Mica wants to repeal veterans cuts from Ryan/Murray budget deal

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When the Senate passed the Ryan/Murray budget deal earlier this week, there was a lot of grumbling from both parties. Democrats didn’t like the fact that it didn’t extend federal unemployment benefits. Republicans despised that it increased spending and cut cost of living allowance for military retirees.

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PPP Prez Poll: Christie leads Clinton, Jeb at 10%, Rubio gets 7%

Public Policy Polling released new figures that featured a new frontrunner in the 2016 race for the White House, and also pulled numbers for a few of Florida’s Presidential Hopefuls.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leads former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton 45% to 42%. The outspoken leader of the Garden State, is coming off of his big November reelection win, that saw the Republican win approval from Hispanic and youth voters, both groups that supported Democrats in 2012. He was also able to win the always crucial battle over Independents.

In a Republican primary Christie gets 19% and leads Tea Party favorites like Texas Senator Ted Cruz (14%), Mike Huckabee (13%), and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (10%).

Also gaining 10% was former Governor Jeb Bush, who’s been kicking the tires on a Presidential run for a few years now. He’s been busy on the speaking circuit, and recently received the blessing from his brother, former President George W. Bush. He shares that figure with Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who’s recently taken a beating with Tea Party Conservatives over the Ryan-Murray budget deal, that averted a future government shutdown but raised spending caps.

Senator Marco Rubio is currently sitting at 7%. His stock has suffered this year after he drafted the “Gang of 8″ immigration bill that featured a pathway to citizenship, which kept the undocumented in the country. Conservative media slammed him for his role in promoting the bi-partisan legislation.

These numbers are expected to change several times, with mid-term elections approaching next year.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the new leader at the top of the latest poll

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the new leader at the top of the latest poll

Webster votes against Ryan budget deal, country in “Crisis of excessive spending”

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f you would have asked Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Winter Garden, which Republican should be running for President a couple of years back, he would have looked you in the eye and told you Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

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John Mica votes “Yes” on budget deal, says it will save thousands of Florida jobs

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Tonight, the Paul Ryan/Patty Murray budget deal passed the House of Representatives, 332 to 94, with strong bipartisan backing. After the vote, Congressman John Mica, , who voted “yes”, had this to say.

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Ron DeSantis votes “No” on budget deal, doubts future cuts

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The first member of the Central Florida delegation to fire out a statement after the budget vote, was Daytona Beach Republican Ron DeSantis. The Ryan/Murray deal passed the house on a vote of 332 in favor to 94 against.

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Desantis didn't like the Iran deal reached over the past weekend

Desantis didn’t like the Iran deal reached over the past weekend