Carlos Guillermo Smith Endorses Andrew Gillum for Governor


The Andrew Gillum for Governor campaign released the following statement today:

“In 2018 Florida Democrats have a choice: do we settle yet again for moderate candidates reading a script written by party consultants, or do we want authentic leaders with bold ideas and a plan to achieve them? I’m proud to endorse Andrew Gillum for Governor because he has lived and governed with our progressive values and stood up for issues that matter to our state: equality, healthcare and gun safety. Andrew’s proving you don’t have to be from a famous family or be ultra-wealthy to run for Governor in our state, and he’s going to win in August and November,” said Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith.

“I am ecstatic to have Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith’s endorsement in this race for Governor. Carlos has redefined what it means to fight for your constituents – from his relentless advocacy on gun violence after Pulse, to the Puerto Rican community after last year’s hurricanes — he has fought tirelessly for the people and issues we care most about. It’s truly an honor to have his support in this race,” said Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.


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