18 how to identify their passions, develop a business idea, write a business plan, pitch investors for funding, and obtain all the necessary components to create a fully, formed and functioning business or social movement by the end of the 30-week class.


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