2018 Campaign Update: Orange County Campaign Update District 3


Numbers are in for District 3 on the Orange County Commission. It’s the race to replace the soon to depart Pete Clarke who’s running for mayor.

First up is Pete Crotty, a sort of big-named candidate looking to replace Clarke on the commission. He raised more than $4,000 in March to bring his total to $17,952. As mentioned in previous articles, Crotty is the brother of Rich Crotty, former mayor of Orange County.

Crotty is running strong but not as tough as Bobby Lance. The Belle Isle commissioner continues to raise good money. In March he accumulated $12,380. He’s now up to $54,640 for his campaign.

Lance is the candidate with the most money so far.

Behind Lance lands Eric Rollings, the Soil and Water chair continues to show his grit. He raised $8,347 last month and has amassed more than $35,500 in total donations.

After Rollings is one of the more recognizable candidates in the race: Mayra Uribe. The former candidate and staffer for Senator Bill Nelson isn’t far behind everyone else but has a lot of ground to make up. She’s raised $20,125 with $3,000 of that coming in March.

Uribe is a well-seasoned politico and understands government well. She, like Lance and Rollings, understand how government works.

But this race isn’t predicated on experience or knowledge. It’s generally about money and name recognition.

Another wildcard is the current commissioner, Pete Clarke. He’s running far behind in the mayor’s race and hasn’t cracked $300,000 raised yet. If he can’t continue to raise money and make headway in his campaign to replace the outgoing Teresa Jacobs, Clarke still has time to make a return to the commission.

If so, everybody working hard to get in after Pete will have to wait until he’s termed out in a couple of years.


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