Rubio Hopes to Restore Top Flight Republican Status with Latest Push to Defund ObamaCare

The Junior Senator from Florida has had a rough year.

Marco Rubio has been in a battle with Conservative Opinion Leaders and members of his own base over the “Gang of 8″ Sweeping Immigration Reform Bill. Rubio, who was once considered a front runner for the 2016 GOP nomination has taken a back seat to Senators Ted Cruz from Texas, and Rand Paul from Kentucky because that immigration reform didn’t deport 11 million undocumented immigrants back to there home countries before starting the process for citizenship.

Right now that Conversation has been on the back burner with other issues like a possible military strike on Syria, and the upcoming debates on the debt ceiling. Who knows when the immigration debate will come back? And who knows if when the talks continue if it will include the Senate Bill or a piece meal offer which has been hinted at.

Rubio needs to start rebuilding his Conservative cred and that starts with this upcoming fiscal debate. No funding of the government without defunding ACA aka “Obamacare. When the rest of the party eventually folds to avoid a shutdown, Rubio needs to be the needs to take a page from his more popular colleagues book and push back at any compromise, even if he knows in the back of his mind (like we all do) that a deal gets done.

Rubio’s allies on that “Gang of 8″ team, Senators such as John McCain and Lindsay Graham might be on opposite sides. For Rubio that’s good. Those two hung him out to dry after that legislation was done. They sent him out to face the Limbaughs, and Hannitys of the media and he paid the price because of it.

Most recently he was outshined on his home turf by Ted Cruz at a Conservative Conference right here in Orlando last month (HERE).

No more Mr. Nice Guy for now.

He’s already off to a strong start. He sent this out in a statement today.

“The American people have made clear they want Washington to keep the government open but also need protection from ObamaCare’s harmful effects. Today’s announcement would accomplish what the American people have been asking of Congress.

“A solution is within sight in order to avert another crisis of Washington’s creation. President Obama and his allies in Congress should abandon their threats of shutting down the government and instead work with Republicans to pass this proposal that would keep government open while preventing taxpayer dollars from being used to inflict ObamaCare’s damage on people’s jobs, incomes, current health plans and doctor relationships.”

Let’s face it. A deal is going to get done eventually and the President’s Health Care Act is still going to be left standing.

But Republican Leadership should pick someone else to take the loss on this. Rubio’s taken enough punishment this year already.

Rubio defending the dream

Rubio tiene el dificil mision. Vender El Senate Plan para imigración a duro conservadores.

Esto parte es la mas dificil.

Olvidar parando junto con John McCain y Lindsay Graham. Olvidar ese moment bueno con Chuck Schumer cuando los dos lados estaban junto cuando hablando de la mas dificil temas de imigración. Olvidarte todo los pasos el Senador de Florida Marco Rubio ya hizo. Ahora viene el parte dificil.

Senador Rubio necesito vender esto plan a los mas duro Conservadores.

Rubio ya es haciendo un agreso platicar a todos los noticias para el acuerdo que el y los otros Senadores hacer lunes. Pero el respueta no es positivo. Muchos de los Conservadores se creer que este plan es muy cerca de amnistia.

Ayer Rubio hablo con Radio presentador Rush Limbaugh. El Senador y el polemico personalidad no hablo como normales. Esto conversacion fue muy incomodo para el hombre muchos creer puede ganar el casa blanco en 2016.

Presidente Obama no esta ayudando tampoco. Tambien ayer, Obama dijo que si Congreso no puede contrar un acuerdo despues el va hace une de el que es mas fuerte. Obama tambien dijo que un plan para imigracion puedes empesar ante que asegurar la frontera. Esto un punto fuerte que Republicanos mucho.

Esto es la mas dificil cosa que Senador Rubio es hace de entrando oficina.

Pero la recompensa puede hace grand. Gente de esto pais esta buscando alguien que se puded hacer un lider en los temas como esto.


POLL: RNC bounce gives Romney lead in Ohio

In a poll provided to us by our friends at Gravis Marketing, the Republican National Convention held last week in Tampa has given Mitt Romney a valuable bounce in another important swing state in the country.

According to a survey taken with about 1400 voters earlier this week, the presidential race in the Buckeye state has shifted from a one point Obama lead to a 3 point Romney lead, demonstrating that excitement from the conventions, and emotional speeches on primetime tv can still provide that small (and often temporary) bounce.

The RNC featured top flight speeches by Ann Romney, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and of course the GOP ticket of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The convention had to stare down Tropical Storm Issac and was even shortened to from 4 days to 3 to accommodate safe travel of delegates and lawmakers.

The Democratic National Convention kicked off last night in Charlotte, North Carolina as those in attendance got to see First Lady Michelle Obama make a case for re-election of her husband, as well as rising star and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro flex his public speaking muscle in front of a nationwide television audience for the first time. The convention continues tonight with former President Bill Clinton.

President Obama can also expect a small bump in the polls next week as well. With the current trend being seen around the country, it will probably put the race back within one point, one way or the other. For now, RNC organizers can enjoy the lead they’ve given their candidate in one of the most important swing states in the country.

Romney’s speech at the RNC last week has given him a small lead in the Buckeye state this week

Florida Democrats Fundraising around Rush Comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, you’ve probably heard that Rush Limbaugh messed up and he messed up good.

If you’ve just renewed the lease on your rock, I’ll bring you up to speed quickly. When Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke testified before Congress to advocating insurance companies paying for contraception, Limbaugh called her a slut, prostitute, something about producing a sex tape, along with other nasty things you don’t say about a women.

There are plenty of examples other media personalities (from both sides) doing the same thing but, it’s always wrong. Rush threw Democrats a softball right down the middle and took everyone’s eyes off of rising gas prices.

Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and others are having to clean up Rush’s mess. They’ve had to denounce his remarks during television appearances. Democrats have turned this into a fundraising campaign, saying that Republicans are waging a “War on Women”. They’re also bringing the Presidential race into the fray, calling out frontrunner Mitt Romney.

I know there’s not a War on Women, you know there is not a War on Women. But, Florida Democrats are taking Rush’s words and trying to paint all Republicans with the same brush.

At the center of the offensive is Weston Congresswoman and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz (who else) who, made this topic the centerpiece of her “Meet the Press” appearance yesterday morning. This is nothing new for Wasserman-Schultz who’s job is throw everything at the Republican party and see what sticks.

The controversy has finally made it to Central Florida Politics. This morning former Orlando Police Chief and current Congressional Candidate Val Demings sent out a release and fundraising letter slamming the Limbaugh remarks and asking for donations.

There was no mention of Deming’s opponent, current Congressman Daniel Webster in her message and that makes sense. Webster’s last opponent, Alan Grayson launched an anti-woman attack on the Winter Garden Republican with the maliciously edited “Taliban Dan” ad. It backfired, turned off moderates, and Webster cruised to victory.

Expect the DNC to instruct all of their candidates to push fundraising around this recent controversy.

Rush Limbaugh's comments about Sandra Fluke have Democrats on the offensive with a fundraising push.