Obama’s Biggest Rival at NALEO wasn’t Romney, it was Rubio and Jeb

Florida was once again driving the political conversation in the country this week with the NALEO conference. The meeting of Latino leaders in the heart of the I4 corridor was a taste of what could be expected in October when the region can potentially determine who the next President will be.

You had President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney speaking within 24 hours of each other and those in attendance would gauge enthusiasm for each of their campaigns.

Romney spoke first on Thursday and gave a thoughtful speech. He rolled out an outline for fixing the economy and even an early vision of what immigration reform would look like but he drew jeers for sticking to his guns and confirming that he would indeed repeal the President’s Healthcare plan (Obamacare) on his first day in office. The Democrat leaning audience gave him modest reviews.

The President rolled into town on Friday. He stormed into the Disney Contemporary Resort and used the basics of effective public speaking on quickly got the audience. He used humor and spoke the language to get the crowd on his side. He identified an enemy for the conference to point at, when he started talking about House Republicans and painted them as a body who didn’t want the Dream Act or any opportunities for immigrants and closed with “Si, se puede” or “Yes, we can” and rolled out of town with reassurance that bypassing Congress and letting aspects of the DREAM through was a sharp political tactic.

Yes, that decision was a political tactic. What? Did you think that was a coincidence?

Immigration is valuable political currency and if Florida Senator Marco Rubio hadn’t pointed that out, it might have been overlooked entirely.

Rubio spoke on the same day of the conference and reminded those in attendance that Republicans were indeed looking for solutions and that the President’s decision last week was part of the DREAM act alternative Rubio has been pushing for, for months.

On a stage that should have been his to convince and inspire, Rubio was left doing touch-up work on what Romney didn’t get done the day before.

Then there was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who reminded those in attendance why he was so popular during his time in office and why he remains popular with Latino voters.

He spoke about education and sincere concern for the Hispanic community. Prepared and thoughtful, Bush left the conference with positive reviews as well.

So where does this leave Mitt? It leaves him at the bottom of the hill with Florida voters and it will take valiant efforts by both Rubio and Bush to get him anywhere with Hispanics in Florida.

It’s unsure if what their roles would be. Bush has gone on national television and said he would refuse, even if his country needed him. Rubio’s VP chatter has put him on the back burner of candidates if not off the stove completely. Both could run in ’16 if they want to. This leaves them with roles as regional surrogates with their abilities confined to Florida.

It was suppose to be an Obama/Romney preview this week. Instead we’re reminded how much we wanted Obama/Bush or a Biden/Rubio contest instead.

Romney can’t compete in Florida without Rubio or Jeb

Friday Morning Politcal Headlines: President Obama at NALEO Today

This busy week of politics comes to a finale today with President Barack Obama visiting Orlando and speaking at the NALEO conference.

Yesterday, GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke at the conference and WOFL has the entire 18 minute speech below.

After the President is done in Orlando he’ll swing down the I4 corridor and speak to another group of important voters in Tampa.

It’s been a great week of political events in the nation’s biggest political battleground and it’s only just the beginning.

Here are your Friday morning political headlines.

WESH 2: (VIDEO) Obama attempts to woo Latin leaders at conference in Orlando today

WOFL Fox 35: (VIDEO OF ENTIRE Speech) Romney accuses Obama of pandering to Latino community

CF News 13: Obama in Orlando to address Latino leaders a day after Romney

WKMG Local 6: President Obama to visit Central Florida

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Obama to address Latino leaders at Disney, day after Romney

Orlando Sentinel: Neighbors say tiny park is no place for sidewalk

The President will be speaking at NALEO


NBC- Obama brings campaign to Tampa’s HCC campus today

WTSP 10 News- Obama rally in Tampa today: President visits Tampa Bay, talks to Latinos in Orlando at NALEO conference

ACTION News- Hillsborough Community College gets ready for President Obama’s campaign stop on Friday

WTVT FOX Tampa Bay- Obama in Tampa for ‘grassroots event’ at HCC

Bay News 9:Florida hosting two big Obama stops today

Miami: (Congratulations by the way)

6 NBC- Crown the King: Heat Win NBA Title!

CBS Miami- Exclusive Video: Heat Stars Celebrate At Club LIV Championship Party

Local 10 - Miami Heat win NBA championship!

WSVN 7 News- Champs! James’ triple-double lifts Heat to title


News 4 JAX- UNF students to see 13% tuition hike

47 WTEV Jax- Delayed move into courthouse put cases, closure on hold

Romney at Con Air, Mica vs. Adams at Tiger Bay, in Orlando Tuesday

June 12th in Orlando will have an August atmosphere tomorrow.

We’ve got GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney making the first of two visits to the I4 corridor in as many weeks tomorrow, and two bitter rivals debating in what has become one of the most heated congressional primaries in the country.

Romney will be at Con-Air (Democrats insert joke here) tomorrow activating what will be his most important group of supporters in the country. The electoral math becomes very difficult for the former Massachusetts Governor if he can’t carry Florida. Expect many of the faces you’ll see in the crowd at tomorrow’s rally to be out knocking on doors and making phone calls for him later in the year.

Also today, it was announced that Vice-President Joe Biden will be in Orlando Friday attending a Mayor’s conference continuing what his been a baseball like rotation with the President and First lady through Florida

Both Romney and President Obama are expected to return to Orlando next week to attend the NALEO conference near the attractions.

You can catch Romney’s speech live with my analysis on CF News 13 when it happens.

Attendees of the rally will have to hustle downtown to catch what could be the debate of the year. Sitting House Representatives John Mica and Sandy Adams will debate in the company of Orlando’s powerful at the Tiger Bay Club. Redistricting has forced these two to face off for the 7th Congressional district here in Central Florida and the back and forth between the two has slowly escalated. We’ll see if tomorrow’s contest will convince some of the whale donors that will be in attendance to get off of the sidelines and write a few checks. Mica has held a lead in the polling that has been released till this point.

I am neither powerful nor a whale donor so I cannot attend. Perhaps there will be a fence with a hole in it, somewhere at the venue I can look through.

The big events are starting to roll in and it’s starting to feel like campaign season. Game on!

This will be Romney’s first visit to the Sunshine State since hitting the 1144 delegates clinching the nomination