Judge Debra Krause runs for reelection in Seminole County


Judge Debra Krause is running for reelection in Seminole County, Florida. She was elected to the court in 2012 and assumed office in 2013. Her current term as judge expires in 2019.

Debra Krause earned her associate’s degree from Seminole Community College and her BSBA degree from the University of Central Florida. She later earned her Juris Doctor from Stetson College of Law.

Krause is a devoted mother with three children. She is married to a Seminole County attorney, Mitchell B. Krause, who has lived and practiced in the area for over twenty years.

She worked as an attorney in private practice prior to her election to judge in 2012. Krause is originally from Brockport, New York. She moved to Florida is take care of her ailing grandmother. She currently lives in Altamonte Springs with her family.

Judge Krause remains popular with prosecutors and defense attorneys some recent quotes “Judge Krause is generous with continuances, and this is important when someone’s liberty is at stake. She has always given my clients a fair shake, and it is a pleasure going in front of her. At times, she has entertained rather creative solutions to move a case, and such flexibility is always appreciated. She serves the public well. ” Attorney Central Florida

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This judge was fabulous! I saw her with all the other people in front of me and she was kind and allowed people to speak for as long as they wanted.

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