There is a Rift Growing between Mayor Dyer and the City Council

What makes Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer the most powerful man in Central Florida isn’t just his job title (although it is a big part) but his ability to get the members of the Orlando City Council to subscribe to his vision. He dreams it. He plans it. The City Council votes for it. Done. Automatic.

He’s the frontman for this legislative band.

He’s the Mick to their Stones. The Cobain to their Nirvana. The Beyonce to their Destiny’s Child.

This is what makes the article published in the Orlando Sentinel yesterday (story HERE) so interesting. Commissioners are complaining that Dyer’s treating them like a “Rubberstamp” and that their tired of getting information so late during the discussion process and that they’re expected to vote whichever way the Mayor wants them to vote.

What makes this accusations even more notable is that Orlando Commissioner Patty Sheehan has been the most vocal in this disagreement that could lead to a rift forming between the Mayor and the Council. Sheehan for the most part is a straight shooter and has been arguably Dyer’s “Go-To Commissioner” in the past. Their signs often sat side by side during their dual landslide election wins almost two years ago (that story HERE). If there is some separation between her and the Mayor, it’s News.

The Council has always been a much happier Government environment then their rowdier Cousins a block away at the Orange County Commission, where disagreements between Commissioners and, at times, Mayor Teresa Jacobs are common. But the Commission has hundreds of thousands in Cash Reserves, and a more stable financial foundation. They’ve also pulled out the checkbooks to help the Commission move their projects forward.

Maybe a little conflict on the Orlando City Council might not be such a bad thing after all.

Dyer and Sheehan are usually a happy team. Here are the two releasing Swans into Lake Eola in 2012.

Dyer and Sheehan are usually a happy team. Here are the two releasing Swans into Lake Eola in 2012.

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Social Media Sunday Political Round-Up 10/6/13

Here are the best Social Media offerings from your Elected Officials this week. Lawmakers at all levels were trying to communicate their views on everything from the Government Shutdown to Tropical Storm Karen.

Let’s get started.

Florida Governor Rick Scott cancelled a visit to Orlando Friday night, to stay in Tallahassee and monitor the situation on Tropical Storm Karen. He published this briefing on FB.

Congressman Alan Grayson was on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and continued his perpetual assault on the GOP. He divided the Republicans into 3 groups on national cable television and posted the take on his FB page.

Congressman John Mica went on an attack himself this week, slamming federal officials that barricaded the World War II Memorial during an event honoring our Veterans. He posted this video, slamming this current administration and bringing up actions taken by past Presidents to prevent these kinds of unfortunate events.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown posted the following graphic on FB, dissing House Republicans over the Government shutdown. It appears that her spellcheckers were furloughed as well.

Shutdowns didn’t stop constituents from visiting Congressman Daniel Webster this week. He posted this montage from their visit to Washington.

State House Representative Linda Stewart was at the Pride Parade in Downtown Orlando on Saturday. She’s been one of the strongest advocates for the LGBT Community for many years.

Stewart LGBT Parade

State Representative David Santiago gave Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi a “Shoutout” on Social Media praising the Florida AG’s push to end Human Trafficking in Florida.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer celebrated the 3 year anniversary of the opening of the Amway Center with this graphic on FB.

Finally, we end with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs who also attend the “Come out with Pride” event downtown yesterday. Here she is flanked by Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan.

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Thanks for reading and we’ll do it all again next weekend.

Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: Mayor turns down 21% Pay Raise, Council Passes 6% Instead

Happy Tuesday! A lot to cover. Let’s Go!

Yesterday, Mayor Buddy Dyer and the Orlando City Council turned down a 21% pay raise in favor of a 6% increase instead. This avoided what would have been a sure PR hassle, while awarding everyone a slight bump in pay.

You can read my full write-up of why the Mayor took that route HERE

That story, and what about changing the City of Orange City into the City of Blue Springs? Those stories lead your Tuesday Morning Political Headlines

WKMG Local 6: Double Play!

New pay raise plan for council, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer passes

Florida Gov. Rick Scott makes changes to Common Core plan

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: VIDEO Orlando mayor backs away from 21 percent pay hike idea, settles for less

WOFL FOX 35: VIDEO Orlando leaders nix 21 percent pay hike, settle for 6 percent

CF News 13: Orlando approves 6 percent raise for mayor, commissioners

Orlando Sentinel: Mayor, council kill 21 percent raise, take 6 instead

Daytona Beach News Journal; Orange City Considers asking it’s voters if it should change it’s name to Blue Springs

WESH 2: Should Orange City change its name?

Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: Mayor Dyer, Orlando City Council want Bigger Salaries

Half-ways through the week, here we go.

Mayor Buddy Dyer and the rest of the Orlando City Council are preparing to give themselves a 20% salary increase next week. The Council’s pay would increase from almost $50k to $60k and Mayor Dyer’s pay would go from $160k to $195K.

The increase is coming after a budget workshop revealed that their would be a budget shortfall next year. Now, none of the numbers were in the red but funds would have to be reallocated from previous years. The City is also preparing for the possibility that they would have to issue bonds to help pay for construction on a new Soccer Stadium in a bid to lure MLS to the City.

Former Orange County Commissioner Mildred Fernandez also had media availability yesterday, about a week after she was released from prison after a 66 month sentence for accepting bribes while in office. Fernandez maintains her innocence and plans to write a book.

Orlando Sentinel: Orlando mayor, commissioners to receive 21 percent raises

WKMG Local 6: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, commissioners to receive raise

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Former Orange County commissioner talks with WFTV after her release from prison

CF News 13: Mildred Fernandez is writing a book, getting life back

: Mildred Fernandez out of jail, defiant

Daytona Beach News Journal: Flagler School Board Ok’s Tech Policies

WESH 2: (AP) Obamacare Spending Showdown Heats Up

Sheehan, Stuart Downtown Brick Road Concerns are Valid

If you’ve lived in Orlando long enough, you’ll know what I’m talking about. In the neighborhoods of Lake Highland, Thorton and Delaney Park, the beautiful driving surface that not only looks good but has been found to raise property value. I’m talking about the brick roads which cover the residential areas of Downtown Orlando.

The sound is unmistakable. Clack, clack, clack. They add that ambiance that is normally reserved for more suburban upper scale communities. And in those communities they experience much less wear and tear then they do downtown.

On Marks and Summerlin, it’s more like clack, clack, clack, boom! Accompanied by the sound of a cash register opening to give you the change for the new wheel you bought, after a pothole or cracked paver caused you a flat tire and a dented rim.

It’s the problem everyone knows exists but never acts on. Yesterday, during the City’s budget meeting, Commissioners Robert Stuart, and Patty Sheehan both expressed the concerns they were hearing from constituents and those concerns are very valid.

Every year those brick roads get worse. They’re forced to absorb tropical storms followed by sweltering heat, as well as heavy commercial vehicles that have no business being on the roads, but are used to deliver services to residents.

The bricks crack, they break, they flatten tires and damage vehicle suspension. Car repairs during these tough times can break a family on a tight budget.

It’s not just drivers. It’s the kids that ride their bikes to schools and parks, when they flip right over the handle bars on a poorly maintained street.

Drivers wince as their cars deal with that approach down Kaley, just passed Boone HS, down to Fern Creek. There’s less turbulence in space travel.

What are the answers? You could pave over them with asphalt if you don’t mind losing the charm. You could have the bricks redone but that’s expensive. Both options have drawbacks. Construction detours. Residential construction noise. Temporary bulldozer eyesores.

Both are better options than what we’re seeing now. Nothing.

Sheehan and Stuart were right when they called attention to the upkeep of their road ways. Street maintenance for commuting and trading. Perhaps the most basic responsibility of municipal government.

Brick Roads. It’s a luxury problem. Maybe we should turn to District 5 and Daisy Lynum’s concern about basic pedestrian safety problems. It’s why we’re the most dangerous city in America for pedestrians.

We’re talking about the issue. Let’s hope it’s not forgotten or the next reminder you’ll get, will be the sound of those bricks getting weaker with every vehicle that goes over them.

Clack, clack, clack..

Downtown's Brick Roads are beautiful but come with maintenance draw backs

Downtown’s Brick Roads are beautiful but come with maintenance draw backs

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