Pam Bondi to run for Re-Election as Florida Attorney General

One of Florida’s Political Rising Stars has made a decision on her next move. Attorney General Pam Bondi has announced that she will run for re-election next year.

Bondi has had a busy first term in office. She’s cracked down on “Pill Mills” and advocated for tougher consumer protection laws. Recently, she’s taken a stand against the Human Trafficking problem that has surfaced in the state.

She has also been a Political Celebrity. The Camera Ready AG moderated a GOP primary debate in 2012 before ultimately endorsing Mitt Romney. She campaigned across the country with the Ryan/Romney ticket over the course of their campaign. She was given a prime time speaking slot during the Republican National Convention last year in Tampa, and is regularly mentioned as candidate for higher office.

For now, it looks like a re-election bid, and during a mid-term with no obvious opponents, it would appear to be the right decision.

In 2010, Bondi entered a crowded Republican primary which included former Lt. Governor Jeff Kottcamp. She campaigned aggressively, zig zagging the state and outworking Kottcamp for the nomination. She beat Dan Gelber in the General Election, riding the Tea Party wave that saw Republicans take the entire cabinet and the Governor’s mansion.

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today, she will be seeking re-election

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today, she will be seeking re-election

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Pam Bondi correr para Reeleccion a Abogado General de Florida

Uno de Florida Politica Legisladores con un futuro brillante ya decida que viene proximo para su carerra. Abogado General Pam Bondi anuncio hoy que va correr para Reeleccion.

Bondi han sido muy ocupado en la primero terma. Ella empezo la pelea contra los “Pill Mills” que suban problemas con drogas en la comunidad. Siempre busco soluciones a proteger los consumidores, y mas recientemente suban esfuerzos contra “human trafficking”.

Ella tambien es muy famosa. La hermosa AG fue uno de los moderador en un debato Repubicano ante que apoyando Mitt Romney. Despues fue uno de la campanas mas importante defensores. Ella dar un discurso en la convencion Republicano. Bondi siempre es un nombre popular para mas alto oficina.

Pero ahora, parece que Bondi querer cuatros mas anos a Abogado General.

En 2010 ella entro un primario concurrido contra Ex Lt. Governor Jeff Kottcamp. Despues ganando en nominacion fue contra Abogado Dan Gelber y ganor en el Tea Party Wave cuando todo los mas importante posiciones estaban gano por Republicano.

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today, she will be seeking re-election

Attorney General Pam Bondi

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Dems Call to extend early voting and FLOTUS in Daytona

Today, we’re talking about First Lady Michelle Obama‘s visit to Daytona Beach. Calls from Florida Democrats to Florida Governor Rick Scott to extend voting hours and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg throws more political weight around.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. We’ve got a lot to cover, let’s get started. We’re going to start with the First Lady out there in Daytona Beach. Michelle Obama out there campaigning for her husband on the coast with only a few days left. A continuation of the blitz we’ve seen from the Obama campaign after the temporary delay caused by Sandy. The President has been in the Northeast surveying the damage. Yesterday we had Joe Biden in Ocala, today we had the first lady in Daytona Beach as they continue their spring through the state for last minute votes. The Romney campaign has also been out there. Romney himself was in Tampa yesterday and later Coral Gables. So, with only a couple of days remaining we’re seeing both campaigns hit the ground running, trying to get as many votes as possible in what is expected to be a close race, especially here in the Sunshine State.

Speaking of votes and early votes. The big talker today on the twittesphere and on the emails blasts has been the call for Florida Governor Rick Scott to extend the early voting hours. Notable Democrats such as FDP chairman Rod Smith, Dan Gelber, former AG candidate and locally candidate Val Demings as well as others have been calling on Florida Governor Rick Scott to extend these early voting hours. Early numbers as about an hour ago reporting that about a 1/4 of Floridians have submitted there ballot in this election so far. Now the strategy behind this, there is always a strategy whether you want to believe it or not, perhaps the Democrat turnout wasn’t forecasted as well as they thought it might be, perhaps they think they need this extra push in the media to make sure there people get to the poles. Perhaps this is an early dig at Governor Rick Scott, it’s never too early to start the next election, it’s funny how in those emails former Governor Charlie Crist is brought up, and the efforts he did to extend the hours, we spoke about Charlie Crist yesterday (LINK HERE) taking a run at Florida Governor Rick Scott as a Democrat. So the loudest voices out this week have been those to extend those voting hours, reports have Rick Scott Traveling right now, and let’s face it, it’s very unlikely that its going to happen, but you’ll continue to hear the calls from Democrats, and expect this to be a marching call for Democrats if they have a bad election day.

Speaking of other lawmakers, especially those involved with Hurricane Sandy, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, has made a very big imprint on Florida politics recently. As you’ll recall he had the 1.1 million dollar ad buy for Val Demings to attack Daniel Webster, we’ll he is at again today, he endorsed, President Barack Obama, of course this endorsement while the First Lady is in town, perhaps they were looking to compound their media coverage, in his favor in what is expected to be a very close race. So, the New York Mayor throwing his weight around as the election approaches. A lot of chaos right now, we’re going down to the wire, things are getting awfully exciting, all of the candidates are getting ready to pull out the stops, there is certain to be more drama as we end the week, roll into the weekend, and into election day. A very busy day in Central Florida politics, expect more of the same, it’s time to pull out the stops and really let things go. For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

Hello Wisconsin! How Walker’s win helped Rick Scott

Scott Walker survived a recall vote in Wisconsin this evening and the glasses will klink for Republican organizations everywhere as the victory not only preserves a conservative rising star but swings the momentum in Mitt Romney’s favor as we move towards November.

Yes, it would help Paul Ryan, who’s VP stock will rise after this as Republicans try to capitalize on this newly added swing state but there is someone much closer to him that will breathe a little easier after tonight.

Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Has there been any two Governors with more in common since elected? After Walker was elected “big labor” stormed the capital and immediately put this recall into motion. The balance had been upset and had to be stopped. Walker was cutting everything in sight and threw union bargaining agreements out the window.

Of course, all of you know what Rick Scott’s first 100 days in office were like. You had the dueling “Awake the State” vs. “Save the State” rallies. Scott was going to make teachers and other unionized professions pay into their own retirement funds out of their own salaries. Don’t forget other policies Democrats saw as attacks on their lifestyle like Teacher Merit Pay, and Drug Testing Welfare recipients. Both Walker and Scott had whether the barrage of criticism.

Walker dealt with recall. Scott well he has to deal with a number. %31, his approval rating.

Tonight could be a game changer. Could this recall convince those who have abandoned Scott to give him a second chance? Wisconsin has a small surplus and a 6.7 unemployment rate. 6.7! The guv couldn’t possibly make that happen, could he?

The electorate will be watching. As well as potential Democratic challengers Nan Rich, Dan Gelber, Buddy Dyer, and perhaps, just maybe, Charlie Crist who, beats Scott in a hypothetical poll.

The Cheeseheads in the mid-west might have breathed new life into Rick Scott’s re-election bid. He can tour the state aligning his policies with Walkers, and letting his team drop the vindicated Governor’s name here and there. I can see the quote now ” Governor Scott’s policies mirror Scott Walker’s policies and they’ve seen unemployment steadily drop. We can do likewise”.

It was a historic night in Wisconsin tonight and it might be a turning point in Rick Scott’s first term. What can he do with this momentum?

Walker’s victory could be Scott’s opportunity

Can Nan Rich win the Governor's Race in 2014?

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich announced that she would be running for Governor in 2014. She’s the first Democrat to surface from a crowded field of potential candidates and will be trying to get her name out to voters, in what promises to be a busy political year in Florida.

So, does she stand a chance? Let’s chop up the political landscape and have a look.

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval numbers have been dismal since he’s taken office. He consistently polls in the mid 30′s down the high 20′s but he’s been making himself more accessible to the media, and released what he called “the education budget”, returning to schools some of the budget he cut last year to keep his campaign promises and satisfy his Tea Party base. He’ll have two more sessions to get moderates on his side and meet high job development expectations. Just like he rode the “Red November Tidal Wave” to victory in 2010, a lot of his future will also be decided on what’s going on in the political landscape nationally in 2014.

Right now? Yeah he’s vulnerable.

Nan Rich is the Senate Minority leader facing a Republican Super-Majority in Tallahassee. She is liked by the party and declaring now might result in some early campaign cash amongst the anti-Scott sentiment. She’ll be able to position herself next to the Obama campaign and get herself out there to the rest of the voters this year.

She was also the Minority leader during the most conservative legislative session in the state’s history. Democrats in Tallahassee these days are like field goal kickers in the NFL. They don’t score touchdowns and run up points for their teams, they have to score a couple of points here and there and declare smaller victories from time to time. Is that enough to position yourself as the alternative to Rick Scott, when he pushed most of his policies through on your watch?

She’ll be 73 years old when she takes office and, will already have more than her share of fights in the legislature. Would she be able to keep it up until she’s 81?

Then perhaps the biggest red flag when you look at a Rich candidacy and, that’s the other possible names floating out there for a gubernatorial run.

Former CFO, and Scott foe Alex Sink has been pretty bold on the speaking circuit and through social media channels. She’s rebranding herself as an angrier candidate as oppose to the too timid 2010 political personality, that saw her lose that race by a referendum on President Obama and a text message.

There is newly re-elected Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer who, sports strong numbers here in our very own town. The unions love him and he carries one of the biggest markets in the state. He says he won’t run but I don’t believe it and there is that one quote from the Obama for America Office Opening here in Orlando…

“Governor Scott has done more to hurt Florida in one year than anyone in the history of the state”

Yeah, he’s a possibility.

Then there’s good ol’ former Governor Charlie Crist. He’s been penning op-eds for state newspapers criticizing his successors policies and would still be Governor today if he hadn’t let the lights of Washington DC blind him. His lovely wife Carole joined the Democratic Party last year and weary Florida voters might experience nostalgia when seeing that name on the ballot.

Back to the original question. Can Nan Rich win the Governor’s Race?

Maybe. Maybe she can win the general election. Can she win her primary? No way. Not if any of those 3 previously mentioned names jump in.

I didn’t even mention current State Democratic Chair Rod Smith and Former AG candidate Dan Gelber.

Nan Rich throwing her name in the ring does open a crevice of light to state Democrats, those that desperately want Governor Scott gone and it’s a reminder that it should be a competitive Governors race in 2014.

Rich might be competitive in a general election against Scott but, could she win her own party's primary?