RPOF says Charlie Crist ran away, in latest Webvid

The Republican Party of Florida pushed out a webvideo this morning attacking former Republican Governor turned Democrat and current Rick Scott Challenger, Charlie Crist.

Take a look

The video is pretty straight forward. Crist was in the Governor’s mansion during the great recession in 2008 and decided to run for Senate instead of reelection in 2010. Current Florida Senator Marco Rubio took control of that primary in dramatic fashion, which caused Crist to run as an Independent with hopes of being able to defeat Rubio in a pool of general election voters.

He was wrong and was easily defeated.

Now, Crist’s speech at the Democratic National Convention is probably the rebuttal he would point to first. “I didn’t leave the Republican party, it left me” he said on that night in Charlotte in 2012. He also endorsed Barack Obama the night before the Republican Convention in Tampa and has tagged the GOP often when talking to the media.

He’s been labeled as a traitor by his former mates in the Republican party setting up one of the most personal races in the country.

Expect RPOF to push this message to the moderates as we creep deeper into the election cycle.

Is RPOF right when they say Crist ran away?

Is RPOF right when they say Crist ran away?

Rubio on State of the Union “President Obama missed an opportunity on several fronts”

Last night, President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address to Congress and the Nation. He covered a lot ground in his speech that was about an hour and 10 minutes. At it’s conclusion, the press shops of hundreds of members of the Senate and House Representatives shot out releases.

Here is what Florida Senator Marco Rubio had to say.

“Americans deserve more opportunities to achieve a better life, and that’s going to require a free enterprise economy that’s creating more middle class jobs and a government with less debt. While the President discussed some areas of common interest, the heart of his 2014 agenda is clearly more about working alone than with the American people’s representatives on the major reforms we need.

He adds

“President Obama missed an opportunity on several fronts, especially by insisting that Washington keep spending more money than it takes in, keep dictating to entrepreneurs how to run their businesses, and failing to level with the American people about how we can save our retirement programs. We need a real opportunity agenda that helps people seize the enormous potential that the coming years hold.”

The Senator and possible 2016 Presidential Hopeful went on to tag the President on almost every other aspect on his speech. He criticized Obamacare, the President’s plan for raising the minimum wage, and his posturing on Foreign Policy.

President Obama brought up Senator Rubio during his address by saying “There are other steps we can take to help families make ends meet, and few are more effective at reducing inequality and helping families pull themselves up through hard work than the Earned Income Tax Credit. Right now, it helps about half of all parents at some point. But I agree with Republicans like Senator Rubio that it doesn’t do enough for single workers who don’t have kids. So let’s work together to strengthen the credit, reward work, and help more Americans get ahead.”

Rubio, like many other Republicans after last night, remain skeptical.

Rubio sat quietly for most of the SOTU. Here he is with Senators Cruz, McCain, Graham, and Democrat Kristen Gillibrand

Rubio sat quietly for most of the SOTU. Here he is with Senators Cruz, McCain, Graham, and Democrat Kristen Gillibrand

Sheriff Demings, Buddy Dyer must avoid “Chris Christie” Effect in Orange Mayor Race

We all know New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, right? If you don’t he’s the “big guy”, the outspoken leader of the Garden State.

For all of you that already know him, I want you to think Christie before “Bridgegate”. Let’s go back to 2012 and Superstorm Sandy.

Governor Christie’s constituents were hammered, beaten, and bruised by that massive storm that rocked the Northeast. When President Barack Obama arrived to tour the damage, Christie embraced the President, in a gesture that many Republicans believe hurt GOP Presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The big guy said he didn’t care. He was putting constituents above politics.

Now, come back to Orange County. More specifically the Orange County Mayor’s Race that features incumbent Teresa Jacobs and former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings. And two more important community figures Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings. Both are in a position to help or hurt Mayor Jacobs in her reelection bid.

Critics believe this photo helped President Obama's reelection chances

Critics believe this photo helped President Obama’s reelection chances

Sheriff Jerry Demings is Val Demings’ Husband. You probably already know that and he’s already said he will campaign for his wife, but his daily duties consists of working with Mayor Jacobs to protect the community, and the two frequently attend meetings and ceremonies together.

He’s won’t be able to work too well with Jacobs as his wife tries to defeat her. He would hurt her campaign. This means the Sheriff can give the Mayor zero praise in the coming months, and that conflict creates a rift between the two.

That’s unfortunate.

The Mayor and Sheriff Demings have done good work together. They’ve rallied around the families of fallen first responders and have been able to lower the crime rate by working together. After the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook, it was Demings and Jacobs that acted within hours to beef up security at local schools.

Jacobs' and Sheriff Demings have worked well in the past. That relationship could be hurt by his wife's candidacy.

Jacobs’ and Sheriff Demings have worked well in the past. That relationship could be hurt by his wife’s candidacy.

While Demings and Jacobs have always been strong allies in the community, it’s Jacobs’ relationship with her municipal counter-part, Buddy Dyer that has made real improvements in efforts to move the Orlando area forward.

Dyer campaigned for Jacobs’ opponent in 2010 but after she won, the two were stuck with each other and they both told the local media that they didn’t trust each other. That distrust would only be temporary as the two would work together on mutual goals.

It began with the work on the Citrus Bowl. The two were able to agree on the badly needed renovations, to the venue that’s the home of two nationally watched bowl games and other big events.

More recently, the two rallied the community together to bring MLS to Orlando. When Jacobs threw her support around the initiative that involved a new Soccer stadium, for a team 81% of the area supported, it convinced some of the fiscal hawks that the project was a good deal for the area. She knocked down the final obstacles for approval of the project. It was a team effort worthy of the world’s most popular game.

During her state of the county address, Jacobs called Mayor Dyer a “hero to the region”.

Those times might be finished. Buddy Dyer is the only Mayor in Orange County to not endorse Teresa Jacobs. He can’t. Demings’ supporters would go nuclear and it would hurt any future political plans he has. Think Christie and Obama on Orange Ave.

It’s unfortunate that the Mayor Race will hurt the relationship between those 3. It’s also an unfair disadvantage for Teresa Jacobs. Everyone wins when these three agencies work together, and to have politics create a divide is something the community doesn’t need.

After all, a hug, a handshake, a compliment, mean much more during an election year.

With local politics getting in the way, we might have seen the last of this kind of teamwork between Dyer and Jacobs

With local politics getting in the way, we might have seen the last of this kind of teamwork between Dyer and Jacobs

RPOF teases Lieutenant Gov. pick to roll in Facebook Likes

Want to be the first to know who the Lieutenant Governor is going to be?

RPOF has announced that there will be a “Major Announcement” tomorrow with the following graphic.

Lt. Gove Announcement

Many believe that the next Lieutenant Governor will be former State Rep and Current Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera (story HERE). It’s reported that Lopez-Cantera and Governor Rick Scott have gotten along very well in the past.

This is hardly a new technique. President Barack Obama used his social media resources to announce who his runningmate would be back in 2008, and it worked perfectly. When his campaign announced that it was Joe Biden, the media used those connections as it’s source.

It seems to be working this time as well. Facebook feeds are currently crowded with the new graphic.

If Lopez-Cantera turns out to be Florida’s next Lieutenant Governor, you’ll find a full write-up of it here.

Grayson thinks Edward Snowden should get Clemency, sparks debate among supporters

Central Florida Congressman Alan Grayson has been critical of the the NSA spying controversy from the jump. He’s attacked them on Cable TV, and published funny graphics on social media, dissing their practices of the monitoring civilian communications.

The whistle-blower on the spying techniques is former NSA Contractor Edward Snowden. Snowden stole 1.7 million documents and leaked his story to Guardian Columnist Glen Greenwald. He then fled the country. He’s been called a hero by some and applauded for his measures to inform the American people of what goes on with Big Brother, and a traitor by many for potentially putting American lives at risks by exposing other security practices involved and allegedly trying to profit from the information.

What happens when you put Grayson, Snowden, and the quote “Give him Clemency” together in a Facebook post? Fireworks amongst devout followers of one of the country’s most controversial politicians.

And it happened today.

The New York Times and the Guardian are calling for the Government to grant Snowden Clemency as a legitimate Whistle Blower and allow him to come home. He’s currently in Russian under political asylum.

Grayson’s supporters, some of the most emotional and “outspoken” followers in the Country, were split. Here are some of the comments for and against the Congressman’s post.


“Every American should want Snowden freed, if you do not want him freed, you are likely of Nazi background.”- Mitchell

“All of you calling for Snowden’s head are the worst sort of clueless scum. I am ashamed to share a country with you meanspirited lemmings.”- Sean

“Has he even charged or found guilty of any kind? That’s right. The only guilty party is the government, but that’s nothing new. Plus, government don’t pay the price.” – Marie


“Alan, you are losing me on this one! I am one of your biggest fans, but this guy SHOULD NOT have exposed our secrets to foreign countries!! I am sorry, but that is TREASONOUS!! He should have given it to a Congressman to look into it, NOT another country!! He needs to be imprisoned!!”- Gerry

“He’s a f@#$ing traitor and a self-serving promoter!!!! He doesn’t deserve to recieve the dog crap on my shoes!” – Jeff

“Clemency my *&^, treat him as the traitor he is. High treason is a capital offense”- Craig


President Obama was clearly not pleased with Snowden’s actions, so at this point, Clemency in unlikely. This reaction from Grayson’s usually unified base, definitely shows the divide between the opinions of the more liberal voters (and some Conservatives too) in the Country.