2018 Campaign Update: Orange County District 2


Candidates are qualifying for the ballot in the race for Orange County Commission District 2. With Bryan Nelson being elected as Mayor of Apopka, that leaves his commission seat open for business.

Former Commissioner Fred Brummer, Mark Byrd, and Patricia Rumph have all gathered enough petitions to have their names appear on the ballot for the upcoming special election.

Brummer used to represent the area and is well-known in Apopka and Pine Hills. He’s raised over $62,000 for his campaign and notched $4,450 in February. Older but just as formidable, Brummer will be a tough out for those looking to beat him.

Behind Brummer is Mark Byrd, the first-time candidate looking to replace Nelson. He started out strong, but his money has dried some. He raised $2,300 in February to bring his total to $46,661. That’s obviously enough for him to run a competitive race, and with his name on the ballot via petition, he’s able to turn his attention back to raising money.

After Byrd comes Rumph. She ran for the same seat before and lost to Nelson by proxy of Alvin Moore. She seems to be getting better at fundraising as she pulled in $3,815 in February. Still running behind Brummer and Byrd. Rumph has raised over $14,000 since entering the race.

But outside of the three making the ballot by petition, there’s still Christine Moore, member of the Orange County School Board. She got into the race in October of last year, the last to file, and is still working to catch-up. Moore is doing well, though. She has over $46,500 in her campaign account and raised just over $6,000 in February.

Formidable like the rest, Moore is going to be a fight. She has light name recognition as she’s a current elected official and knows the area well.

This is, and will be moving forward, one of the best races to watch in the county.


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