Not Her Buddy: Commissioner Thompson accuses Mayor Dyer of ‘power grab’ for backing advisor in race


Jennifer Thompson, Orange County Commissioner for district four, uploaded a Facebook Live video this week that’s drawn quite a lot of attention. In the post, Commissioner Thompson accused Dyer of a power grab for backing his advisor in an upcoming election.

“Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer has been making phone calls to the downtown establishment. Letting them know that he fully expects their financial support for his senior political advisor Ms. Lori Harris, as she is going to enter the Orange County Commission district four race,” Thompson said.

Harris is Dyer’s current advisor on homelessness and social services. She filed last week for Thompson’s currently occupied seat in district four. Thompson is restricted by term limits, and is supporting her aide,  Susan Makowski to succeed her.

“I’m all about competition. I think most of us in Central Florida are……But what this is, is a power grab by Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer and by the downtown establishment,” explained Thompson in the Facebook Live post.

“I hope voters will take notice of this and know that this is nothing more than mayor Buddy Dyer and the City of Orlando and the downtown establishment trying to get control of our local politics so that they can make the decisions.”


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  1. Orlando resident on

    If Jennifer views this as a power grab, why did she not make a fuss when Mayor Dyer endorsed Jerry Demings for Orange County Mayor? Isn’t that also an “attempt to control the local politics?” Of course it is — that’s what an endorsement is. If this is such a bad thing, why wasn’t Jennifer outraged when Buddy endorsed Jerry Demings to serve on the BCC as mayor.

    She is just upset that Buddy Dyer, who has more power and influence that Jennifer does, endorsed Sue’s opponent.