Monday Morning Political Headlines: Election Eve, Romney, FLOTUS in town

Here we are. Election eve!

We’re heading down to the wire as the rest of the country heads to the polls tomorrow. There is no rest for the campaigns today. As I type this, GOP nominee Mitt Romney is in Sanford, doing one last fly in before Tuesday, and First Lady Michelle Obama

Recent polling shows a dead heat between Romney and President Barack Obama. Early voting turnout has been strong and everyone is in the zone.

These visits sweep your Monday morning Political headlines.

It’s going to be a wild Tuesday night in the I4 corridor.

WESH 2: (Video) Mitt Romney visiting Sanford today

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Mitt Romney, Michelle Obama visit Central Florida

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (Video) Romney begins final full day of campaigning in Sanford

CF News 13: Obama, Romney focus on Florida on eve of election

WOFL FOX 35: Mitt Romney, Michelle Obama both in Orlando area today

Orlando Sentinel: Romney, Michelle Obama plan rallies in Central Florida Monday

Mitt Romney and the First Lady will both be in Orlando today

Week in Review: Early voting ends, Hurricane Sandy, Detestable Anti Castor-Dentel Mailer

It is your week in review. The final one before Tuesday’s election. We’ve got the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the election, early voting has finished, and a nasty ad mailer gets to voters. Here we go!

Florida Politics with Frank Torres and here we are just 48 hours out from the election. This is your last week in review, before Tuesday night, and man it has been an exciting ride, we’ve got a lot to cover, let’s get to it, unfortunately, the week started with Hurricane Sandy slamming into the northeast, my thoughts go out to all of those effected by the storm, it certainly had an effect on the Presidential campaigns, both campaigns stopping for a couple of days out of respect for those that were effected by that terrible disaster, the hot topic seems to be, how did it effect the Presidential campaigns? Did it slow Mitt Romney’s momentum heading into this week. He was closing the polls in some of the swing states, he is actually up in Florida 1 to 5 points, depending on what polls you look at, he has to win Florida, the math does not work without us. President Obama was up north surveying the disaster, did this paint Obama, did this frame Obama, as a leader America can turn to during a disaster, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie throwing some high praise at the President over how he’s handled that disaster, so that is the big question, will this have overall effects on the outcome.

Moving into some of our other races, Florida Congressional District 10. Congressman Dan Webster against former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings, the Bloomberg money bomb, New York Mayor Mike Blooberg donated 1.1 million dollars to after Dan Webster, no doubt that is a lot of money to air ads, Webster is up in polling by a few points but withing the margin of error, over Val Demings in that district, it is going to be a very close finish, an external factor effecting Florida Congressional Dsitrict 10.

Florida Congressional district 9 Todd Long vs. Alan Grayson, you know I got no love for Alan Grayson, his thing this week is that he’s had this race locked up for weeks, a very cocky, a very confident, a very arrogant, stance at looking at the race, the layout does favor him, leans Democrat, a heavy Hispanic population, so we’ll see how that works out. Todd Long is a good candidate, I urge you to take a look at him. Especially, in a partisan gridlock environment that we have in Washington right now. I’m not certain Alan Grayson is the answer.

Moving on to some of the other state House races. Florida District 30 Scott Plakon vs. Karen Castor Dentel, a very, very ugly turn of events heading into this weekend, with a mailer hitting mailboxes, linking Castor Dentel to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky from Penn State. Jerry Sandusky the disgraced coach from Penn State. A convicted child molester on a mailer hitting mailboxes, indefensible was the word that Scott Plakon used, everybody has disavowed this thing. A terrible, terrible, mailer, I think it’s disgusting and a very sad statement on politics in Florida when you would try to make that connection, to the voters, so close to election day. that race is going to be very close, that is a team battle, Republicans want to help Plakon secure that seat, Democrats see it as a stepping stone to perhaps bigger things in Tallahassee. We’ll see how it all plays out.

Florida State House 49. Marco Pena vs. Joe Saunders, in a race that has received the title of the most important state house race in Florida. The battle for UCF, what a great region to represent in Tallhassee. I can certainly see where that billing comes from. Events in that race, Marco Pena rolling out an endorsement from Roberto Clemente Jr. that got decent pop in the media this week, we’re going to see where that race goes on Tuesday, once again both candidates are getting support from both of the parties, everybody is getting involved.

Florida State House District 47, Linda Stewart against Dr. Bob Brooks, there have been these rumors of poll numbers, giving Stewart a double digit edge, in this race in what is suppose to be a Republican leaning district, we’ll see how this works out but I haven’t seen the polling, any formal polling, it could be a very clever tactic, it’s certainly pushing the buzz, pushing the race in the direction of Linda, Stewart, it’s all about controlling the message, and controlling the conversation as far as the race goes, we’ll keep a close eye on that one.

Also, the big radio push this week. Comes in the Orange County Tax Collector’s race, Jim Huckeba trying to notify the voters, they are not voting for the late Earl K. Wood, tragically Earl K. Wood passed away late last month, Scott Randolph will be taking his place on the ballot, Jim Huckeba trying to get that message out that a vote for Earl K. Wood, is not a vote for Earl K. Wood. Huckeba hopes to merge the Tax Collector’s office with the County Comptroller’s office, should he be elected, in a move that would save tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars, so an interesting turn of events in that race, these substitute candidates are all over the place. The Florida state House race between Eileen Game and Mike Lerosa, who took Mike Horner’s spot, so these substitute candidates really throw the voters off, We’ll see what the effects of those are on Tuesday.

But, here we are 48 hours away, we’ve got last minute stops by both campaigns, we’ve Paul Ryan tonight in Panama City, tomorrow the man himself Mitt Romney will be in Sanford, for a last minute drop in with Central Florida voters as the rest of the voters head to the polls on Tuesday, Michelle Obama will also be in town stumping for voters, so both campaigns heading into election night, the controversy over early voting, how much time should voters have to early vote has been a big topic, regardless of the outcome on Tuesday expect this one to come up again, there was a last minute extension granted from 1 to 5, you can go to certain precincts in the county to vote. Make sure to check before you head out. So, two days are left, we’re in the air, I know everyone we’ll be glued to their tv’s on Tuesday night to see how these races are played out. I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you next time.

Saturday Morning Headlines: Mitt, FLOTUS making last minute stops before Election Day

It’s a busy and exciting Saturday here in Central Florida.

Walkers, sign waivers, rallies, and GOTV campaigns running on all cylinders ahead of what is shaping up to be an exciting election night on Tuesday.

We’re also getting some last second visitors. First Lady Michelle Obama, and former Massachusetts Governor and GOP nominee Mitt Romney are planning last second stops on Sunday, and Monday.

The ads are non-stop on television right now, operatives and volunteers are exhausted, and everyone is ready for this to be over already. But, now is not the time to leave anything behind!

These stories lead your Saturday morning political headlines.

WESH 2: Michelle Obama to visit Orlando on Election Eve

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Long lines expected on last day of early voting

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Bill Clinton campaigns for Obama in Brevard Co.

CF News 13: Exclusive Poll: Romney holds lead in Florida days before election

WOFL FOX 35: (Video) Fierce finish in 2012 presidential campaign

Orlando Sentinel: Romney, Michelle Obama to appear in Central Florida on Monday

Romney will make one last stop in Orlando on Monday

Friday Morning Political Headlines: Final Job Numbers before Tuesday

TGIF and to my colleagues working on campaigns, that doesn’t apply to you.

With only a couple of day remaining we’ve got the final job numbers before the election. Unemployment went up a tick to 7.9%. Not the 8% that might have pushed some to change their minds at the last minute. All in all, it’s in afterthought in a whirlwind of rhetoric that just about everyone is tired of.

We also had first lady Michelle Obama in Daytona Beach yesterday. Paul Ryan is expected in Panama City on Saturday night, which might be the last we see of VIPs from both campaigns.

Those stories lead your Friday morning political headlines. See you tomorrow.

WESH 2: (VIDEO) Central Floridians who vote early meet long lines

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Michelle Obama speaks in Daytona Beach

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: US economy adds 171K jobs; rate rises to 7.9 pct.

CF NEWS 13: Nelson, Mack make campaign stops across Florida today

WOFL FOX 35: (AP) Romney, Obama each get something in jobs report

Orlando Sentinel: Obama, Romney return to attack as campaign hits final stretch

Unemployment is at 7.9 percent according to today’s job report

Dems Call to extend early voting and FLOTUS in Daytona

Today, we’re talking about First Lady Michelle Obama‘s visit to Daytona Beach. Calls from Florida Democrats to Florida Governor Rick Scott to extend voting hours and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg throws more political weight around.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. We’ve got a lot to cover, let’s get started. We’re going to start with the First Lady out there in Daytona Beach. Michelle Obama out there campaigning for her husband on the coast with only a few days left. A continuation of the blitz we’ve seen from the Obama campaign after the temporary delay caused by Sandy. The President has been in the Northeast surveying the damage. Yesterday we had Joe Biden in Ocala, today we had the first lady in Daytona Beach as they continue their spring through the state for last minute votes. The Romney campaign has also been out there. Romney himself was in Tampa yesterday and later Coral Gables. So, with only a couple of days remaining we’re seeing both campaigns hit the ground running, trying to get as many votes as possible in what is expected to be a close race, especially here in the Sunshine State.

Speaking of votes and early votes. The big talker today on the twittesphere and on the emails blasts has been the call for Florida Governor Rick Scott to extend the early voting hours. Notable Democrats such as FDP chairman Rod Smith, Dan Gelber, former AG candidate and locally candidate Val Demings as well as others have been calling on Florida Governor Rick Scott to extend these early voting hours. Early numbers as about an hour ago reporting that about a 1/4 of Floridians have submitted there ballot in this election so far. Now the strategy behind this, there is always a strategy whether you want to believe it or not, perhaps the Democrat turnout wasn’t forecasted as well as they thought it might be, perhaps they think they need this extra push in the media to make sure there people get to the poles. Perhaps this is an early dig at Governor Rick Scott, it’s never too early to start the next election, it’s funny how in those emails former Governor Charlie Crist is brought up, and the efforts he did to extend the hours, we spoke about Charlie Crist yesterday (LINK HERE) taking a run at Florida Governor Rick Scott as a Democrat. So the loudest voices out this week have been those to extend those voting hours, reports have Rick Scott Traveling right now, and let’s face it, it’s very unlikely that its going to happen, but you’ll continue to hear the calls from Democrats, and expect this to be a marching call for Democrats if they have a bad election day.

Speaking of other lawmakers, especially those involved with Hurricane Sandy, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, has made a very big imprint on Florida politics recently. As you’ll recall he had the 1.1 million dollar ad buy for Val Demings to attack Daniel Webster, we’ll he is at again today, he endorsed, President Barack Obama, of course this endorsement while the First Lady is in town, perhaps they were looking to compound their media coverage, in his favor in what is expected to be a very close race. So, the New York Mayor throwing his weight around as the election approaches. A lot of chaos right now, we’re going down to the wire, things are getting awfully exciting, all of the candidates are getting ready to pull out the stops, there is certain to be more drama as we end the week, roll into the weekend, and into election day. A very busy day in Central Florida politics, expect more of the same, it’s time to pull out the stops and really let things go. For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.