Mike Miller Releases First Ad


Mike Miller, candidate for Congress, released his first ad, featuring Governor Rick Scott.
In the ad, Gov. Scott says, “I want to thank Representative Mike Miller for all that he’s done. He’s focused
on making sure our taxes are low, everybody can get a job, that we have a great education system, and
that people are safe.”


Mike has worked with Governor Scott the past four years in the Florida Legislature. The two have teamed
up on many important issues including, balancing the state budget without tax or fee increases,
improving public education by empowering parents and supporting the largest state education budget in
state history, and supporting $1 billion in tax cuts for Floridians.

“Governor Scott is a great American and I’ve enjoyed working with him to keep taxes low and make life
better for all Floridians,” said Miller. “I appreciate his kind words about me recently and I’m proud to call
him my friend and my Governor. I’m fully supportive of whatever Governor Scott’s next step will be and
look forward to working with him in the future.”

The ad can be viewed at https://youtu.be/rgvwCsV_9Eg.
Running for public office for the first time in 2014 in a district that was evenly divided Republican and
Democrat, Mike was elected to the Florida House of Representatives by defeating the incumbent

In 2016, Mike handily defeated his Democratic
opponent in a district where Hillary Clinton won by 12%.
The primary for Florida’s 7th district will be held in August
2018 with the Republican nominee facing Cong. Stephanie
Murphy in the general election in November 2018.


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