RPOF teases Lieutenant Gov. pick to roll in Facebook Likes

Want to be the first to know who the Lieutenant Governor is going to be?

RPOF has announced that there will be a “Major Announcement” tomorrow with the following graphic.

Lt. Gove Announcement

Many believe that the next Lieutenant Governor will be former State Rep and Current Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera (story HERE). It’s reported that Lopez-Cantera and Governor Rick Scott have gotten along very well in the past.

This is hardly a new technique. President Barack Obama used his social media resources to announce who his runningmate would be back in 2008, and it worked perfectly. When his campaign announced that it was Joe Biden, the media used those connections as it’s source.

It seems to be working this time as well. Facebook feeds are currently crowded with the new graphic.

If Lopez-Cantera turns out to be Florida’s next Lieutenant Governor, you’ll find a full write-up of it here.

CANCELED: Vice-President Biden to speak at UCF September 5th

UPDATE: Vice-President Joe Biden has postponed this visit. When a new date is announced, you can read about it here.

Vice-President Joe Biden will be visiting the University of Central Florida next week to push the President’s future plans for education.

With Foreign Policy and Immigration taking center stage in Washington recently, Education issues such as tuition increases and student loans have gotten lost in the media shuffle and the Biden will try to keep that train running.

This will be the first time the Vice-President has visited Central Florida since election season last year. He’s known for his brash and straight forward speaking style and supporters who attend his speech next week should expect more of the same.

When President Obama’s re-election campaign hit troubled waters last year, it was the often mocked Biden who stepped up (with former President Clinton) and gave big speeches at the Democratic National Convention and drew what many believe was a tie in his VP Debate with his policy heavy, GOP Counterpart Paul Ryan.

He’s considered to be the 2nd choice for many Democrats besides Hilary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential Race. If Clinton can’t go, it will be Biden that will move into the presumed frontrunner role heading into the primary.

Biden is also known for stopping into local businesses with no notice to speak with voters. You can expect more of that next week during his visit.

The often outspoken Vice-President will be speaking at UCF next week

The often outspoken Vice-President will be speaking at UCF next week

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Monday Morning Political Headlines: Citrus Bowl Renovations

The Monday after an exciting finish to legislation brings the doldrums of Monday political news.

The City of Orlando moves on to Citrus Bowl renovations. The aging venue is badly in need of improvement. It currently hosts to big name College Bowl games, and keeps the city in the hunt for big events, like Wrestlemania, and others.

I’ll also be releasing Report Cards for our State Legislators this week. We’ll start at the Senate and move down.

Have a great Monday!

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Carroll Renuncia, CPAC Rumores Y Quien es El Candidato Misterio en Florida 44?

Feliz Día de San Patricio! Esto es tu semana revista. Hoy, es domingo y nosotros hablamos de la renuncia de tenienta Governor Jennifer Carroll, rumores de CPAC de Jeb Bush y Marco Rubio, un luchar con RPOF y los Republicanos jovenes. y quien es el candidato misterio en Florida 44?

Transcripo de Video:

Florida Politica con Frank Torres. Yo soy Frank Torres y yo esperar que tu esta teniendo un feliz dia para St. Patricks y tu esta contento con esto hermosa . Hay mucho para conversar vamos.

La semana inicio con la renuncia de Jennifer Carroll el tienienda Gobernador de Florida. La renunica vino cuando Carroll encontro conexiones con la compania Allied Veterans of the World. Un compania que corren los Internet Cafes que estan en sitios en todo el estado. Ese compania se necesito mandar el dinero gano con eso operacion a los vetranos pero lo mando a otro compania para guarda. Ahora hay acusaciones de racketeering Y la operacion fundalamente estaban un juego para ganar dinero. Ella penso que es mejor para la oficina de el Gobernador a renuncia el posicione. Rick Scott dijo que el no va buscar un susticion hasta despues del la terminar de la sesion de legislation. Yo creo que es un errar para dejar un agujero en sus administracion asi. Bueno, que se puede hacer?

Mas problemas con Republicanos en Tallahassee este semana con un luchar con El Republicano party de Florida y los Jovenes Republicanos de Florida. El debato viene con como el party esta usando los jovenes durante los elecciones. El party quiere solamente a los jovenes que se ponen algo a Facebook o Twitter. Esto es un problema. Yo soy un joven Republicano y nosotros necesito cambia la estrategia a como usar los otros jovenes y que no creer que ellos siempre va apoyo la democrata en los elecciones.

Ahora hablamos de CPAC el convenio para Conservadores en Washington. Hay esta Ex Gobernador Jeb Bush y Senador de Florida Marco Rubio. La recepcion para Bush estaban un poco bajo porque el es. moderada con mucho los tema. Rubio estaba mas fuerte y estaban segundo detras de el Senador de Kentucky Rand Paul que tiene un reputacion para hablando muy duro con los Conservdores. Es dificil para ve este hombre ganando en 2016 contra Hilary Clinton o Joe Biden.

Nunca es temprano para hablar de los elecciones de 2014. Ya nosotros saben mucho de lost concurso. En la camara de representates para Florida en districto 30 hay Bob Cortes contra Karen Castor Dentel. En 29 es Scott Plakon y Mike Clelland quien apenas gano contra Chris Dorworth quien tenia muchos problemas con las media. El ventaja va a Plakon temprano. Y ya sabes que Jason Brodeur va contra Franklin Perez en districto 28. Eric Eisnaugle va a luchar con Ronney Olivera para districto 44 pere hay otro candidato que esta pensando entrando ese concurso. Alguien que puede cambiar la mirada de ese eleccione. Yo va seguir con esto posibilidad y decirte y algo cambias.


Carroll Resignation, CPAC Buzz, and Mystery Candidate in Florida House 44 – WIR

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is your week in review and this Sunday we’ve re-visit Lt. Governor Jennifer Carrol‘s resignation, buzz from CPAC involving Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. A rift between Tallhassee Republicans and State Young Republicans and finally a mystery candidate in Florida State House 44 that could spin the race in a different direction.

This is your Week in Review.

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. I’m Frank Torres and this is your Week in Review for Sunday, March 17th, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, I hope you’ve had the chance to get out and enjoy this awesome weather. We’ve got a lot to go over, let’s get started.

And we start with the resignation of Jennifer Carroll. Carroll resigned from her Lt. Governor Position after being connected with a company called Allied Veterans of the world. This company runs the internet cafes that you might see in a strip mall that revolves around providing internet access to individuals but at the center of it all is a sweepstakes that is basically a gambling operation. This company was suppose to take the proceeds from this operation and donate them to Veterans causes but it was revealed that the money was being rerouted to For-Profit operations and that only 2% of the procceeds were actually going towards the charity. The company is now being accused of racketeering, Jennifer Carroll thought that because of her connections with the company that it would be best to step down. Florida Governor Rick Scott deciding to name a replacement after session. Choosing to deal with it later than sooner, I happen to think it’s a big mistake. Why leave such a big gap in your administration empty? The Lt. Governor may not do a lot but to leave the story out there for so long doesn’t make a lot of sense. It hurt him during his media tour, Governor Scott in town to talk about job gains and lower unemployment but ended up having to deal with this instead.

More problems with Republicans up in Tallahassee, their handling of younger Republicans and their resources. A disconnect recently reported by the Jacksonville Newspaper of a rift between the RPOF brass and the Young Republicans in the state, Young Republicans saying that they’re not being utilized correctly only being asked to contribute on social media from time to time. I’m compelled to agree. I’m a Young Republican, an active one at that, and it doesn’t seem like, we’re utilized correctly, especially with void between Younger Voters and Republicans, as opposed to Democrats and their connection. So, a disconnect up there, that needs to be addressed, there needs to be a change of strategy to ensure that the youth vote isn’t always lined up decisively behind one party like it has been. Some changes definitely need to be made.

Let’s move right along to CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, with Florida lawmakers taking the stage and playing a very pivotal role, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and Senator Marco Rubio in the spotlight. Jeb got a lukewarm response by some Conservatives by being a little more moderate leaning to some of the social issues. Marco Rubio was well received during his speech reinforcing the traditional thinking of the Republican party, unfortunately he came in second to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in the CPAC straw poll, Paul coming off of that headline making filibuster taking the win at CPAC. It might be a question for some but it’s not for me, I think if you line up Rand Paul next to Marco Rubio, if you take his style, his delivery, is electable, I can’t see him beating Hilary or even Joe Biden in 2016 but, he plays very well with that audience up there and he takes the straw poll over Marco Rubio, not by a lot and we’ll see how the relationship plays out between those two as they appear to be on a collision course for 2016.

Also some State House races for 2016 already lining up. Some match ups we’ve mentioned before, Florida House District 29 that has former Rep. Scott Plakon going after the newly elected Mike Clelland who narrowly defeated Chris Dorworth last November. Dorworth getting a ton on negative media and losing that very red seat. The early advantage goes to Plakon because of the layout of the district and Republicans turning out better for mid-terms. You’ve also got Bob Cortes going up against Karen Castor Dentel Florida State House 30, Cortes rolling out endorsements earlier in the week. He’s already engaged in that campaign. In Florida State House 28 you’ve got Republican Jason Brodeur going up against Libertarian Franklin Perez in what seems like the hundredth time. It’s likely a Democrat will jump into that contest before it’s all over. Florida State House 44, Eric Eisnaugle vs. Ronney Olivera for that seat for the termed out Stephen Precourt. Eisnaugle stepped aside last cycle to avoid any conflict, with Precourt will face off with Olivera, who lost to Randolph Bracy in November. Unconfirmed rumors of a mystery candidate perhaps jumping into that race, that would change the entire dynamic of that contest in a very drastic way, unconfirmed rumors of another Republican jumping into that race. I’ll continue to track that as we move along.

A lot going on this week with CPAC with, Jennifer Carroll’s resignation and all of these races lining up. I think Rick Scott has to look at this as the low point of his term and he’s never got those approval numbers and with losing someone who helped deliver him the Governor’s mansion, losing her is a big blow. Her replacement will have to be picked very carefully. I’m Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.