Trulieve challenging state limit on number of dispensaries


Trulieve, the largest medical marijuana provider in Florida, is requesting a Tallahassee judge to strike down a law that limits the number of dispensaries companies can operate.

Trulieve is challenging the restriction of twenty-five dispensaries per company limit that state lawmakers established just last year. The cap was included in a law that was meant to implement a constitutional amendment that legalized medical marijuana in the state.

Before the 2017 cap law measure, medical marijuana businesses were allowed to open an uncapped number of dispensaries. The new limit on the number of dispensaries can limit patient access in certain areas.

The changes made last year maintained a five-region division of Florida, but imposed populated based amounts on the number of dispensaries a company can have within each of these regions.

Trulieve has already met its dispensary quota of two for the northwest region. This area covers most of the Florida Panhandle. Because of the quota limits, the company is unable to open other dispensaries in neighboring areas.


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