Thursday Morning Political Headlines: TS Issac vs. The RNC

Forget the politicians, this weekend the most popular person on your television will be your meteorologist.

It appears that a collision between Tropical Storm (eventually hurricane) Issac and the Republican National Convention is becoming more of a possibility by the hour. While, I probably know more about German Cockoo Clocks than the weather, everyone believes that Issac will try to brush back the convention. There has even been discussion of canceling or postponing the convention but that is still far off.

We’ve also got former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings calling out Congressman Daniel Webster on the accountability of his administration. The race for the 10th Florida Congressional district will be a top 5 contest in the Orlando area.

Those stories lead your Thursday morning political headlines. Now, go stock up on supplies!

WESH 2: (Video) Webster, Demings battle for congressional District 10

WKMG Local 6: (Reuters) President to campaign in swing states during GOP convention

Orlando Sentinel: Val Demings: Dan Webster has not been accountable

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (Video) Tampa readies for Republican National Convention, possible Hurricane Isaac

WOFL FOX 35: Romney trying to return campaign focus to economy

CF News 13: Tampa mayor prepared to call off RNC if Isaac threatens area

It’s going to be an exiting convention in and outdoors

POLL: Romney, Obama close in FL. Scott approval rating at %35

In a poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a slight lead on President Obama, and Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval rating sits at %35.

The poll surveyed 728 voters and results give Romney a %48 to %45 lead on the President within the margin of error with %3.8. This comes the week before Romney accepts the party’s nomination in Tampa next week for the Republican National Convention. That event should provide a temporary boost in the state polls but the President and the DNC will hold their convention in another swing state, North Carolina, the week afterwards.

Either way it looks like Florida will remain in play for both candidates all of the way until November and will be the most prized battleground state in the country.

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s approval rating of %35 percent will continue to lure out potential challenger for his 2014 race. Florida Senator Nan Rich has already leaned towards running, as well as other rumored challengers like Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, 2010 challenger Alex Sink, and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist who has been seen at several political functions recently and endorsed Bill Nelson in his Senate run against Connie Mack IV.

Scott’s approval numbers this time last year were slightly higher as he went on a charm offensive, opening up his availability to media, making pr friendly public appearances, and vowing to add more money to education. He looks to make similar gains this year by attempting to champion bi-partisan issues that will allow him to hit the road on another similar press campaign.

Look for Governor Scott to hit the road over the next couple of months talking to the media, and pushing his policies

Rice, Haley, Martinez, confirmed speakers for RNC. Out of Veepstakes.

They were longshots at best, now barring a unusual technique of misdirection, it’s unlikely the United States will see another woman running for Vice President in 2012.

Condoleezza Rice, Nikki Haley, and Susana Martinez, along with 2008 GOP nominee John McCain, Ohio Governor John Kasick, and our very own Rick Scott were confirmed speakers for the the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa later this month.

If they’re speakers at the convention, it means they won’t be accepting nominations at the convention. This means Rice, Haley, and Martinez are out of the Veepstakes.

With perhaps the exception of Rice, the others were poor matchups against Vice-President Joe Biden and brought little else to the table in terms of electoral votes or heightened policy knowledge.

There was strong buzz for Rice a couple of weeks back. Her Secretary of State experience and time as National Security Advisor made her a popular pick. She demonstrated that she could stand the heat from the media and would be a much needed sign of diversity within the Republican party that might lure some independents and unhappy Democrats. Her star will continue to rise and so will her book sales after this positive press.

South Carolina’s Haley will also be okay. Only 40 years old, she was too young and inexperienced for a Romney administration that wants someone capable of stepping into the Oval Office if needed. Another first term Governor would also have not been well received. She’ll get a prime speaking slot at the convention and she could give the Romney campaign some buyers remorse if she gets Republicans excited.

The Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez would have made a lot of sense but, like I’ve mentioned before, the sword shakes in her hand when she should be swinging it confidently. In a close race like this one, Republicans can’t take any chances with a running mate who will freeze at the wrong time.

This leaves New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte as the lone female still, reportedly being considered and auditioning. She wants the job and isn’t shy about telling you but, she’s even more of a liability than Martinez. She belongs in the Senate.

The key-note speaker hasn’t been announced yet but, many expect it will be popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The big guy should bring the house down if he gets the opportunity.

The big names left in the Veepstakes are Ohio Senator Rob Portman (my prediction), Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Mitt Romney is expected to make a decision over the next few days. This would give the nominee enough time to prepare for a big campaign moment at the RNC.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is a confirmed speaker for the Republican National Convention.

Haley endorses Romney. Will Rick Scott be next?

This morning South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley endorsed Mitt Romney, giving his campaign a much needed shot in the arm that propel him out of the doldrums of being “the stale frontrunner that no one wants”.

It’s key because everyone knows that Mitt wants New Hampshire bad, and watching Newt rise in the polls and take the New Hampshire Union Leader Newspaper endorsement stung him pretty good. Should Gingrich take Iowa and swipe New Hampshire from Romney an endorsement from the South Carolina Governor should stop the bleeding.

That brings us to our main topic. What about our Governor? Florida Governor Rick Scott? With our new primary date, Scott’s endorsement has high value. Especially with the orphaned Herman Cain supporters throughout the state.

It’s no secret that Rick Scott has been “buddy buddy” with Texas Governor Rick Perry. They’ve done the friendly sports bets and often share votes on job creation but, with Perry’s debate meltdown and dropping numbers in the polls, does Scott really want to go there?

His whole cabinet minus Pam Bondi, who hasn’t made it official yet have endorsed Romney. Gingrich connects with Scott’s Tea Party ties favorably who are willing to vote for almost anyone except Mitt, would Governor Scott go with the former House Speaker? Is he even going to endorse anyone at all with the convention coming to Tampa? Scott might want to steer clear of the drama and just get the state ready for the show.

Still, if he hasn’t gotten the phone calls already, they’re coming. Rick Scott’s endorsement could clear one of the last few obstacles a candidate faces on their way to the nomination.

Who will Rick Scott endorse in the GOP primary?