It’s Clelland vs. Plakon for Seminole County Republican Pride in House 29

As the qualifying period for State House races ended on Friday, let’s take a moment to reflect.

Ask any Republican involved in Seminole County Politics, what the worse loss on Election night in 2012 was, and you know what they’ll tell you?

President Obama beating Mitt Romney. That was a trick.

A very close second would be losing the Florida House District 29 contest. On that night an underdog former Firefighter and Attorney, beat the would-be Speaker of the Florida House and the whole state wouldn’t stop talking about it. “What?! Not in Seminole County!” “Not in a seat where the party letters next to the Candidates name should do all of the work.”

It happened. Former State Rep. Chris Dorworth, after months of feuding with the media had such negative ID that Mike Clelland beat him, and even with all of Dorworth’s challenges, it still took a recount.

Democrats all over the state took an extra victory lap and Seminole County, a county that’s got a major road named after Ronald Reagan, had blue representation in Tallahassee (twice over, if you include Karen Castor-Dentel’s slice in House 30).

Fast forward almost two years later.

Clelland is up for reelection and this time, he’s going up against a well-liked, former State Representative, that is not just a Republican, but one of the most Conservative Tallahassee lawmakers in recent years.

Scott Plakon will try to return to the State House after a tough loss to Castor-Dentel in 2012. Not only does he have high name ID and alignment of conservative values with the district’s constituency, he’s got the determination from the local party, and a dedicated group of supporters to win this seat back.

While everything on paper is against Clelland, he’s been able to raise more money than any other Democrat in the area. He’s leaned on support from Firefighter Unions and his colleagues in the legal field and actually has more money than his opponent. He’ll need every penny and he’ll have to run opposite of all of his party’s core principals. It took a recount to beat a damaged candidate in 2012. What will it take this time?

It’s not an easy question to answer.

If Clelland were to win and Karen Castor-Dentel were to hold on to her seat in 30 (I previewed that race HERE). Then you can’t call Seminole a red county anymore. Not after they didn’t take back the most Conservative seat in the state legislature, without President Obama on the ballot with a solid candidate.

This race is about the political identity of Seminole County. It’s about pride.

Florida House 29 Changeable 10-13


Hartage goes after Wallace for Donating to Mitt Romney in Orange Commission 6 Race

Qualifying for the contest ended at noon today, and some of the candidates vying to replace termed out Orange County District 6 Commissioner Tiffany Moore-Russell are wasting no time going on the offensive.

Former County Commissioner Homer Hartage launched a negative web page and Facebook ad campaign, against Businessman Derrick Wallace , saying among other things that he donated $2300 dollars to Mitt Romney, in his attempt to beat President Barack Obama in 2012. Take a look at the FB ad below.

Hartage actually explains the strategy in the ad. D6 is heavily Democratic, any GOP friendly activities could potentially hurt a candidate.

When you click on the ad, you’re directed to a landing page, where there are more contributions to Republicans.

Wallace is an unofficial front-runner due to his personal investment in his own campaign. He loaned himself 100K to get his campaign rolling, and remains the money leader by a substantial margin. He has the most resources to get out the vote.

No response from the Wallace campaign. It’s possible he might not know the ads are running yet. If he does reply, I’ll print his comments here.

Other candidates in the race include Moore-Russell Aide, Roberta Walton, Businesswoman Victoria Siplin, Metro Plan Director Virginia Whittington, and Consultant Lawanna Gelzer.

Below is a graphic of the Anti-Wallace page…

Hartage Wallace Attack Page

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Happy Fathers Day from Your Central Florida Elected Officials

Here is a run down of Father’s Day Greetings from your local lawmakers.

And from me to all of the Dads out there, Happy Fathers Day. No job will be more important in your life, than being a Dad. May god bless you on this special day. Your day.

Here we go…

UPDATE: Had to feature 11-term Winter Park Congressman and former House Transportation Chairman John Mica, at KFC. A two-piece with slaw and beans. He wins the day with this post..

President Barack Obama

Florida Governor Rick Scott:

Florida Senator Marco Rubio:

“This Father’s Day, I’m reminded of the many sacrifices my dad made to give me the chance at a life better than his. I’m also reminded of the smaller moments he and I shared as a father and son.

I’ll never forget when I was a boy and the doctor told me I had to wear leg braces to correct knee problems. I often refused to put them on. But every day when I refused, the phone would ring and – to my great surprise – on the other end would be Don Shula, head coach of the Miami Dolphins. “If you want to play for me one day,” he’d say, “you’d better put on those braces.”

It didn’t occur to me until years later that, unlike Coach Shula, the man on the phone had a Cuban accent and sounded suspiciously like my dad.

Funny as that is, it also touches me. It reminds me that my father was more than merely present in my life, he was active, caring and encouraged me to dream. He truly believed that, with love and support, his children would achieve the things he never could.

Now that I’m a father, I think back on his example and strive to live up to it. …”

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer:

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs:

State Representative Bryan Nelson:

This is a rolling post…I’ll be updating it with more greetings throughout the day.

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It’s John Morgan vs Debbie Wasserman Schultz over Medical Marijuana

It’s a headline that warrants a Pay-Per-View.

Orlando Super-Attorney, and arguably the most powerful man in the city, John Morgan, has called on the South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign from her position as the Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, after DWS expressed concerns over the medical marijuana amendment heading to voters in November. An amendment Morgan himself championed, and financed to get it on the ballot.

DWS’s reservations are ironically, much like GOP Attorney General Pam Bondi‘s. In January, Bondi raised concerns over the broad language of the amendment, and that it doesn’t do enough to stop potential abuse of the prescription of the drug. The Florida Supreme court ruled in favor of keeping it on the ballot despite the argument.

“She should really step down as chairwoman of the DNC,” Morgan said on Monday in a report that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel (that story HERE).

“I don’t care if she disagrees with me, but she really can’t be in that position,” he said. “It would be like if she was opposed to the funding of Planned Parenthood. This issue is so central to the Democratic Party. Bill Nelson, the most cautious politician in Florida, is in favor of the legalization of medical marijuana. It’s going to be hard for her to be our leader.”

Wasserman-Schultz’s who’s had direct support from President Barack Obama, during some rough outings in the media, during the 2012 elections is unlikely to go anywhere.

Morgan too has had connections to the Commander in Chief, and has hosted several fundraisers at his home, in the middle of the I4 Corridor

The two will likely remain at a stale-mate until election season heats up, and the two are supporting Morgan’s friend, former Republican Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist on his efforts to take back the Governor’s mansion.

John Morgan is calling on DWS to resign after her comments on his medical marijuana championed amendment

John Morgan is calling on DWS to resign after her comments on his medical marijuana championed amendment

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Rubio Talks P.O.W, Taliban swap on FOX 35

Last night, Florida Senator Marco Rubio talked to WOFL FOX 35 regarding the controversial exchange for American POW SGT. Bowe Bergdahal, which required the Obama administration to release five Taliban Leaders from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“Terrorist Groups now know, that if they take American hostages, especially an American Serviceman, or Woman, that they now can exchange them for as many as five or six of their own enemy combatants that are being held. And now five very dangerous individuals will be released and now we can expect some of them to return right to the battlefield against us. Another thing is that the President completely ignored the law, we are a country of law and there is a law that says before you can release any detainee in the custody of the United States, you have to notify Congress 30 days in advance.”

When asked if Sgt. Bergdahl should have remained in captivity Rubio replied..

“No we shouldn’t have left them there, we should have kept working to get him released but it should not have been for five dangerous Taliban Killers that will target Americans”

You can watch the hit below.

Rubio has been vocal regarding the deal and yesterday, sent an open letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel with questions he wanted answered. You can read that letter HERE.