Grayson talks Flags made in the U.S.A in Campaign Commercial

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Orlando), who’s known for, in your face, controversial campaign ads, keeps it positive in his latest television spot.

Here is the transcript…

“For years, our government was buying American Flags made in China. They were so flimsy, you’d see right through them. I’m Alan Grayson and I believe American Flags should be made here. In America. When I got to Congress, I was determined to do something about it. Last year, I wrote and passed an amendment to make sure Flags were made well and here in America. Now look at all these jobs. We’re putting people back to work and we’re making flags we can be proud of. I’m your Congressman Alan Grayson and I proudly approve this ad”

In past television spots, Grayson has sprayed fire extinguishers, kicked field goals, and “saved our schools”. When he’s gone on the negative, he’s gotten even more controversial, spoofing the Sopranos and comparing his opponent to the Taliban. This is very tame by those comparisons.

There is no mention of Grayson’s opponent in the ad. Osceola Realtor Executive Carol Platt faces an uphill climb against the incumbent in the blue district, who is one of the best fundraisers in the country and independently wealthy. The Grayson campaign must feel confident about their chances releasing this spot just before election day.

You can watch the spot below…

Grayson files complaint against Marriott for firing Osceola Commission Candidate

Congressman Alan Grayson, (D-Orlando), filed a formal legal complaint this week with Attorney General Pam Bondi, seeking an investigation into whether Marriott Vacations Worldwide broke Florida law by corruptly making a “threat against a public servant.”

Marriott fired Osceola Commission Candidate Viviana Janer, last month after allegedly discovering her candidacy and giving her an ultimatum to quit her campaign or be terminated.

“When Marriott Vacations Worldwide threatened to fire Janer, the company broke a vital public integrity law by threatening this public servant,” Grayson said in a release citing Florida Statute section 838.021 prohibits “corruption by threat of a public servant” and states that “it is unlawful to harm or threaten to harm any public servant.”

Grayson stated in the complaint. “The either/or ultimatum delivered to Ms. Janer on September 19 represents the ultimate harm any employer can impart on an employee, the loss of a job.”

Marriott International – which shares lobbyists with Marriott Vacations Worldwide – has donated $2,000 to Janer’s opponent in the race, Republican John Quinones. The second of those $1,000 donations arrived on a Sunday, two days after Janer was fired. Quinones has since returned both donations.

It’s unlikely Bondi’s office will launch an investigation against Marriott. Grayson and Bondi are both up for reelections themselves next month. Grayson faces Osceola Realtor Executive Carol Platt in the 9th district which overlaps the district of the Commission seat Janer is running in. And Bondi faces Democrat and former DCF Chief George Sheldon, who could potentially use this call to action against her in the weeks remaining in the race.

Grayson filed a complaint against Marriott for allegedly firing Janer for her office run

Grayson filed a complaint against Marriott for allegedly firing Janer for her office run

State Rep. Combee endorses Platt in 9th Congressional District Race

State Representative Neil Combee, has endorsed Osceola County Realtor Executive Carol Platt, in her bid to be the next member of the House of Representatives from Florida’s 9th District.

In a release sent out by the Platt campaign, Combee who’s 39th Polk County House District overlaps parts of the 9th, had this to say about his endorsement in a letter of support..

“I can’t think of a better person to represent Florida’s 9th Congressional District. Your leadership abilities, dedication to serve and the ability to bring people together make you the right candidate.”

Platt added these words about the latest demonstration of support in her congressional bid..

“I’m again honored by the endorsement and words of support and encouragement from yet another elected official from our great state of Florida. Representative Combee has done a tremendous job serving Florida and continues to pave the way for great success,”

The 9th District incumbent, is controversial Democrat Alan Grayson, who has remained relatively quiet up to this point in the campaign with just under 30 days left. During Congressional runs in previous years, Grayson has ran aggressive campaigns that consistently attack his opponents.

Carol Platt

Carol Platt

Grayson campaign responds to “Congressman without Honor” Site

The Alan Grayson campaign has responded to a web site entitled “Congressman with out Honor” set up by his November Opponent, Osceola Realtor Executive Carol Platt.

“The Alan Grayson File: A Congressman without Honor” went live last week and goes after the Orlando Democrat on issues such as foreign policy. And gets personal bringing up Grayson’s public divorce that featured video footage of an altercation between himself and his estranged wife, as well as losing millions on a ponzi scheme he fell victim to, a few years back.

It also accuses Grayson of being out of touch with the Hispanic community. The 9th district has a heavy Puerto Rican population that tends to vote Democrat. Each tab on the site features links to stories in the media.

Grayson’s campaign sent out statements from two of his supporters, both former elected officials from Orange County.

“I’m pleased that my congressman, Alan Grayson, is spending the month of October working hard for women-securing equal pay, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave and help for working mothers,” said former Orange County Commissioner Fran Pignone after seeing the ad. “Vicious personal attacks from an opponent do nothing to help advance the issues that matter most to women.”

“I know Alan Grayson to be an honorable man,” said former Orange County Mayor Linda Chapin. “His actions in Congress, and the causes he has championed, convinced me long ago that he cares deeply for all our citizens and for doing what’s right.

One of the most controversial politicians in America, Grayson is no stranger to attacking on the campaign trail himself. With just under 30 days to go until election day, all eyes will be on what kind of retaliation he may have in store.

You can check out the Congressman without Honor site HERE.

congressman without honor

Platt to open Campaign HQ at Rally on Thursday

Osceola Realtor Association Executive and 9th Congressional candidate Carol Platt will be opening her campaign HQ at a Rally on Thursday in Kissimmee.

Here is the release from her campaign..

The Carol Platt for Congress Campaign is opening doors every day to strengthen its campaign drive; on Thursday, September 25th join Carol, the Campaign Team and Volunteers as they open the door to the Kissimmee Headquarters.

Official Headquarters is located at 2553 E. Irlo Bronson Hwy., Kissimmee. From 6:30 – 7:30 we welcome residents from across Osceola, Polk and Orange counties to share in food, drinks and campaign information.

“We are excited to meet new residents from our community. I’m eager to share with them my congressional blueprint and I hope to gain them as a supporter and volunteer to our dynamic team,” Platt expresses.

Platt faces controversial, Democratic incumbent Alan Grayson in November.

Platt will be opening her campaign HQ on Thursday in Kissimmee

Platt will be opening her campaign HQ on Thursday in Kissimmee