2018 Campaign Update: Nancy Robbinson Opens Up A Huge Fundraising Lead In The Race For School Board Chair


Perhaps the most interesting race in Orange County will be on the school board. It’s full of intrigue, fun, and drama. As Bill Sublette, current chair, prepares for his sunset, a new sunrise is on the horizon.

Nancy Robbinson, representative for District 6 on the school board, is ready and preparing for a political war. She had clear spacing to the top; as if she was running an isolation play on players from the G-league.

Robbinson has plenty of money. She has raised more than $84,000 since filing and pulled in a strong $13,650 in February. It’s needed and will be put to good use. She’s already spending. Robbinson has dished out $16,405 and spent over $4,000 alone in February.

Not running scared or as if she may lose, Robbinson seems to be preparing for something. An inevitable fight that will clip a lot of the money that she’s raised, her campaign is insulating.

Other candidates have filed but could be of no matter. The money between the rest of them is light.

The big joker is planning to drop soon, and when it does, it will send ripples through the political sphere.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is supposedly preparing to run for chair, and if she does, it will be an event. Jacobs is termed out as mayor and can’t run again. For months, many have speculated what Jacobs would do next.

Would she run for Congress or maybe statewide office? After all, she’s one of the top politicians in the county.

Instead it seems that she has her sights set on another countywide office. The role of chair for the school board.

Like Robbinson, she’s a current elected official and will have name recognition. Over her opponents, though, Jacobs isn’t a political lightweight. She’s been around politics in Orange County for years and has been on ballots for more than a decade.

Money won’t be a problem for Jacobs and neither will support. What may be an issue, though, are her stances on education and how that meshes with how Superintendent Barbara Jenkins. Until she’s ready to move forward with her decision, it’s all just speculation.

This seat is Robbinson’s to lose unless Jacobs announces her intention to run soon.


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