Mayoria del Congresio Representantes de Centro Florida contra a acuedor para Abismal Fiscal

Anoche, El Camara de Representantes paso El Senando billete para evitar la Abismal Fiscal. Esto es el exparicion de los Bush Era impuesto cortes y secuestro que incluso mas cortes para nacional defensa y otra cortes que poder hace mal para la economia.

El acuedor alcanzado dice los impuestos vas a subir para ellos que ganar mas que $400,000 por año, poner un 2 mes retresar a los cortes para defensa, y seguir con los conditiones que ayudar el plan reconocido como Obamacare y energia.

La mayoria de Congresio Representantes dijo no para el plan.

Representantes Sandy Adams, Daniel Webster, Bill Posey, John Mica, y Rich Nugent de Tampa, todo voto “no” para el plan negociado con Vice-Presidente Joe Biden Y Senador Mitch McConnel.

Corrine Brown, la sola Democratica voto “Si”.

Esto resultados deber hacer no sorpresa. Mica, Webster, Nugent, y Posey votan con los Republicanos casi todos los tiempos. Adams es un “lame duck” y no vas regresar a Washington. Ella perdio sus eleciones el Novembre pasado.

Muy interesante es el voto de Represante Paul Ryan de quien fue el “running mate” de Mitt Romney. Es un favorito de Daniel Webster y voto “Si” para el plan.

Lunes noche Senadores Bill Nelso voto “Si” y Senadores Marco Rubio voto “no” para esto acuedor. Rubio es solamente uno de ocho quien dijo no. Muchos creer el ya esta pensando de 2016 cuando va hacer un candidato por presidente.

Presidente Obama es Hawaii ahora y vas a firma este plan a la ley cuando regresar.


Majority of Central Florida Congressional Delegation Vote “No” on Fiscal Cliff Deal

Last night, The House of Representatives passed the Senate Bill to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff”. The Cliff, as you might have heard by now, were the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts, massive defense cuts through sequestration, and several other cuts and tax hikes that would have had potentially devastating effects on the economy.

The deal reached allowed the tax cuts to expire on those making less than $400,000 to $450,000 (depending on classification), put a 2 month delay on sequestration, and held up other supports dealing with Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), and green energy initiatives.

The majority of Central Florida Congressional delegation voted “No” on the deal.

Representatives Sandy Adams, John Mica, Bill Posey, Daniel Webster, and Rich Nugent out in Tampa turned down the compromise brokered by Vice-President Joe Biden and Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnel.

Corrine Brown, the lone Democrat House Rep in Central Florida voted “Yes”.

These results should be no surprise to most politicos in the region. Mica, Webster, and Nugent vote with House GOP most of the time. Adams, the Freshman House Rep, who is a lame duck after losing her intense primary to Mica, ended her term in Washington in line with the party. Many believe she would be the frontrunner, should Mica retire.

In an interesting twist, Rep. Paul Ryan, who was the GOP VP nominee last year, voted “Yes” on the measure. Ryan is a favorite of Daniel Webster’s and his nod in favor of the plan was largely unexpected.

Voting “Yes” on the deal, which the White House considers a victory, might have spawned Tea Party primary opposition for these lawmakers. This was on the minds of many GOP members of Congress as they voted.

On Monday night, Senator Bill Nelson voted “Yes”, while Senator Marco Rubio voted “No”, and was just one of 8 Senators (3 Dems also turned down the deal) that rejected the plan. In doing so, he might have scored some early points in the 2016 GOP Presidential primary, which he is an early favorite in. More on this here.

The bill now goes to President Obama for signature in a couple of days. He resumed his vacation in Hawaii after addressing the nation last night after the deal passed the house.

The majority of House Reps in the region voted no on the Fiscal Cliff deal

The majority of House Reps in the region voted no on the Fiscal Cliff deal

Mica reminds all he is still Master Politician

Politicians normally refine their skills by working in other occupations. Attorneys, Doctors, and Businesspeople will often find they have a knack for leading and getting things done, then make the decision to enter politics.

After his most recent campaign victory we’re reminded that John Mica has probably had those political skills for as long as he could talk.

When John Mica took the podium after his win over fellow House Representative Sandy Adams, he led with the easiest quotable of the entire evening. “They said that this race was about the heart and soul of the Republican Party,and I’m here to tell you tonight that the heart and soul of the Republican Party is doing fine here in Central Florida.”

The perfect beginning to a victory speech by Central Florida’s master politician. It was in response to an Orlando Sentinel article that endorsed Mica and at the same time, he answered the question and used it to rally those in attendance.

Mica could walk into a room of a 100 people and walk out a 120 minutes later with 99 votes, and possibly not be able to tell you one specific detail about any of those people. It’s not a bad memory or arrogance but it’s the way soon to be 11 term Congressman is wired. Eyes on the prize, and ears to those standing in the way to overcome objections. Its not about R’s and D’s, its about dollars and votes. Money for the district and campaign coffers and re-election votes from happy constituents. That’s his job, that’s what he does.

As a public speaker, it doesn’t matter whether he’s standing in front of 10 or 1000, as far as he’s concerned he’s telling Washington war stories in a bar in with a couple of buddies. He’ll tell a few jokes, pull up his belt about twice per minute, tell you what he’s trying to do, and win the room. During debates he’ll act like his opponent isn’t even in the room. His strict media discipline minimizes addressing attacks or slinging mud himself. Heck, you could watch his tv interviews from the last few months and have a hard time realizing who he was even running against.

You could guess that’s why he won so easily last night. Adams ran an attack heavy campaign and while she had plenty of valid points, there were also conflicts like Sunrail. Adams voted for the commuter rail system and that’s not a knock on her but it’s because Mica worked the environment and made the vote acceptable at the time. Outside of the Tea Party it still is. He might very well be a cheerleader for Barack Obama, until the game changes then he’ll go and be a cheerleader for someone else. Dollars and Votes.

It’s a finesse game. Don’t believe it? Ask the hard-charging Cliff Stearns, another long-time incumbent that had to deal with a Tea Party challenger. Big Animal Vet Ted Yoho nipped Stearns in a nail-biter up north. Mica would have won that race and if he didn’t think he could, he would have done what Stearns should have done, and beat down Freshman Congressman and Adams endorser Rich Nugent in his more moderate district.

So Mica is here for another term (unless a historic upset in the general occurs) and after November we won’t see him again, that’s how politicians are. He’ll probably never see a challenge as stiff as this one until he retires (and then Adams should come back). Why? Because future opponents will recognize that John Mica is THE a career politician.

and a 22 year winning streak is a successful career.

The Master Politician adapts to any audience and environment

Thursday Morning Political Headlines: Huck rallies for Mica

Our headlines are dominated by two of the biggest contests in Central Florida.

Last night, former Arkansas Governor and Fox News Commentator Mike Huckabee made a stop in Sanford to stump for John Mica. Mica is in a nationally watched primary against fellow house rep and Tea Party favorite Sandy Adams.

Adams has also received her share of endorsements in recent weeks from former VP candidate Sarah Palin, Congressman Allen West from down south, Reps. Rich Nugent and Dennis Ross from the western part of the state.

There is enough time before their Tuesday night showdown for one more stunt. What do both campaigns have left in the tank?

This primary brawl and the Orange-Osceola contest lead your Thursday morning political headlines.

CF News 13: Can Huckabee endorsement help Mica beat Adams for new District 7?

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee to endorse US Rep. John Mica

WFTV 9 Eyewitness: Reality Check: Sandy Adams’ “Cheerleader” ad reviewed

Orlando Sentinel: Huckabee headlines Mica rally in Sanford

WOFL FOX 35: (AP) Casey Anthony prosecutor eyes state attorney seat

WESH 2: Gov. Rick Scott to make big jobs announcement in Brevard

Mica hopes the Huckabee can drive him to victory on Tuesday night

Huck in town for Mica, Fellow Freshman Fight for Adams

It’s stunt week Ladies and Gentlemen, and in one of the biggest congressional primaries in the country, John Mica and Sandy Adams are pulling out the stops to get the last word in with the voters of the 7th congressional District.

Adams pulls an endorsement from Sarah Palin. Mica counters with Mike Huckabee.

Mica launches a massive tv air attack on the Freshman Congresswoman. She counters with one of the funniest ads we’ve seen this year.

Now with seven days until their primary night showdown. We’ve more fireworks between the longtime establishment incumbent and the Tea Party Favorite.

Huckabee the Former Arkansas Governor, Fox News Commentator, and Conservative Favorite will be in town to officially endorse Mica in Sanford. He’s coming off his Chik-Fil-A support campaign that helped the Fast Food Chain break sales records when the owner was attacked for his opinion of gay marriage.

Adams returns fire with endorsements from fellow Freshman House Representatives from the western side of the state Dennis Ross, and Rich Nugent. She was also endorsed by the Tea Party Express yesterday and Allen West last week. I can’t find an exact count but does she hold more endorsement from the Florida congressional delegation?

Both events are touchdowns. Mica figures to get some valuable ink and tv coverage from Huck’s visit and Adams will get some “Radiation Votes” from those nods in nearby districts.

You get the feeling this isn’t the last card either of these two colleagues turned bitter rivals have left to play.

Huck will be dropping in to stump for Mica