Sheriff Demings, Buddy Dyer must avoid “Chris Christie” Effect in Orange Mayor Race

We all know New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, right? If you don’t he’s the “big guy”, the outspoken leader of the Garden State.

For all of you that already know him, I want you to think Christie before “Bridgegate”. Let’s go back to 2012 and Superstorm Sandy.

Governor Christie’s constituents were hammered, beaten, and bruised by that massive storm that rocked the Northeast. When President Barack Obama arrived to tour the damage, Christie embraced the President, in a gesture that many Republicans believe hurt GOP Presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The big guy said he didn’t care. He was putting constituents above politics.

Now, come back to Orange County. More specifically the Orange County Mayor’s Race that features incumbent Teresa Jacobs and former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings. And two more important community figures Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings. Both are in a position to help or hurt Mayor Jacobs in her reelection bid.

Critics believe this photo helped President Obama's reelection chances

Critics believe this photo helped President Obama’s reelection chances

Sheriff Jerry Demings is Val Demings’ Husband. You probably already know that and he’s already said he will campaign for his wife, but his daily duties consists of working with Mayor Jacobs to protect the community, and the two frequently attend meetings and ceremonies together.

He’s won’t be able to work too well with Jacobs as his wife tries to defeat her. He would hurt her campaign. This means the Sheriff can give the Mayor zero praise in the coming months, and that conflict creates a rift between the two.

That’s unfortunate.

The Mayor and Sheriff Demings have done good work together. They’ve rallied around the families of fallen first responders and have been able to lower the crime rate by working together. After the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook, it was Demings and Jacobs that acted within hours to beef up security at local schools.

Jacobs' and Sheriff Demings have worked well in the past. That relationship could be hurt by his wife's candidacy.

Jacobs’ and Sheriff Demings have worked well in the past. That relationship could be hurt by his wife’s candidacy.

While Demings and Jacobs have always been strong allies in the community, it’s Jacobs’ relationship with her municipal counter-part, Buddy Dyer that has made real improvements in efforts to move the Orlando area forward.

Dyer campaigned for Jacobs’ opponent in 2010 but after she won, the two were stuck with each other and they both told the local media that they didn’t trust each other. That distrust would only be temporary as the two would work together on mutual goals.

It began with the work on the Citrus Bowl. The two were able to agree on the badly needed renovations, to the venue that’s the home of two nationally watched bowl games and other big events.

More recently, the two rallied the community together to bring MLS to Orlando. When Jacobs threw her support around the initiative that involved a new Soccer stadium, for a team 81% of the area supported, it convinced some of the fiscal hawks that the project was a good deal for the area. She knocked down the final obstacles for approval of the project. It was a team effort worthy of the world’s most popular game.

During her state of the county address, Jacobs called Mayor Dyer a “hero to the region”.

Those times might be finished. Buddy Dyer is the only Mayor in Orange County to not endorse Teresa Jacobs. He can’t. Demings’ supporters would go nuclear and it would hurt any future political plans he has. Think Christie and Obama on Orange Ave.

It’s unfortunate that the Mayor Race will hurt the relationship between those 3. It’s also an unfair disadvantage for Teresa Jacobs. Everyone wins when these three agencies work together, and to have politics create a divide is something the community doesn’t need.

After all, a hug, a handshake, a compliment, mean much more during an election year.

With local politics getting in the way, we might have seen the last of this kind of teamwork between Dyer and Jacobs

With local politics getting in the way, we might have seen the last of this kind of teamwork between Dyer and Jacobs

PPP Prez Poll: Christie leads Clinton, Jeb at 10%, Rubio gets 7%

Public Policy Polling released new figures that featured a new frontrunner in the 2016 race for the White House, and also pulled numbers for a few of Florida’s Presidential Hopefuls.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leads former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton 45% to 42%. The outspoken leader of the Garden State, is coming off of his big November reelection win, that saw the Republican win approval from Hispanic and youth voters, both groups that supported Democrats in 2012. He was also able to win the always crucial battle over Independents.

In a Republican primary Christie gets 19% and leads Tea Party favorites like Texas Senator Ted Cruz (14%), Mike Huckabee (13%), and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (10%).

Also gaining 10% was former Governor Jeb Bush, who’s been kicking the tires on a Presidential run for a few years now. He’s been busy on the speaking circuit, and recently received the blessing from his brother, former President George W. Bush. He shares that figure with Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who’s recently taken a beating with Tea Party Conservatives over the Ryan-Murray budget deal, that averted a future government shutdown but raised spending caps.

Senator Marco Rubio is currently sitting at 7%. His stock has suffered this year after he drafted the “Gang of 8″ immigration bill that featured a pathway to citizenship, which kept the undocumented in the country. Conservative media slammed him for his role in promoting the bi-partisan legislation.

These numbers are expected to change several times, with mid-term elections approaching next year.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the new leader at the top of the latest poll

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the new leader at the top of the latest poll

POLITICO tags Jeb for Recent Florida Education Problems

This Morning a POLITICO article (HERE) was written linking former Florida Governor Jeb Bush with all of Florida’s recent education problems. Even though he’s been out of office for over seven years and two Governors later.

Jeb has been weighing a 2016 Presidential bid, in a field that includes a lot of popular names from the GOP, to include New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Wisconsin Congressman and former VP Candidate Paul Ryan, and Jeb’s unofficial protege, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

All of the recent problems are mentioned in the article. The scrutiny from Republicans in the state legislature of Common Core. The overall increase of D and F schools in the state are mentioned and even the resignation of former education commissioner Tony Bennett, who was implicated in changing grades in Indiana for a political donors before taking the job here in Florida. It pulls quotes from State Senator Alan Hayes and Senate President Don Gaetz dissing the policies and those recent events listed.

Who’s absent from the article? Florida Governor Rick Scott. Who’s actually appointed Bennett and chose to become the Jobs and Education Governor this year. Also missing is the Governor who took the baton from Bush, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. This leaves plenty of space for Bush Advocates to say, it doesn’t matter how strong the foundation for a system is, if it’s not maintained and adapted for the times.

Still, Bush is the big name. His lineage, his active role supporting education around the country, his possible Presidential aspirations for 2016. It makes him the big fish to catch in Florida’s Educational woes and they say it might indeed hurt those Presidential aspirations, even though he would have been out of office a decade by the time 2016 rolls around.

That doesn’t sound right. Does it?

Is Bush still at fault for Florida's educational woes, despite being out of office for so long?

Is Bush still at fault for Florida’s educational woes, despite being out of office for so long?

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How Rick Scott swiped Hertz Rental Car Jobs from Chris Christie

Governors compete. Oh yes, they do.

They watch job numbers…, jobs created, jobs lost, companies coming, companies going.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is at the center of it all. Traveling around the country, talking to business owners, and trying to convince them that the Florida Sunshine will do wonders for growing their profits.

And jobs for him.

You’ve probably head that Hertz Rental car, after acquiring Dollar Thrifty will be moving it’s corporate Headquarters from Park Ridge, New Jersey to beautiful Estero, Florida. It’s 550 to 700 jobs depending on who you ask. The main workforce will remain in “Garden State” but the “Shotcallers” are coming here.

In your best Elliot Gould “Oceans Eleven” voice, say to yourself “But those are Chris Christie’s jobs”.

That is correct, those jobs should have belonged to the big man, and one aspect that’s always missed when these decisions are announced are who actually lost or missed out on jobs, like the ones heading to Florida.

Check out this story HERE from a New Jersey news site that explains why Hertz didn’t stay in their original home.

They didn’t even reach out to Jersey’s state Government, the article states. It was a done deal before Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (remember when we had one of those?) even had a chance to speak to them. She says “if they haven’t sat down with the state of New Jersey and listened to us and what our pitch is, then they are leaving anywhere from 40 to 70 million dollars on the table,”

40 to 70 million? So, 55 “incentives”? Psshhh, Scott is going to spend twice that trying to get re-elected next year.

Listen, we’ve got lower taxes here in Florida, because of tourism, we’re the rental car capital of the world, and our cost of living is lower down here. It’s just a more fertile environment to grow a business.

Governor Christie couldn’t compete with that, and no one (not even Texas really) should be able to.

With Verizon, the WWE, and now Hertz, plus a successful legislative session, Governor Rick Scott finds himself on a winning streak.

It’s Working? Well, it’s still debatable, but Scott won the day and this round against one of his most popular rivals.

In the battle for jobs, Rick Scott took this round over his popular rival

In the battle for jobs, Rick Scott took this round over his popular rival

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2016 Preview? Rubio, Clinton Fence during Benghazi Hearings

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton gave her long awaited testimony of the attack on the Benghazi compound that took the lives of 4 Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

The hearing was long, contentious, and at times emotional. The Secretary of State was receiving praise for her service one minute and addressing accusations of incompetence the next. Clinton will not stay on as Secretary of State for President Obama’s second term. Senator John Kerry is expected to take over after he is confirmed.

What had many Politicos talking and what should be a point of interest for Floridians was the brief exchange between Clinton and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. They engaged each other during questioning yesterday.

Both are 2016 Presidential favorites for their respective parties. Was this a preview of things to come? If it was, it’s reason for excitement. Both potential Presidential hopefuls are top flight speakers under pressure and Rubio’s involvement puts Florida in the national spotlight once again.

The Senator echoed his colleagues by thanking Clinton for her service and wishing her well then, he led off with questioning over the matters discussed during meetings regarding the security conditions abroad and asked for details over solutions discussed. Increased security at locations came up, Clinton replied that domestic forces had the willingness to help but not the capacity. Rubio asked for more details which Clinton didn’t have and in a tense closing, the Secretary of State promised to send the details to Rubio later.

Neither flinched. Rubio could have been more aggressive like his edgier colleagues such as Rand Paul and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin but it would have done more damage than good and made it look like he was just out to “get” Clinton.

This is the Presidential match-up you want to see but, the road to making it a reality isn’t an easy one.

There is the matter of Hilary Clinton’s health which has hospitalized her over the previous weeks. First was the fall she took when she passed out due to dehydration and then there was the blood clot which delayed this testimony several weeks. She would be in her late 60′s if she wanted to run for President again.

Rubio’s path isn’t an easy one either. The GOP’s deep bench of possible candidates to run in 2016 is long. The “deep bench” includes Rubio, New Jersey Guv Chris Christe, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnel, New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez, and Wisconsin Rep. and Romney runningmate Paul Ryan.

So, a Clinton/Rubio showdown isn’t inevitable but if yesterday’s brief back and forth was an indication of “what could be” it should get both parties excited.

Was yesterday a preview of what we'll see in 2016

Was yesterday a preview of what we’ll see in 2016