Video: Crist Crashes Lopez-Cantera Press Scrum, Challenges Scott to Debate

How do you get ambushed by Charlie Crist?

That’s what happened today in Palm Beach, where Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera and his boss’s likely future opponent crossed paths, in what is the most interesting video clip of the year.

Have a look.

UPDATE: The embed player is Auto-Play and you probably find it as obnoxious as I do. You can watch the Ad HERE

A George Costanza moment, where the Lt. Guv has a 100 things he’d say if that whole 30 seconds played all over again. Instead, he got owned in the most polite way, I’ve ever seen anyone get owned in front of a platoon of press.

So what should he have done?

He should have momentarily excused himself from the media, shook his hand and said “Good afternoon Governor, I’m describing to our friends here, how you abandoned the state to run for Senate and will say anything to get elected again”. You have these things planned out.

Instead, Crist told Lopez-Cantera who he would debate and challenged Rick Scott before gliding away, leaving the Lt. Gov with nothing to do but grin.

Is it a big deal. Of course not. But there is a lesson fighters always teach. Always talk about an opponent like he’s standing right next to you. Because one day, he will be.

Crist Meets and Greets with Voters Downtown Before Fundraiser

Very few are as gifted in retail politics as Charlie Crist.

The former Republican Governor turned Democratic Challenger for that same office, demonstrated that to a restaurant full of guests and several members of the media, Thursday night before a big fundraiser in Downtown Orlando later that night.

Dressed in a perfectly pressed white shirt and a bright yellow and blue tie, the full head of gray hair could be seen as you drove by on Summerlin avenue, going table to table, talking to voters at Wildside BBQ in the Thornton Park area. “How are those ribs?” the Governor was heard asking guests.

He waited by the entrance and greeted customers as they came in. Despite being out of office for a few years, he was recognized by most that entered the restaurant, and the ones that didn’t know him certainly did when they were done speaking. He spoke with young children and yes, even had a photo opp with a baby. Crist also had conversed with staff. “How long have you worked here?” he asked a pair of servers before his media availability session.

When he finally got mic’ed up. The former Governor wasted no time slamming his predecessor and likely November challenger Rick Scott.

“You know, I was thinking, coming over here on Beautiful I4, how great it would have been to be coming on High Speed Rail, unfortunately Governor Scott rejected that. It would have been 2.4 billion dollars, tens of thousands of jobs for Floridian, it’s just a shame that it didn’t happen.” “I’m hoping if we make a change in November, we can get someone in there that gets along with the President, maybe we can get that High Speed Rail back here to Central Florida.”

He went on to slam Scott on his education cuts during his first years in office. He stood by taking stimulus money during his own time in office and also said he had an issue with the controversial Stand Your Ground Law.

Crist also didn’t shy away from his support of the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”. “Voters deserve to have clothing, they deserve to have food. And they deserve to have affordable healthcare and they deserve to have a Governor that will help them get it”. He also voiced support for in-state tuition for the “Dreamers” that recently passed and medical marijuana. The host of his fundraiser, Super-Attorney John Morgan, led the push to get the latter before voters later this year.

A Crist vs. Scott showdown would be one of the most highly watched races in the country with a slew of storylines present. Ranging from Scott willing to spend up to 100 million dollars to defend the mansion and the up-down popularity of Obamacare which will be a big issue, to Crist’s relationship with his former party. The rhetoric between Crist and the Republican Party of Florida has been very personal with many members of the GOP viewing his defection from the party as a betrayal to them and his run for Senate as an abandonment of the voters.

charlie crist orlando meet and greet

John Morgan to Hold Charlie Crist Fundraiser this Thursday

Super-Attorney John Morgan, who is arguably the most powerful man in the city will begin fundraising for his friend and Republican Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist, this Thursday in Downtown Orlando.

We all know Morgan from his advertising presence on TV, Radio, and Billboards promoting his family fueled law firm Morgan & Morgan but what many casual voters might not know is that Morgan has hosted fundraisers for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Harry Reid. He single-handedly put the Medicinal Marijuana campaign on his shoulders earlier this year and that will go before voters later this year.

There isn’t a hosting committee listed but you can assume there will be a lot of checks being written. And Crist will need every one of them. His opponent, incumbent Governor Rick Scott has said he will spend 100 million dollars to defeat his controversial challenger this November.

You can read the details of the event on the graphic below.

crist, charlie - morgan invite

New Webvid Goofs Scott Relationship with Latinos after Fernandez Rift

American Bridge PAC who on it’s website describes itself as “a progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions and helping you ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they’re not.” issued this Web Video after Governor Rick Scott’s Campaign Co-Finance Chair Mike Fernandez resigned after allegations of racial insensitivity by Campaign staff late last week.

Obviously, the group is looking to capitalize on what has been arguably the Scott campaigns biggest mistake of the young election cycle but what’s problematic for the Governor is that this story will be one week old tomorrow and is “showing legs” to go on for some time more. What’s even more problematic is that the Scott’s staff doesn’t have any answers to critics on the matter, or can’t change the subject of the conversation back to jobs (which Scott has actually done very well with recently).

It hasn’t been a good day for the Governor’s reelection campaign. Earlier today, his opponent, former Republican Governor turned Democratic Opponent Charlie Crist published THIS ad. While it wasn’t a very good commercial and leaves viewers with more questions than answers, it saturates the news feed with Anti-Scott sentiment.

Charlie Crist sticks up for Obamacare in latest Ad…Sorta

Former Republican Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist posted a new ad this morning in his bid to lead the Sunshine State once more. But while the message is clear, he is a fan of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare… the voiceover talent doesn’t say either of those terms in the commercial.

Take a watch. It’s kind of a head scratcher.

My friends at the Orlando Sentinel agree (their write-up HERE). Current Governor Rick Scott did launch an Ad going after Crist on his support of Obamacare (you can watch that commercial HERE) but unless viewers watch that Ad first, there not going to know exactly what attacks Crist’s campaign is talking about.

“The press calls the attacks Misleading, Mostly False, Incorrect”.

What attacks?

The second part of the commercial lays out all of the positive talking points from the controversial legislation, but why doesn’t it call the law by name? Obamacare has been unpopular since it’s troublesome launch late last year. It’s possible that Crist wanted to return serve to Scott without publicly putting his stamp of approval on ACA.