Dyer Connected “Moving Orlando Forward” Super PAC Making Big Moves in Recent Fundraising

Last year, when the Political Action Committee “Moving Orlando Forward” was formed it was picked up by only the hardcore local Politicos (Sentinel story HERE), it was a clever teamwork between Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the Florida Democratic Party that side-stepped fundraising limits and added liquid versatility to his operation. It was suppose to be there just in case things got tough for Dyer during his re-election bid.

Things didn’t get tough, and Dyer walked to re-election.

Now Moving Orlando Forward is back this year and it’s making it’s presence felt in almost every important state level race in Central Florida.

Maximum donations from the PAC were made to State Senator Geraldine Thompson, Darren Soto, and State Representatives Mike Clelland, Karen Castor-Dentel, Joe Saunders, Linda Stewart, Randolph Bracy, and Victor Torres (what did poor Bruce Antone do to get left off?)

Now I don’t know if the Mayor himself is making out these checks (probably not), but his PAC made big moves this quarter to help Democrats keep the gains in Tallahassee that they made in 2012.

Dyer himself is not an overly partisan leader. At the municipal level it’s wishy washy politics. Dyer only made two publicly partisan comments last year, one criticizing Mitt Romney for President Obama (his boy) and a swipe at Florida Governor Rick Scott, and that was when Dyer was considering a run for Governor, which the PAC was probably created for in the first place.

There could also be Soccer Stadium intentions. It’s likely the project will be approved by the next session but the Mayor and the Orlando City Soccer Club has mentioned that they’ll try again for legislation that would subsidize the stadium with tax dollars, the clock ran out on them this year.

Or it could just be FDP and good teamwork.

I thought it was fascinating background noise from a Political Leader who usually stays far away from Party Politics when he has to.

The Mayor usually only goes partisan for the President but his PAC has been making moves to help local Democrats

The Mayor usually only goes partisan for the President but his PAC has been making moves to help local Democrats

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Pam Bondi to run for Re-Election as Florida Attorney General

One of Florida’s Political Rising Stars has made a decision on her next move. Attorney General Pam Bondi has announced that she will run for re-election next year.

Bondi has had a busy first term in office. She’s cracked down on “Pill Mills” and advocated for tougher consumer protection laws. Recently, she’s taken a stand against the Human Trafficking problem that has surfaced in the state.

She has also been a Political Celebrity. The Camera Ready AG moderated a GOP primary debate in 2012 before ultimately endorsing Mitt Romney. She campaigned across the country with the Ryan/Romney ticket over the course of their campaign. She was given a prime time speaking slot during the Republican National Convention last year in Tampa, and is regularly mentioned as candidate for higher office.

For now, it looks like a re-election bid, and during a mid-term with no obvious opponents, it would appear to be the right decision.

In 2010, Bondi entered a crowded Republican primary which included former Lt. Governor Jeff Kottcamp. She campaigned aggressively, zig zagging the state and outworking Kottcamp for the nomination. She beat Dan Gelber in the General Election, riding the Tea Party wave that saw Republicans take the entire cabinet and the Governor’s mansion.

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today, she will be seeking re-election

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today, she will be seeking re-election

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Pam Bondi correr para Reeleccion a Abogado General de Florida

Uno de Florida Politica Legisladores con un futuro brillante ya decida que viene proximo para su carerra. Abogado General Pam Bondi anuncio hoy que va correr para Reeleccion.

Bondi han sido muy ocupado en la primero terma. Ella empezo la pelea contra los “Pill Mills” que suban problemas con drogas en la comunidad. Siempre busco soluciones a proteger los consumidores, y mas recientemente suban esfuerzos contra “human trafficking”.

Ella tambien es muy famosa. La hermosa AG fue uno de los moderador en un debato Repubicano ante que apoyando Mitt Romney. Despues fue uno de la campanas mas importante defensores. Ella dar un discurso en la convencion Republicano. Bondi siempre es un nombre popular para mas alto oficina.

Pero ahora, parece que Bondi querer cuatros mas anos a Abogado General.

En 2010 ella entro un primario concurrido contra Ex Lt. Governor Jeff Kottcamp. Despues ganando en nominacion fue contra Abogado Dan Gelber y ganor en el Tea Party Wave cuando todo los mas importante posiciones estaban gano por Republicano.

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced today, she will be seeking re-election

Attorney General Pam Bondi

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Save a Beagle, get Re-elected? How Rufus the Dog can have Political Implications

The biggest Non crime, national, or weather story in Orlando the last 24 hours, has been the story of Rufus, a 1 year old Beagle, who is currently being held by Orange County Animal control and is possibly on “Doggy Deathrow” if State Law holds firm.

It started when Rufus bit his owner’s young child on the 8th of April (you can read the Local 6 story HERE) and there has been confusion over the circumstances regarding the bite and whether Rufus is dangerous or not. Either way, no one wants the dog destroyed but state law requires it.

Social Media has since erupted with calls for the Dog’s life to be spared. Catchphrases like “Free Rufus” or “Save Rufus” have spread through Facebook and Twitter.

The dog’s fate is currently going through an appeals process. If the law holds firm, the dog gets a death sentence, and the City of Orlando is “going to freak”.

Enter Politicians.

Voters have a very special bond with “Man’s Best Friend” and very little tolerance for injustice for those who can’t verbally defend themselves.

Don’t think so? Ask Mitt Romney, who dealt with the thorn of his side all of last year, when it was revealed he tied the family dog’s cage to the roof of his car during a road trip.

It sounds ridiculous, but there is Political Capital in standing up for pets in this town. It shows compassion for the vulnerable, initiative to challenge the status quo, a “Fire in the belly” to stand up for what the people know in their hearts is wrong.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs released this statement regarding Rufus,

“We love our children and we love our animals. There are state laws and county ordinances to protect them both, including a defined judicial appeals process. That process is underway, and it will ensure a full and fair hearing of all the facts. In the meantime, rest assured I have instructed our staff to take excellent care of Rufus.”

Good for her, but if the Dog doesn’t walk (see what I did there?), the pressure will be on.

The issue turns into a political football and a parade that every lawmaker should try to get in front of. I’m talking statements on social media, graphics, television interviews, it’s just too easy.

And Rufus would appreciate it too.

Want to see Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval numbers jump 10 points? Have him declare clemency for Rufus. That will win votes. I guarantee it.

I’ll even draw up the first graphic for you.


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Why Ted Cruz shouldn’t take on Rubio over Immigration Reform

This morning POLITICO published a story that pitted Texas Senator Ted Cruz in a potential fight over Immigration against Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ted Cruz, he’s got a lot of similarities with Rubio. Family ties to Cuba, Tea Party favorite, dynamic speaking ability, and a bright future.

These ties would make him the obvious favorite to oppose Rubio on his “Gang of 8″ legislation as the article says.

Not so fast.

Cruz has got the ambition. You see it when he speaks. A forceful delivery that means business and demands results.

But he’d better think twice before becoming the face of opposition for this immigration reform plan. I’ll explain why.

He just got there and doesn’t have the Rubio’s national name ID: Rubio has had two books released, been on the cover of Time, been vetted for Vice-President, and spoofed on the Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. He’s already feuding with Jay-Z and Pitbull (kinda) and has Jeb (Bush) singing his praises. He also broke the “Full Ginsberg” record by appearing on 6 Sunday morning talkers on the same day.

Cruz spoke at the RNC and did a terrific job but he’s still a stranger to the average voter. Rubio has more credibility at this point.

Texas is not Florida: Don’t mess with Texas, I know, I know but Texas is red for the foreseeable future. The GOP needs Florida and that means they need Rubio to put up a valiant fight during this immigration battle, to at least convince the I4 corridor that they’re serious about the issues that effect the growing Hispanic population, in one of the country’s biggest swing states.

His efforts would hurt the GOP with the entire demographic.

At some point, politics becomes a finesse game: The smoke throwers always find this out eventually. There is no way to oppose this immigration plan without eventually positioning yourself as a major media antagonist. Cruz would have to accept openly voice his support for a plan that deports 11 million undocumented immigrants. Not only is this not practical but there are no alternatives. Ask Mitt Romney how that worked out.

He’d become the “big bad” in the mainstream media and that eventually crosses over to the moderates. That’s not the reputation you want.

Working with Rubio and conditionally supporting the legislation would pay dividends in the future: What Cruz should do is trim the legislation here and there, then get behind it. Think about it. As compelling as showdown between Cruz and Rubio sounds, imagine a united front between the two. Cruz could pick up the phone, throw some conditions into the debate and get this legislation passed. There is plenty of room for winners in these talks.

There is a lot of negative, and very little positive for the rising star from the lone star state, in fighting this legislation. He would be far better off putting his mark on this historic reform, than trying to destroy it.