Who Won the Iowa Caucus? Mitt Romney wins Iowa by 8 Votes! 1/3/12

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Winning is winning.

Mitt Romney won the Iowa Caucus tonight (or this morning) by only eight votes over a surging Rick Santorum. The win gives the former Massachusetts Governor momentum heading into New Hampshire next week, where he is heavily favored.

Coming in second, Santorum has a ticket out of Iowa if he wants it. Tonight could be considered a moral victory of sorts for the former PA Senator who was counted out a long time ago by everyone. He peaked late last week but lost a little momentum moving into tonight.

Ron Paul came in 3rd and even with his loyal base pushing his campaign to an unanticipated 3rd place. The Paul campaign has to ask itself if a road to victory is still clear. NH is a longshot and SC is where many of the candidates will take their last stand.

Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann round out the results and have to consider exiting the race at this point. There were 4 tickets out of Iowa tonight but, that last one is a coach seat, in the middle, by the lavatory.

More analysis to come. Until then ….

They do like you Mitt, a little.

Mr. Know-it-all? Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul

It’s easy to like Kelly Clarkson. The first American Idol doesn’t try to change her image to simply conform to the stereotypical pop star lifestyle and look. She’s sweet to her fans, spends a lot of time with her family and keeps her pop music friendly and upbeat.

“My life would suck without you” Come on man, that’s an emotional plea that Shakespeare wishes existed during his time on this Earth.

Yes, Kelly Clarkson is one of the more likeable figures in music….

and apparently Libertarian.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the Texas Native tweeted her endorsement for current Iowa frontrunner, Ron Paul. Take a read.

“I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance,” she wrote of the oft-lampooned Libertarian. “If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in 2012 he’s got my vote. Too bad he probably won’t.”

Yeah, Ron Paul politics don’t fly with liberal leaning, younger politicos. Clarkson was assaulted with a barrage of negative replies. Mostly due to those newsletters, we read about earlier today.

To her defense Kelly is a pop star, not a political strategist and she stands strongly by her endorsement. Hopefully the normally well-behaved songstress can Breakaway (Yeah, I know) from this controversy.

Clarkson joins movie star Vince Vaughn in Paul’s celebrity endorsement list.

Alright, regardless of whether Ron Paul wins Iowa or not, he’s still a longshot for the nomination but could do damage running as a third party.

Would this make Kelly Clarkson, Miss Independent?

I can hear the boos through the computer screen. Goodnight!

Pop Star Kelly Clarkson stands with Ron Paul

Sprinting in the Dark: Your Iowa Caucus Preview Pt. II

Welcome back.

This is the second and final article, trying to unravel the mystery that is Iowa voters. If you haven’t read part I and the Google elves have sent you here first. Then, catch up with the first article here. With only five days to go, we’ve examined Newt, Santorum, Bachmann and Huntsman’s chances at victory and today we’ll check out the rest of the group, we’ve grown fond of over the last 194 debates.

Ron Paul:It’s fun to watch voters listen to Ron Paul for the first time. In a 10 minute speech he’ll have them nodding and “amen”ing everything he has to say about cutting the size of government and fiscal restraint during tough times.

Then in the last two minutes he’ll throw the listeners off a political cliff and the whole thing just seems like a cruel prank.

He’s cool with Iran having nukes and wants to scale back national defense so far, that we’ll be defending our borders with Woofle bats and spitballs.

Everyone knows that drawing back defense spending is necessary component for an overall economic solution. But, it’s imperative we remain vigilant against possible threats against our allies like Israel. Especially against malicious nuclear powers, especially against Iran. Anyhow let’s break it down further.

Strengths: Some of the most loyal supporters in American politics and, a ground war in Iowa that currently has him out front in most polls. Can he modify his defense message and “clarify” those connections to radical literature published under his watch?

Weaknesses: Foreign Policy and while his slicing and dicing governments philosophy plays well in a Republican primary, it’s hard to see the guy as electable in a general election, against a President who is going to try to run against the image of a “do nothing” congress”.

Paul's supporters will have to sell Iowa on his foreign policy views

Rick Perry: Man, it seems like a few short months ago, when Texas governor Rick Perry seemed like a sure thing for the Republican nomination President and then he started debating.

“He was for it before, he was against it or….”
“I would cut 3 uhhhh”
“New Hampshire is just the coolest state…Granite state”

Even though he spun the debacle brilliantly and is still a very likable candidate, his poll numbers tumbled and enthusiasm behind the campaign has waned.

Strengths:Dollar, dollar bill y’all. Rick Perry was able to raise loads of cash before his debate meltdowns and has got the money to stay until the end. Away from the podium, Perry comes as advertised and running on his record serves him well.

Weaknesses: His debating ability, his massive loss of momentum and….I can’t think of the third one (Low hanging fruit tastes just as good!)

Memorable Campaign Quote: “Oops”

Mitt Romney:Well, look who decided to show up to the party! Romney, who wasn’t expected to finish in the top 3 in Iowa, rolled in like a cool breeze on Wednesday afternoon, after his poll numbers jumped over the last week. Romney is planning on victory in New Hampshire and rolling that momentum down to South Carolina, then here to FLA. Could he run the table and take Iowa too?

Strengths: Vote frustration. Every candidate has shot to the top of the polls and anointed for victory, only to have excitement over their candidacy fade and fall. Then, like a last resort date to the prom, you’ve got your cousin Mitt Romney. Who is about as exiting Merchant Ivory film from the mid 90′s.

Weaknesses: I’ll bet you a $1000 dollars you can’t think of one of Romney’s weaknesses.

Memorable Campaign Quote: “This is the time to talk about it, we’re running for President”

Will Iowa finally like Mitt Romney?

Conclusion: It’s anybody’s race at this point. Bachmann had a major setback last night, when her campaign chairman defected to the Ron Paul campaign. Still, it’s too muddled to see who is going to pull this off. The candidates have been laid out for you and I’ll make a prediction soon. Keep checking back!

Sprinting in the Dark: Your Iowa Caucus Preview Pt. 1

One thing we know moving towards the Iowa Caucus next week is that, they’re is a candidate for every kind of voter. Capitol Hill Veterans, Mamma Grizzly-Conservative Firebrands, Southern Conservative Governors, North Eastern Republicans, and even a Libertarian to chose from.

What we don’t know is, who’s going to pull it off, or if victory in Iowa even means anything anymore. Let’s take a look at the candidates.

Newt Gingrich: Was this guy even suppose to be here? A few months back, his campaign staff left him for dead and armed only with a smug arrogance, contempt for the media, and a nothing to lose debate philosophy, Gingrich rode the anti-Romney crowd to recent front runner status.

Strengths: The most knowledgeable candidate in the field, years of capitol hill experience, a cavalier communication style and blunt, upfront relationship with the media when relaying his message.

Weaknesses: His cavalier communication style and blunt upfront relationship with media when relaying his message! This guy is a Press Secretary’s nightmare, who is capable of saying a regrettable statement at any given moment. Like…..

Memorable Campaign Quote: “I’m going to be the nominee”

Gingrich's own enemy is himself

Rick Santorum: He was invisible for the majority of the debates and his diet apparently only consists of Red Bull and Vivarin because, the former Senator from Pennsylvania looks and sounds like he could snap at any minute and go on a campaign ending tirade.

Strengths: He’s already hit all of Iowa’s 99 counties and is going back for seconds. He’ll barnstorm with the best of them and 08′ Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee expects him to do well. His platform actually appeals to a lot of Conservatives.

Weaknesses: He’s just so terrible when talking about it. Man, that Palin endorsement would sure come in handy right now.

Memorable Campaign Quote: (look of panic)

If Santorum could do a better job getting his message out there, he could contend

Michele Bachmann:
Remember Bachmann’s first debate appearance? She brought a firm conservative message and much needed spark to the primary conversation. She won the Ames straw poll faster than anyone ever has (she’ll be happy to let you know that). Then her message got repetitive and her stock dropped. Rick Perry and Herman Cain started getting the pub and she got less time to remind us that she has 837 foster children.

Strengths: When Michele Bachmann flexes her Tax Attorney smarts, she sounds calculated and versed on her stop-spending campaign ideology. She’s outgoing during the debates and jumps into the conversation completely out of nowhere, like a stranger waiting in line at the grocery store. She’s already won in Iowa and as everyone has mentioned a thousand times before, she was born there.

Weaknesses: It’s the same ole message since she’s jumped in the race…literally. It hasn’t evolved and that’s difficult to do considering she sends out about 30 news releases a day. Dodd-Frank, Tea Party Caucus, Foster Mother. It’s time for something new.

Memorable Campaign Quote: “Turn 999 upside down and you’ll see. The Devil is in the details”

Bachmann has won in Iowa before, can she do it again?

Jon Huntsman: Congratulations to the Huntsman campaign! By ignoring Iowa, sitting out debates, and deserting Orlando for New Hampshire, you’ve managed to alienate two early voting states! A difficult feat to accomplish this early in the campaign season.

Strengths: Kermit the Frog, baby! The two bonded on the set of Saturday Night Live and rumor has it that the Huntsman campaign will have Kermit stump for him in Iowa. His daughters are terrific on the campaign trail and are surprisingly frank when addressing their dad’s chances.

Weaknesses: He hasn’t set foot in the state in months and gave up on it a long time ago. He’s polling 3rd in New Hampshire, the granite state will be the former Utah Governor’s last stand.

Memorable Campaign Quote: ” I use to poll as a margin of error”

if Huntsman sent Kermit to Iowa he could be the front runner by the weekend.

Part II Tomorrow!