Rick Scott Enters Race For Senate Against Bill Nelson


Gov. Rick Scott will announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate Monday morning in a much anticipated showdown for the Senate seat held by Democrat Bill Nelson for the past 18 years. The Capitolist Reports

In a midterm election in which President Donald Trump’s presidency is expected to be an issue, Scott has been a supporter of Trump and the president has urged Scott to run for Nelson’s seat.

But, in an interview with Politco on Sunday, Scott insists that while he supports the president, he is his own man.

“I consider myself Rick Scott. I don’t consider myself any type of anything,” the governor told POLITICO in an exclusive interview Sunday when asked if he considers himself a “Donald Trump Republican.”

“I run on what I believe in. I’ve been very clear,” he said. “People ask me that a bunch of times, about ‘Are you this or are you that?’ No. I’m Rick Scott. I grew up poor. I believe in jobs.”


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