2018 Campaign Update: Orange County School Board District 7


Five candidates are filed to run for District 7 on the Orange County School Board to replace the departing Christine Moore as she’s resigning to run for District 2 on the Orange County Commission.

Melissa Byrd, filed to run back in December, raised $5,350 in February to bring her total to $18,540. She’s raising money consistently and seems to be the strongest candidate in the race monetarily.

No other candidate is close to Byrd’s totals as two other individuals who have filed to run with only $2,000 in each campaign account, respectively. The money has also come from loans, not donations.

The newest candidate in the bunch is Chan-Denise Raquel Budhoo. She filed her paperwork to run just a couple of weeks ago, so her first report isn’t due until the end of the month.

It’s worth noting that with so many candidates in the race, not everyone will qualify and make the ballot. Candidates wont be able to qualify by petition, it will have to be by paying because the special election wont be called until after petition deadline for august elections

Not an exact science but qualifying for the ballot isn’t automatic. With a special election, candidates also have to pay to appear on the ballot, which makes it a little tougher for those who are having a challenge raising money.

In that realm, Byrd and another candidate or two may make the final ballot. It’s also why some publications and reporters only pay attention to candidates who are likely to make it beyond qualifying.

We might even have an additional candidate come in the race and self fund the campaign.

There’s still time for everyone involved, though. Moore hasn’t resigned from her seat yet, and if she doesn’t, this may all be for nothing.


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