PPP Prez Poll: Christie leads Clinton, Jeb at 10%, Rubio gets 7%

Public Policy Polling released new figures that featured a new frontrunner in the 2016 race for the White House, and also pulled numbers for a few of Florida’s Presidential Hopefuls.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leads former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton 45% to 42%. The outspoken leader of the Garden State, is coming off of his big November reelection win, that saw the Republican win approval from Hispanic and youth voters, both groups that supported Democrats in 2012. He was also able to win the always crucial battle over Independents.

In a Republican primary Christie gets 19% and leads Tea Party favorites like Texas Senator Ted Cruz (14%), Mike Huckabee (13%), and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (10%).

Also gaining 10% was former Governor Jeb Bush, who’s been kicking the tires on a Presidential run for a few years now. He’s been busy on the speaking circuit, and recently received the blessing from his brother, former President George W. Bush. He shares that figure with Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who’s recently taken a beating with Tea Party Conservatives over the Ryan-Murray budget deal, that averted a future government shutdown but raised spending caps.

Senator Marco Rubio is currently sitting at 7%. His stock has suffered this year after he drafted the “Gang of 8″ immigration bill that featured a pathway to citizenship, which kept the undocumented in the country. Conservative media slammed him for his role in promoting the bi-partisan legislation.

These numbers are expected to change several times, with mid-term elections approaching next year.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the new leader at the top of the latest poll

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the new leader at the top of the latest poll

Mica, Adams spend last day before primary working together for VA Hospital. Mayor Jacobs endorses

In an ironic twist the day before the end of one of the most brutal primaries in the country. Fellow House Representatives John Mica and Sandy Adams spent part of the last day before their showdown working together.

The occasion was a progress hearing on the badly delayed and poorly managed construction of the Orlando VA hospital. Both lawmakers were on hand to monitor the progress being made. Both lawmakers have been “outfront” in finding the circumstances behind the problems that affect veterans in both of their districts.

Redistricting has merged those districts and caused one of the most bitter intra-party battles in recent months and has been attracting press from all over the country. There has been a strong establishment vs. Tea Party vibe in the race with Adams grabbing endorsements from Sarah Palin,fellow freshman Rep Allen West, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Mica has received the endorsement of former Arkansas Governor, Presidential candidate, and FOX Commentator Mike Huckabee. Today, the Orlando Sentinel announced that he has also received the endorsement of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

The timing of the Jacobs endorsement is curious. If they just received it, there is little time to put it to use and notify voters. And why would Jacobs jump into the fray so late in the game and risk alienating a portion of her base? Still, it’s a possible mind-changer to the few that are still undecided at this point.

The outcome of tomorrow night’s contest isn’t worthy of celebration
for Central Florida Republicans. They will either lose a 20 year incumbent who carries a high Transportation Chairman title and a lot of political currency on capitol hill or a promising Freshman who never missed a vote and was far more accessible to her constituents. Central Florida Veterans will lose a voice in the struggle to mobilize a lazy organization to build a medical facility to provide badly needed care.

That’s how this campaign really began and that’s how it’s going to finish.

Thursday Morning Political Headlines: Huck rallies for Mica

Our headlines are dominated by two of the biggest contests in Central Florida.

Last night, former Arkansas Governor and Fox News Commentator Mike Huckabee made a stop in Sanford to stump for John Mica. Mica is in a nationally watched primary against fellow house rep and Tea Party favorite Sandy Adams.

Adams has also received her share of endorsements in recent weeks from former VP candidate Sarah Palin, Congressman Allen West from down south, Reps. Rich Nugent and Dennis Ross from the western part of the state.

There is enough time before their Tuesday night showdown for one more stunt. What do both campaigns have left in the tank?

This primary brawl and the Orange-Osceola contest lead your Thursday morning political headlines.

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Mica hopes the Huckabee can drive him to victory on Tuesday night

Huck in town for Mica, Fellow Freshman Fight for Adams

It’s stunt week Ladies and Gentlemen, and in one of the biggest congressional primaries in the country, John Mica and Sandy Adams are pulling out the stops to get the last word in with the voters of the 7th congressional District.

Adams pulls an endorsement from Sarah Palin. Mica counters with Mike Huckabee.

Mica launches a massive tv air attack on the Freshman Congresswoman. She counters with one of the funniest ads we’ve seen this year.

Now with seven days until their primary night showdown. We’ve more fireworks between the longtime establishment incumbent and the Tea Party Favorite.

Huckabee the Former Arkansas Governor, Fox News Commentator, and Conservative Favorite will be in town to officially endorse Mica in Sanford. He’s coming off his Chik-Fil-A support campaign that helped the Fast Food Chain break sales records when the owner was attacked for his opinion of gay marriage.

Adams returns fire with endorsements from fellow Freshman House Representatives from the western side of the state Dennis Ross, and Rich Nugent. She was also endorsed by the Tea Party Express yesterday and Allen West last week. I can’t find an exact count but does she hold more endorsement from the Florida congressional delegation?

Both events are touchdowns. Mica figures to get some valuable ink and tv coverage from Huck’s visit and Adams will get some “Radiation Votes” from those nods in nearby districts.

You get the feeling this isn’t the last card either of these two colleagues turned bitter rivals have left to play.

Huck will be dropping in to stump for Mica

Thursday Morning Political Headlines: Huck endorses Mica, West stands with Adams

Great content for you today on this Thursday morning.

We’ve got some great video footage of that great debate from the other night and some truth tests for you to check out.

We’ve also got two big endorsements in that intense Republican primary in the 7th district between Representatives John Mica and Sandy Adams.

Sandy Adams nabs an endorsement from her fellow Tea Party Freshman Allen West. West had more media appearances than any other member of congress last year and the former Army Colonel is known for his straight talk and fearlessness in Washington.

This is the 2nd endorsement in as many days for Adams. Yesterday, she earned the endorsement of the FFPC. A major social conservative group in the state.

Her opponent also made the major announcement that Former Presidential Candidate, and Conservative Favorite Mike Huckabee has endorsed the Mica campaign. Huck has his own Fox News show and is an active campaigner that is known for making appearances for his endorsees before election day.

Those stories lead your Thursday morning political headlines.

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Huck endorses Mica

Allen West endorses Sandy Adams