Col. David Smith to Challenge John Mica in Florida’s Congressional 7th

Late last night, Colonel David Smith formally announced that he will challenge Congressman John Mica for reelection in the Florida’s 7th Congressional District. The Republican will primary the 11 term Congressman in the conservative area, that consists of parts of Orange, Seminole, and Volusia Counties.

The announcement doesn’t come as a surprise. The well decorated, former Marine Corp officer has been busy networking in the Central Florida Political Community for some time. The buzz started generating about 60 days ago that he was considering a run for office, and about a month ago, political operatives started to address it as more of a “When” than an “If”.

The Military Aviator has more awards than you can count, and has poise and likeability on the stump. If he can fund raise, Mica will have to lace up the gloves.

But make no mistake, Col. Smith is still faces a difficult uphill climb that more politically seasoned Conservatives haven’t been able to scale. After redistricting in 2012, Mica faced fellow House Rep Sandy Adams, who despite Washington experience and years in Tallahassee, was still easily defeated by the former Chairman of the Transportation Committee.

Still, Mica does have his share of political critics, to include the majority of Tea Party Conservatives active in the area, that didn’t approve of large spending projects like Sunrail, and rolled their eyes when Mica supported the recent Ryan/Murray Budget deal which busted spending caps.

There are currently two Democrats running a primary as well. Nicholas Ruiz or Wesley Neuman ,would face Mica or Smith in the general election next November

David Smith

Congress Florida District 6 Race 2014 – Frank’s Notes

Florida Congress District 6 Changeable 10-13

These are my professional notes and research concerning the race for the Congressional 6th District of Florida. These notes are in order from the most recent events working backward.

3-11-14: Cox posted this on FB

12-26-13: INTERVIEW REQUEST: I’ll be starting my candidate interviews in January. This is a 5 questions segment done over email. Interested candidates can reply to this request by emailing or by calling me at 386-334-4492

12–9-13: All is quiet. I don’t expect much from this contest until early next spring when Desantis kicks off his re-election bid.

11-20-13; Noticed that Desantis hasn’t updated his campaign website from his 2012 run. We’re less than a year out, he might want to fix that.

10-27-13: David Cox was out campaigning at the Florida Annual Democratic Convention this weekend.

10-20-13: Cox has been criticizing Desantis throughout the Shutdown and when a deal was reached to end it on Wednesday. DeSantis will have to work with the possibility of another shutdown in January.

10-2-13: Cox sent out a release today, saying that Desantis and GOP Colleagues in the House were responsible for the Government Shutdown.

“This is a right wing tantrum, cutting funding for Veteran’s programs and our national parks. It’s time for Congressman Desantis to vote to fund programs that are vital for our nation,”

“The American people are not happy. A recent Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday showed that 72 percent of Americans don’t think shutting down major activities of our national government is a good way for Republicans to try to force changes to the health law.”

10-2-13: NOTE OPENED

Introduction: The race for the 6th features a rising star for the GOP who has become a staple on Cable Television against a Challenger who hope the changing culture of the state will work in his favor.

The 6th Congressional District of Florida features parts of Volusia, Flager, and St. Johns Counties, it’s for the most part been a pretty secure red area that was made slightly more vulnerable after redistricting compacted the district and pushed longtime House Rep John Mica out of some of the areas.

In 2012, it was believed that former Congresswoman Sandy Adams would run in the new 6th but she instead ran in the 7th and was defeated by Mica. This opened up the district to all GOP Congressional hopefuls and resulted in a 7 way primary. Out of that Battle Royal came Ron Desantis.

Desantis met fellow Navy Vet Heather Beaven in the general election and despite the Obama for America Campaign maximizing Democratic turnout, Desantis was able to capture victory on election night.

He wasted no time making waves when he got to Washington. He was a frequent visitor on Greta and FOX and Friends and quickly made a name for himself. His first controversial move was voting against Hurricane Sandy aid with fellow Florida GOP Freshman Ted Yoho. A vote that had many scratching their heads because you know, we’re in Florida. The most Conservative personalities applauded the move as a vote that insisted on cleaner, leaner legislation.

He hasn’t stopped and has been a hard worker for his Conservative Constituents. Recently, standing with Texas Senator Ted Cruz during the measures to defund Obamacare and when not in Washington holding several townhalls and Q&A’s.

He’ll be tough to beat but he does have a challenger.

Democrat David Cox has been campaigning hard. The Self-Described Moderate says he believe the culture in the 6th District is changing and that the tolerance from the voters for Desantis’ brand of politics is running out. He’s got a firm Campaign Infrastructure built, but has to avoid being the next Heather Beaven, who was strong on the stump but couldn’t overcome the letters next to her name on the ballot.

Also listed on the state website is Democrat Andrew Scott but I’ve been told he will not be running, he’s also got no campaign identity online.

Seefeldt takes Campaign to Lake County for Fundraiser/Reception

Florida House District 31 will be one of the more exciting races to watch next year. There are a squad of Republicans trying to take the “red” seat that consists of parts of Orange and Lake County.

Terri Seefeldt has been campaigning aggressively over the last few weeks meeting voters in Orange, now she looks to take her campaign to Lake for a fundraiser/reception. And just like she did during her campaign kick-off (story HERE, she’s bringing a few big names along on the host committee.

Among those names are former Congresswoman Sandy Adams, former State House Majority Leader, Rep. Stephen Precourt, and termed out incumbent Bryan Nelson, who’s seat she’s trying to win.

It’s a crowded race with fellow Republicans Randy Glisson, Joseph B. Stephens, Betty Hensinger, and Belita Grassel running. Of that group only Glisson has made any real noise. He’s the money leader with a slight lead over Seefeldt.

The winner of the Republican primary will be a heavy favorite for the general election in the Conservative area. Here is the flyer below.

Terri Seefeldt Lake County Fundraiser


Don't Let Banner Red

Florida State House District 31 Race 2014 -Frank’s Notes

Florida House 31 Changeable 1-14

These are my professional notes and research on the 2014 Florida State House District 30 Race. Dated From most recent developments working back.

4-15-14: Jake Seymour raised no money in March and spent $15 bucks. He’s got $430 in the bank.

4-15-14: Sullivan raised 4K in March which was her best month since November. She did fall short on her 100K in 100 Days push. That was a very ambitious goal. She spent 2K. She’s got 32K raised for the campaign with about 22K on hand. Most of her haul were small donations from individuals under $100. Major expenditures include a mail buy of almost 1K.

4-13-14: I got a statement about the Santiago endorsement and the new radio ad from the Seefeldt campaign and did a piece on it. You can read it HERE

4-13-14; Joseph Stephens filed a waiver for March.

4-13-14: Seefeldt raised $6400 for March and Spent $5200. She’s raised about 64K for the campaign and has about 41K on hand. Her major March contributors included her colleagues in the insurance industry which made up about 6K of her haul. Major expenditures include $4200 for Billboards on 441.

4-13-14: B. Grassel raised $2700 anchored by a candidate contribution of $1144. She spent only 5 bucks. Major donors included her colleagues from the nursing field. She’s raised about 25.8K for the campaign with about 19K on hand.

4-13-14: Randy Glisson raised 6.1 K in march and spent about $1900. He’s raised 112K for the campaign with 95K on hand. Major donors for March include continued support from his colleagues in the medical field. The majority of his expenses were on consultants.

4-13-14: There are reports that State Rep. David Santiago has endorsed Terri Seefeldt but I haven’t gotten a statement from the campaign and the story would be stale by now. Still looking to confirm.

4-9-14: Seefeldt has qualified by petition and she has also announced a fundraiser in Lake County on the 29th

4-4-14: Seefeldt teased a radio ad. If I can find it, I’ll do a post on it.

3-31-14: Terri Seefeldt bought a Billboard. It’s on 441 and everybody is going to see this thing. Pros: It’s well designed with the camera-ready Seefeldt featured and “Conservative” sharply underlined. Cons: It must have cost a fortune but she probably had to buy it before someone else did and “Conservative Champion” is rhetoric I’ve heard used by Sullivan on the stump. Analysis: If she can afford it, it was a smart move.

3-17-14: The candidates held a forum in Lake County today. I did a full write-up. You should read it HERE

3-12-14: I was a guest on the Lake County Roundtable today and we spoke about the District 31 race. I said that Randy Glisson had the tools to win now and Terri Seefeldt to a lesser extent. I also mentioned that if Jennifer Sullivan could mobilize her grassroots support she could make up that financial deficit. You can listen to the Lake County roundtable on 790AM HERE Wednesdays at 1PM.

3-12-14: I’ve been invited to attend the next D31 debate at the Golden Triangle Republicans Women Network. I’ll be observing and doing a write-up.

3-10-14: B. Grassel banked $1064. Half from an Education Union. She’s raised 22k for the campaign with about 15K on hand. What is even more disturbing was that she was left out of a forum last week.

3-10-14: Jen Sullivan banked about 3.6 in February. If there is a brightside, she can tout she’s a genuine grassroots candidate with no industry ties. More small donations from individuals. Most $100 or below. She only spent $859 mostly on digital strategy this month. She’s raised about 28K for the campaign with 21K on hand. She’s also falling short on her 100K in 100 days pledge.

3-9-14: Seefeldt banked 6.6k for February with the usual support from her colleagues in the Insurance industry. There was also some Disney money in the haul which made up 1K as well as additional max contributions from a Tort reform PAC and an Agent Asssociation. She spend 5.5K and what I noticed were large expenditures on signs, shirts, and magnets. She’ll be going heavy on GOTV soon. She’s raised about 57.7K for the campaign with about 40K on hand.

3-6-14: Here is Terri’s appearance on the American Adversaries Conservative Radio Program. Her interview starts around the 9 minute mark.

3-6-14; Glisson banked about 10.5k for his best monthly total since the reporting rules changed. His colleagues in the Chiropractor field continue to come through in a big way for him and there was a $1500 combined contribution from a lobbyist and family member. There were also a good share of smaller donations to diversify his haul. 58 contributions 8 large donations of $500 or more. 40 small donations of $100 or less. He spent about $2500. Mostly on consultants. He’s cleard a 100K with about 106K raised for the campaign with about 90K of it on hand.

3-5-14; Seefeldt was a guest on American Adversaries radio today. We’ll try to track down a podcast to share.

3-5-14: Jennifer Sullivan posted some pics from the Women impacting the nation candidate forum with Glisson and Seefeldt. Would have like to have been there or seen some video footage. Will keep an eye out. B. Grassel and Joseph Stephens were not on stage.

3-4-14: Seefeldt released a thorough campaign newsletter with an update on the campaign, future appearances, and volunteer ops.

3-1-14: Terri Seefeldt posted a photo of her with 20 plus volunteers in a an event in Lake today. Great number of people out there for her.

The top 3 candidates have demonstrated they can get supporters into shirts and out to events. This is why this is my favorite race! You don’t always see that up here in Orange so early in the election cycle!

3-1-14: Randy Glisson posted an impressive photo of him and about 26 volunteers collection petitions and walking. Good demonstration of grassroots support.

2-28-14: Fred Brummer continues to be very aggressive for a lawmaker with no future political plans. He’s sponsoring massive overhauls to the Orange County Charter. That story HERE.

2-23-14: A source close to the race told me earlier that Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer was still thinking about jumping into this contest. Obviously, it would be a huge gamechanger with his former State Leg. Experience and high name ID on the OC Commission. He would however have to deal with Textgate like every other Commissioner. That wouldn’t sit well with a lot of voters in Lake County who might already prefer one of the existing candidates.

2-18-14: Today, I was the featured guest at the Golden Triangle Republican Women’s Network of Lake County event in Mount Dora and predicted that the winner of the GOP House 31 primary would be the next House Representative from the District.

2-11-14: I did a write-up on Glisson’s haul. You can read that HERE.

2-10-14: B. Grassel raised $1064 and spent 8 bucks in January. She’s raised 22K for the campaign and has about 16K for the campaign. I still believe she should switch parties due to connections and interpretations of the issues.

2-10-14: Randy Glisson banked 9K in January and spent $2900. The majority of his haul came from his medical and chiropractor contacts and from a very successful campaign kick off held in January. 40 donations. 11 large donations of $500 or more and 20 small donations of $100 or less. The majority of his expenses were on consultants.

2-10-14: Seefeldt raised only $1318 in January. The lowest of her campaign and spent $3311 the highest of her expenditures. All of her contributions were small amounts under $100 with some donations from her colleagues in the insurance industry. Most of her expenditures were on consultants and digital strategy. She’s raised 51k for the campaign and has about 40K on hand.

2-10-14: Jake Seymour raised no money and spent 5 bucks in January. Hard to believe he’s no more than a cardboard candidate for Florida Dems in case the winner of the D31 GOP primary collapses.

: Jennifer Sullivan banked $2150 for January. She launched a 100K in 100 days promotion but that clock probably starts this month and even if she doesn’t make it, the only person that would probably notice would be me. Donations were medium sized from individuals. She’s raised 24.5k for the campaign with about 19k on hand. She needs much more. She spent $997 on various supplies and campaign maintenance costs.

2-1-14: Bryan Nelson formally endorsed Terri Seefeldt today. I kind of saw it coming but was wondering when it would be announced. The timing wasn’t the best. It’s Superbowl weekend. I would have waited until Tuesday. But it’s still a big deal. You can read my full write-up HERE

1-31-14: Sullivan launched her 100K in 100 days promotion a very ambitious campaign but if successful can give her a tremendous boost. 100K? Plus that volunteer support? Wow.

1-29-13:Randy Glisson posted some photo from his kick off on FB and appeared to have a healthy turnout. With a firm money lead, we’ll see if he can grow his grassroots support to become an even more versatile campaign operation heading into election season.

1-22-14: Terri Seefeldt posted some photos of volunteers working over the weekend and she appeared to have a pretty good amount of help. She thanked them for their hard work. All 3 top candidates have proved they can put together decent volunteer numbers and it’s only January.

1-16-14: Joseph Stephens applied to be the next Orange County Clerk of Court. He was interviewed by WFTV in THIS report. He is one of 11 candidates that have applied to replace the late Lydia Gardner, who passed away last spring.

1-15-14: Saw Jennifer Sullivan at the Orange Yrs last night. We spoke shortly about the holidays and her plans to visit Tally during session this year.

1-13-14: Terri Seefeldt put out a call via email to supporters asking her to join her for a Campaign Walk in Mount Dora this Saturday. It’s exciting to watch these candidates slowly move away from their “Home Field” and extend to other communities in the district.

1-13-14: Betty Hensinger notified me via email this weekend that she has decided to end her run for office due to a death in the family. It’s always sad to see someone end a campaign this way but she hasn’t ruled out anything in the future. I asked her if she would endorse another candidate and she told me that she wanted to talk to everyone once more before making a decision.

1-12-14: Forgot to mention that I sent out an email interview to Jennifer Sullivan last week.

1-10-14: Terri Seefeldt won a quiet fundraising month in December with a haul of about 6K. Including 1K from Publix and another thousand from Pacs. She only spent $670 for the month. She actually had a decent quarter with about 13K raised. She’s got about 50K for the campaign with 40K on hand. Enough to stay competitive in a race without an incumbent.

1-10-14: Belita Grassel banked about $1400 for December and spent $800. She’s got 21.3K raised for the campaign with about 14.9K of it on hand. State Rep. Karen Castor-Dentel donated $100 for her in December (probably cause she knew it would irk me lol) along with the usual small donations from retirees. Grassel really should just switch parties and run against Seymour on the Democratic side. At least her values would be more in line over there and she would get a one on one shot against the winner of this race instead of the 6 way primary she’s in now.

1-10-14: Randy Glisson held steady during the quiet fundraising month with about 2K in donations and 1800 spent, including his regular, measured self loan, this time for $500. 12 donations almost entirely from his colleagues in the health field. 1K of his expenditures for consultants. He’s got about 87.6K raised for the campaign with 77K of that on hand. Cruising into the New Year nicely.

1-10-14: Jake Seymour had no donations for December and has only raised $475 for the life of his campaign. He’s looking like a card-board candidate at this point, that will probably hope for a collapse of the whichever Republican he faces in the general.

1-10-14: Jennifer Sullivan ended the traditionally slow fundraising quarter with $1,060 for the month of December. She’s raised $9587 for the quarter and spent $2789. She’s about 22.3K for the campaign and has about 17k on hand. That’s nice but she needs more. There was nothing unusual about her December haul.

1-7-14: Joseph Stephens broke silence today to announced that he will appear at the Eustis Gun Show this weekend. He hasn’t filed any financials in months.

1-6-14: Sullivan put out a call for volunteers. She’s already got a large grassroots following. However D31 is so spread out, she might be looking for support in Apopka to push the vote there.

1-2-14:This is the first time, I’ve looked at Seefeldt’s full campaign webpage. It’s very well done. The slideshow widget on the front page is cool. It’s not too busy. Easily accessible social media widgets and contribution buttons. The issues page says enough but not too much. The best part was the writing on the Bio page. Hits on Obamacare problems effectively, and rolls right into a message about how proud she is of her son (A Blue Darter and a Knight) and her professional achievements. I would make the font, one size bigger. Seniors will have problems reading that. And she needs to sync her FB posts with her Twitter account.

1-2-14: The holidays have thrown off the frequency of my notes. That should end now

12-26-13: INTERVIEW REQUEST: I’ll be starting my candidate interviews in January. This is a 5 questions segment done over email. Interested candidates can reply to this request by emailing or by calling me at 386-334-4492

12-19-13: During an episode of Political Connections on News 13, I was asked about the D31 race and more specifically the younger candidates Seymour and Sullivan. When asked about Seymour I said that he hadn’t raised any money and it was too early to tell what kind of a factor he would be.

Then I was asked if Sullivan could be a factor. “Absolutely” I said and then brought up her petition qualifying feat and the large amount of volunteers she had in the area.

12-11-13: Did a wrap-up on the fundraising for November. you can read that HERE

12-11-13: Randy Glisson raised an impressive 11.2k for the month of November, more than all of the other 6 candidates combined. He’s been able to tap substantial resources in Tally and among his colleagues in the medical field. He also reached this amount without his regularly scheduled quarterly loan which I guess might come at a later date. He also benefited from the increase in donation limits this month. Let’s break down the numbers.

48 donations. 15 large donations of $500 or higher. 23 small donations of $100 or less (including more $31 for 31 donations). Approx 22 from inside the district.

He spend 1412 in November on mostly consultants.

He’s raised about 85k for the campaign and has spent 8k. He’s got about 77k on hand.

12-11-13: Belita Grassel posted $1697 for the month of November. She continues to grind out donations from educational pacs and teachers.

21 donations. 2 large donations of $500. 18 small donations under $100. approx 6 from inside D31

She spent $194 dollars on shirts in November.

12-11-13: Betty Hensiger has been dealing with a serious illness in the family and has started issuing refunds of campaign donations. The status of her campaign is uncertain. My thoughts are with her family during these difficult times. She will be excluded from coverage until further notice.

12-10-13: Businesswoman Terri Seefeldt raised 2,100 dollars for November with $2000 coming in large donations from her colleagues in the Insurance industry. She should stay number 2 in the money chase. 5 donations. 4 large donations of $500 or more. 1 small donation of $100 or less. 0 from within the district.

She spent more than she took in, with $2,569 in expenditures on consulting.

She’s raised about 44k for the campaign with about 35k in the bank.

12-10-13: Jennifer Sullivan posted $1,150 dollars in donations for the month of November. The Youth Development Leader’s haul continued her grassroots trend with most of the donations coming from individuals in amounts under $100. 18 donations, 14 small donations of $100 or less. approximately 18 from inside the district.

She spend $812 on digital and print strategy.

She’s raised 21,287 for her campaign with about 16.5 on hand.

12-9-13: Jake Seymour raised no money in November and spent only 5 dollars on a bank fee

12-8-13: Sullivan did heavy campaigning this weekend hitting a couple of parades and a float at the Tavares parade. No other updates from the other candidates this weekend. What is going on there?

12-4-13: Jennifer Sullivan is to be the speaker at the North Lake Tea Party meeting this evening in Tavares. Those group of voters are very important in D31.

12-4-13: Sullivan announced on social media that her team was going on a 3 day precinct walking blitz to inform citizens about a local Christmas parade.

11-29-13: The “Light up Eustis” event was tonight and at least half of the candidates were there. It looked like fun, I should have gone.

11-25-13: Sullivan put out a fundraising call on social media

11-25-13: Randy Glisson sent out a Thanksgiving email

11-23-13: Seefeldt was at the big Businessforce luncheon (herself a PLI grad, I believe) and saluted Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs on the venues deal. She had better luck then I did at the Mayor’s events yesterday (read HERE. Note this has nothing to do with Seefeldt, just some venting)

11-23-13: Jennifer Sullivan’s thank you dinner for volunteers appears to have gone well, she published photos on social media that featured a house full supporters.

11-22-13: I wrote a piece about Grassel’s strange campaign. No other candidates are mentioned by name but you can read it HERE

11-22-13: The field is busy zipping around the district. Seefeldt attended a Clermont Chamber meeting last night, Glisson was at a Lake County Prayer Breakfast. The last burst of campaigning should be this weekend before things slow down for Thanksgiving.

11-22-13: Caught on to this one late but it’s important for the record. I don’t see a fundraising notice, so it really is a thank you dinner for supporters.

11-20-13: Wow, a whole week without a note in this busy race! Here we are back on the radar. I received an email newsletter from Randy Glisson with a short paragraph about the campaign, and a call for donations.

11-13-13: Went on the Lake County Round Table Radio Program today, and discussed the Florida House 31 race. We broke down the election and I pointed out the strong points of each of the candidates in this talent heavy race. Please follow the Lake County Round Table on Facebook HERE

11-13-13- Jennifer Sullivan was on hand last night when D31 Incumbent Bryan Nelson laid out his plans for the next session to the Orange County Young Republicans. We spoke briefly about her campaign before the meeting.

11-12-13: Belita “B” Grassel raised $1,315 for the month of October. The majority of her contributions continue to come from teachers and retirees. 20 donations. 1 $500 dollar donation from a Teacher Union Pac. 19 small donations of $100 or less. Her one expenditure. $90 on advertising with the Lake County Democratic Executive Committee. Keep in mind she is a Republican running in a GOP primary.

11-12-13: Betty Hensinger raised $1500 in October and spent $1508. She’ll stay 3rd in fundraising for now but she is trending down and on pace for her lowest quarter yet. All of the donations were from individuals. All 14 donations were individuals. 12 small donations of $100 or less most inside D31.

11-12-13: Jennifer Sullivan won the money chase for October, raising about 7k. She is on pace for a good quarter but will need more to keep up with Seefeldt and Glisson. She continues to be the definition of a grassroots campaign, a lot of “love money” from family and friends. She got her fundraising venue for free/reduced cost as proof of the inkind donation which was smart. A big donor that sticks out? Webster Air Conditioning and Heating who donated (along with additional individual donors) $1700. The owner of that company? Daniel A. Webster. This is pure speculation.

Let’s break down the numbers.

79 donations. 5 Donations of $500. 68 small donations of $100 or less. Approx 52 from inside the D31.

11-11-13: Terri Seefeldt appeared on the Conservative Cindy Graves Show and did what she does well, that’s breakdown the problems with ACA aka “Obamacare”. You can catch her segment HERE .. It was a good spot. The hit was out of the district, TS should post on her site.

11-11-13: D31 Incumbent Bryan Nelson will be the speaker at the OCYRs tomorrow. I’ll be listening to what he has to say and lining it up with some of the answers I’ve heard from the candidates.

11-11-13: Jake Seymour raised $475 bucks in October with a $50 loan to himself (allowance?). Joking of course. He just entered the contest and hasn’t had much time, we’ll see what happens next. Seymour reminds me a lot of Eileen game from over in D42 last year. When the incumbent was caught in a scandal, she went from a nobody to a somebody. She still lost to Mike Larosa but it was a nervous time for RPOF. Longshot candidates should never be taken lightly.

11-11-13: Seefeldt raised $6100 with about $5,500 coming from PACs and her colleagues in the Insurance Industry. She’s also tapped into Tally money like her opponents. She’s on pace for an 18k quarter. 26 contributions. 11 donations of $500, 14 small donations $100 or less. Approximately 6 from inside the district.

11-11-13: Randy Glisson had a solid $5000 October. He continued his method of adding a fraction of his money to the overall donations haul as he told me he was going to do for the campaign. The majority of the haul came from professionals and pacs from Tally. There was a decent response for his 31 dollars for district 31 push. Expenditures indicate there might have been a consultant change/addition. He’s raised just over 74k for the campaign with about 67k on hand. 31 Contributions. 6 of $500, 20 small donations of $100 or less. Approximately 20 from inside the district. He’s on pace for a $15k Quarter.

11-11-13: Because of the new fundraising reporting rules, I’ve decided to just write one post after all of the candidates have posted their numbers. This will make for better content for my readers than “Candidate X raised 500 bucks last month”

11-11-13: Glisson, Sullivan, and Seefeldt all spend the weekend honoring Veterans at different events in the region. They all posted pictures on Social Media.

11-8-13: Issues Alert – A vote to repeal/change the Stand Your Ground Self Defense Law failed yesterday. This will continue to be a big issue moving into session and campaign season. Each Candidate should have a defined position on this and why, in D31, I expect the law should be favored as is. Will see what the candidates say on the campaign trail

11-5-13: Glisson attended a meeting featuring Common Core as a featured topic. Most of the Candidates are against Common Core but have different methods for “tackling the beast” a perfectly timed specific response could an opportunity to stand out on the topic. Here is Glisson’s FB post.

11-2-13: Social Media Reach to Possible Voters. Facebook Likes: Sullivan 1160, Seymour 421, Glisson 357, Hensinger 227, Seefeldt 218, Stephens NA, Grassel NA,—Twitter Followers, Sullivan 88, Seymour 55, Seefeldt 18, Glisson 8, Hensinger NA, Stephens NA, Grassel NA. The youngest candidates have the farthest reach. Go figure.

11-2-13: Glisson re-did his website. Looks good with his pitch summed up to voters without being too wordy, but the “Events” tab leads you to his FB page. I’m not sure if that is intentional or a mixed up hyperlink.

11-1-13: Found Belita Grassel’s Website HERE will update Tracker and add Photo to Slide

Don't Let Banner Red

10-28-13: Had the opportunity to listen to Terri Seefeldt’s complete Obamacare Implementation Briefing and was very impressed. This was great information regarding the problems attached to the massive, controversial legislation, and there wasn’t a lot of partisan rhetoric. Instead, the presentation had a strong, factual base that would be of interest to anyone effected by the changes, and Seefeldt was back to her first forum form, that made her one of the best candidates in the field. This was info that I would feel using in my own political arguments. Great night for her.

10-26-13: Seefeldt and Sullivan spent Saturday Campaigning. With Seefeldt speaking at Florida Federation of Republican Women’s annual convention, and Sullivan making stops as a speaker at “Teens Take on Health” Town Hall Meeting, and visiting the Mount Dora Art and Craft Festival.

10-25-13: Sullivan posted photos from the Veterans Waffle Station event that she attended in Zellwood.

10-25-13: A lot of the candidates were in motion last night as Jennifer Sullivan and Betty Hensinger were attending the AFP Obamacare Seminar and Terri Seefeldt held her second fundraiser of the week. She posted a few photos on Social Media.

10-24-13: Glisson has started a donate 31 for 31 (October) fundraising pitch. He’s already the money leader but in a district that is spread out this way, all of the candidates will need as much as possible

10-24-13: Jake Seymour has stood up a campaign social media strategy, and a photo he appears to want to use. Will update slide. still no website.

10-23-13: Sullivan published photos from her Ladies Tea Fundraiser, the event looked successful with every seat filled and it was only a select group of her supporters. No notable faces stuck out from those in attendance.

10-23-13: Seefeldt has been on the road campaigning aggressively first at the Lake County Farm Bureau Annual BBQ Dinner on Monday and held a CPA fundraiser last night. She continues to reach into Lake County and continued fundraising are both necessary in the path to victory.

10-19-13: The Sullivan Campaign was at the Lake Cares “Speed to Feed” Shopping Cart Relay Race today and posted several photos on Social Media.

10-18-13: I missed it with the coverage of the forum yesterday but Terri Seefeldt posted a noteworthy photo of her at NW Republican Women Federation, with former Congresswoman Sandy Adams. Adams has been listed on Seefeldt’s host committee in the past and obviously still has high favorable public opinion from her time in the House and in Congress.

10-18-13: HERE is my full official write-up of the Forum in Tavares last night. I’ll go ahead and take an opportunity to write my notes on the debate right now. Here are my thoughts on the candidates in no particular order.

Jennifer Sullivan had a great night. She’s polished her message and after the other candidates speak, her energy really wakes up the room. Her policy knowledge is also stronger and she’s got no problem flying that Conservative flag which in this district is a good thing. I thought saying that Republicans caved during the shutdown would resonate with some Conservatives. There were some mixed messages. She praised Daniel Webster but he voted for the shutdown ending deal. She later elaborated that she didn’t agree with that particular vote. She said Government doesn’t create jobs but mentioned the Wekiva Parkway. She pointed out after the debate that she meant the private companies and service providers that surround that project. Still, that’s splitting hairs in an overall very positive night.

Randy Glisson had another strong outing. I think his order in the draw hurt him at times. He had scraps of answers left after the other candidates had a first go at the question. He also ditched the notes he used during the first forum. Good stuff. He also pushed his business experience and caring for employees. He’s got a good family story and needs to tell it more often.

Terri Seefeldt was visibly tired. Sharp but not as sharp. She gave strong answers to the questions but during the close she had a “Rick Perry” moment and lost her thoughts. It was endearing but she couldn’t finish as strong. She too praised Daniel Webster which is fine but there is a conflict when regarding his actions on the shutdown. She mentioned that she had been to meetings 3 times during the forum when answering questions. I spoke to her after the debate and she explained a very long day on the road. She needs to get some rest.

Betty Hensinger gave a good performance but in this pool of talent, it’s tough. She too had the lower end of the draw at times and had to agree with other candidates answers after going 4th or 5th in order of reply.

Belita “B” Grassel made the “News” of the night by not only doubling down that she was opposing Republicans in other competitive races but slamming would be House Speaker Chris Dorworth all in the name of the Orlando Sentinel. Now, I like the Sentinel and enjoy talking to their people but, I’m convinced that if she had did that at an RPOF function, she would have been booed off stage (that is actually a violation of that oath). It was my first time meeting her last night and controversy aside, I do questions her policy knowledge outside of Education (which she’s good at). Still, I’m convinced this Candidate is in the wrong party.

To wrap. No one had a bad night and it’s still very early. Great Forum.

10-17-13: Great candidate forum tonight in Tavares. Was going to do the write-up tonight but was hit with breaking news of new challengers for CFO and House 44. Will have a full post with pictures and analysis tomorrow.

10-14-13: I posted a notice about the Candidate Forum in Tavares on Thursday Night. You can read about it HERE

10-13-13: Seefeldt spent a portion of Saturday at the Lake County Folk Festival in downtown Eustis. She enjoys a certain degree of “Home Field” in Apopka, so spending some time in Lake County is advisable. This information also confirms that all three major candidates spent Saturday working.

10-13-13: Sullivan participated in the Orange/Seminole County deployment to the Florida House 36 Special election. She was part of the RV Group that accompanied former state lawmakers Eric Eisnaugle and Scott Plakon. Everyone attended the rally and afterwards Sullivan canvassed neighborhoods with Republican David Gunter’s team. You can read that story HERE

Randy Glisson also attended the rally but came with his own transport. He was incognito and dressed in “Gunter Gear”, I’m surprised I missed him. He posted a photo and a call to action asking those in the area to support Gunter in the election.

10-10-13: Sullivan announcing a Ladies’ tea fundraiser. Besides the kick-off this is the next fundraiser event. We know shes’ got the grassroots, let’s see if she can raise the money to complete the combination. I might dedicate a post to this if I can swing the rest of the fundraising news before Sunday.

10-10-13: Betty Hensinger posted $9,960 this quarter. I was anticipating a lower amount. This will keep her number 3 in the money chase but it might be her last, her expenditure picked up for Literature and Web Strategy. Let’s look at her money.

A lot of donations from Retirees and Realtors. No big names jumping off the page. 75 contributions. 5 for the maximum amount of $500. 56 of contributions were $100 or less. Approximately 40 from inside the district.

10-10-13: Today, Terri Seefeldt posted 10.6K in fundrasing dollars (that story HERE) which was fine for this race but less than the previous quarter. She’s still got over 30k in the bank and she’s a hard enough campaigner to stay competitive with Glisson and even Sullivan, should she jump in front of her with donations next quarter.

Let’s breakdown the numbers. A large number of her donations were from her colleagues in the Insurance Industry. No major names jumping off the page. 66 donations. 6 maximum donations of $500. 40 small contributions of $100 dollars or less. Approximately 16 from in the District.

10-9-13: Belita Grassel posted a fundraising number just shy of 17k, anchored by her own 10K donation to the campaign. She has been a huge question mark throughout the quarter. She’s donated to Democrats Mike Clelland and Karen Castor-Dentel, in races Republicans badly want to win, and she’s been critical of Florida Governor Rick Scott. Nevertheless her self-financing, gets her a seat at the table. Let’s look at her numbers.

16,987. You’ve got her own 10k donation and a lot of Schoolteachers and Retirees. No names immediately jump off the page at me but it could be deep Lake County or other areas. 66 Donations. 2 Maximum amount of $500. 48 small donations under $100. 47 donations were either from Retirees or Teachers (or retired teachers). Approximately 27 from within the district.

I don’t know. A former Teacher Union Chief who’s critical of the Governor and donating to Democrats in other races? She’s in the wrong party. She would almost be better off switching parties, running against Seymour in the Dem Primary and taking her chances one on one in the general. She’d still be a heavy underdog but she’d be able to secure more campaign funds, be around the like-minded, and give her message 3 more months before being defeated. To be clear, I haven’t met her yet, she hasn’t gone to any events, but her actions dictate she should take my advice.

10-9-13: Sullivan raised 13k in half a quarter (my write-up HERE) Lets go deeper with the numbers. This is a true grassroots campaign donor list. A lot of small donations under $100, a lot of “Love money” from family. We know that she’s been able to retain pros to help her out with the campaign, and that firm just help another first time candidate pull in a massive haul. We’ll see what she can do with a full quarter. 193 donations. 5 maximum donations of $500 (looks like family), 159 small donations of $100 or less, approximately 60 from inside the district.

10-9-13: Taking a further look at Glisson’s fundraising haul. There is the self-contributions which he’s upfront about, and a lot of medicine money. There aren’t any names that jump off the page at me but if they are, they’re in Lake, and outiside my field of vision. Let’s break down the numbers. 163 Contributions. 19 are the maximum contribution of $500. 80 small donations of $100 or lower. Approximately 36 donations from within the district.

10-8-13: Randy Glisson had another big quarter. I’ve got a write-up HERE and I’ll do a full analysis in the morning. Still waiting for an official comment from Glisson.

10-8-13: A commenter submitted a Bay News 9 Story with a quote from Jake Seymour (that story HERE)“As a lifelong resident of Lake County, I have attended our public schools, been engaged in our community and have been on the ground here in Lake County experiencing first-hand how decisions in Tallahassee affect our citizens,” The article points out that Seymour is only 19 years old.

10-5-13: Spoke to Randy Glisson tonight at a Lake County Event and he was really happy with the progress of his campaign. He’s proud to announce that his fundraising haul this quarter will be the strongest of his campaign (he’s already the money leader) and that his volunteering force will not only continue to help the community but begin grassroots operations soon.

10-5-13: Spoke to Jennifer Sullivan tonight at a Lake County Event and she was (very) excited to tell me that her team was growing. She’s adding both paid consultants, and even more grassroots volunteers. She also mentioned that she was going to start conducting policy studies that would pin-point exactly what issues mattered most to voters and the proven, best solutions to those problems behind those issues.

10-5-13: Got to meet and have a conversation with Betty Hensinger at a Lake County Event. She said her campaign was busy gathering petitions and building a grassroots following. I talked to her about her push towards the environment during the last candidate forum and she said the issue needed more attention and her experience at the University of Florida, Apopka Campus.

10-5-13: Terri Seefeldt had a petition gathering drive with about 12 volunteers outside of Apopka High School. A strong demonstration of grassroots near her home base of Apopka.

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10-4-13: Seefeldt continues pounding the pavement promoting “Obamacare” expertise. Was a guest speaker at a company event last night. She also recently spoke at the West Orange Republican Women Federated meeting. That is a “must attend” to access a group of supervoters.

10-4-13: Calls to Seymour went unreturned. No online campaign identity. Quick search reveals ties to “Organize Now” and friendship to Democratic Operatives in the area.

10-4-13: Joseph Stephens stood up a website today. It needs work but it’s better than having nothing at all. You can check it out HERE.

10-4-13: Democrat Jake Seymour has joined the race. He is the first member of his party to do so and ensures there will be a general election taking place next November. Working on an announcement post.

10-3-13: Randy Glisson spoke to the North Lake Tea Party last night and posted a photo on FB. While, the Tea Party might not be making the same noise it was 4 years, in Lake County, it’s essential to earn their support.

10-2-13: Jennifer Sullivan appeared on the Lake County Roundtable this afternoon. If I come across a podcast, I’ll be sure to post it here.

9-30-13: Seefeldt released a slick looking E-Newsletter this morning. She writes about Petition Gathering, Fundraising, and meeting voters. She also makes the last minute donation pitch before the quarter ends.

9-28-13: Sullivan posting a story about another young State Legislator on Social Media today. “When my friend, Elise Hall, was elected to the Oklahoma House in 2010, she was only 21 and became the youngest legislator in OK state history. She truly is a great leader and has done an outstanding job! I’m not surprised she is being honored by CPAC, and am encouraged by my peers taking a stand for Conservative values. Great job Elise!” Sullivan will not flinch on any age questions.

9-28-13: Spoke with Sullivan at an event last night and she says she believes that the big issue in the coming months will be Common Core. She said the campaign was doing “Fantastic”.

9-26-13: Seefeldt with a last minute call asking voters to contribute to the campaign before the fundraising quarter ends. Normal for candidates running for every level of office.

9-25-13: Seefeldt shot out a message on Social Media today asking supporters to sign up for her email list. The link sends supportes to This website is long overdue for Seefeldt who has been running hard for a few months already.

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9-23-13: Sullivan hit FB today asking for donations leading up to the fundraising quarter in a week. I expect this from all of the candidates at some time this week.

9-22-13: Seefeldt touted giving 7 talks to 350 people in the last two weeks on “Obamacare”. She continues to use her position as a subject matter expert on the district unpopular, national legislation to find support.

9-19-13: Sullivan posted a #throwback Thursday picture on FB of her volunteering in Guatemala. She needs to use more of that stuff to communicate experience to offset any age concerns. Glisson posted a photo on FB of him working at his healthcare center. It flexes his experience with the industry and the Dr., based on the tone of the candidate panel last week knows Health Care and Medicaid Expansion is going to be an issue.

9-18-13: Got a hold of footage from that candidates forum. It’s a week old so I can’t do a write-up but watch it with me and I’ll log my observations. The forum starts at 24:50

25:15: Belita Grassel a no-show. She is listed on finance reports donating to Democrats and still hasn’t provided background on that. It would have been a tough explanation in this format.

27:25: This is the first look I’ve had at Joseph Stephens. Even though it’s early he doesn’t have an online identity and hasn’t wandered into Orange County yet.

30:00: Seefeldt, very good on the stump. Has history in MO. Another Florida Lawmaker with strong ties to “The Show Me” State. Florida Governor Rick Scott. She’s also a recognized expert on Obamacare that will help tremendously with implementations coming at us.

32:00: Jennifer Sullivan. Not ducking the age issue. Speaking a little quickly. Can’t tell if it’s nerves or the time limit that’s behind it.

33:52: First look at Betty Hensinger. Good stump speech. Touting history in Lake County and long business history.

36:08: Randy Glisson with a funny opener about Obamacare. It’s early and he should lose the written opener and the glasses as the year goes on.

38:40: Moderator asks panel of candidates what should be the major issues we’re looking at. I’m going to use initials from here out. Stephens says banking reforms and connects it to home foreclosures. You’ll recall that Governor Scott passed a bill to speed up the handling of foreclosures last session. Much to the dislike to State Senator Darren Soto who called for the Veto. He adds that he wants to raise awareness of the state to draw more people here. He goes on to warn of incoming health care laws and also speaks out against Shariah Law “that literally allows for pedophilia with 40 year olds marrying 8 year olds and we’re suppose to accept it”. Now, State Senator Alan Hays who is from that area has been trying to combat Shariah Law for sometime and it appeals with some of the electorate but that’s a very unwise close. A bad tone, hesitant clapping as he sits

41:20: TS takes the podium. Brings ups the forthcoming budget surplus and Governor Scott’s “It’s your money tour”. Says existing fees took 12 million dollars from Lake County that could have been spent in town. Also suggests using the surplus to “shore up citizens insurance” and bringing other carriers to the state “When other providers realize that the biggest competitor in Florida is the state and doesn’t have the same regulations, it’s very hard to do”. She also hits on the problems with common core and education and malpractice insurance.

43:34:Sullivan wants to try a different approach and believes we need to concentrate on the role of government. She refers to Rep. Metz’s remarks for a second time. She believes that electing candidates with principles to do the right thing is the way. She gets back on course by referencing Common Core legislation that would support. Interestingly, she disses Anti- “Stand Your Ground” legislation being refiled next session. That scores some points in a Republican primary. Sounded a little too much like her stump speech at first but she finished strong. Getting a third issue in their would have been nice.

Side Note: State Senator David Simmons R-Maitland is the cracked down on Citizens last session and is the author of “Stand Your Ground”. Candidates (in all races) early on are using his plays like the spread offense in College Football.

45:45: BH talks foreclosures and speeding them up (like the legislation that passed last year), and hits the environment for the first time. She talks clean water for Farmers. She too is worried about common core and says it will take a billion dollars to implement it. “We need to educate our students the way we want to and not the way the government wants to.

47:58: RG says that state’s rights are what’s important and the government over reaching on how doctors deal with patients and how it interferes in education is the problem. He wants to ask “Is it constitutional?” “And how is this effecting people that work hard everyday that provide tax dollars?”. Also being more thorough with bills being passed around the legislature and making sure there morally sound.

50:15: Audience Questions:

51:25: How can we push back against the government to preserve state sovereignty? (something like that)

Sullivan: We need to examine the role of federal and state Governments and see if their impeding on our rights. She pushes education. “You have to know what you’re rights are to be sure that they’re being impeded on”.

53:03: Will you be strong enough to reject federal funding and their requirements on us?

RG: Brings up how “Obamacare” effected his health center business. He would reject medicaid expansion (like the State Leg did last session) because he would be weary of the Government offering us something at one price and then giving us something entirely different.

54:44: What is Terri’s stance on medicaid expansion at the state level

TS: “No, I would not support Medicaid expansion” “It would add 800K to 1 Million people to a system that makes up to 30% of our budget” “We have a lot of providers that don’t take Medicaid” “We’d have a lot of people with a card they couldn’t use that would still end up in our emergency rooms.”

55:00 “Do you have any ideas on how we can reconcile the cost of house hold income?”

Stephens: Praises BH (who started her own business to supplement her income) and wants to make it easier for other Floridians to do so. We want to make it easier for small businesses to compete with massive organizations.

57:35: “What would you do to reverse the trend of employers hiring illegal immigrants”

BH: says “We need to have to employers be more accountable to who they’re hiring.” “We need to look at our employers and shore up that end instead of making it just a border control issue”

58:45: To Stephens “What would you do to stop regulation overflow?”

“We honestly do not need any new laws. The laws we already have on the books are not being enforced” “We really need a lot of reform on these laws especially from the federal side”

BH says that we have to keep an eye on the City and County activity to make sure they’re not coupling up on laws.

TS says we need to keep tabs on regulatory agencies as well.

- End of Debate-

Conclusion: This was essentially a spring training game. Candidate forums are usually held for primaries between May and Aug. This is September of the prior year. We were also rolling 5 deep (could have been 6) in a 30 minute debate. That being said I thought Seefeldt did the best with the time she had. She has a “policy wonk” approach that adds some depth to her message. I still need to see much, much more from all of the candidates.

9-16-13: Watched termed out incumbent Bryan Nelson at the County State Legislative Delegation meeting in Downtown Orlando Today. It was a strong reminder that D31′s Conservative preference put the sitting lawmaker at odds with much of the county. Nelson relaxed listened and didn’t say much. The next rep from D31 won’t have much in common with Blue Orange County only the Northwestern portion it covers.

9-16-13: There was a candidate forum between Seefeldt, Glisson, Hensinger, and Sullivan Lake County Conservative Founders Club. I would have liked to have attended. I’m going to ask around for video and feedback. If I get anything, I’ll post it here.

9-15-13: Campaign Finance Research in another race revealed that Terri Seefeldt and her Chief Consultant Donated a combined $300 dollars to termed out incumbent Bryan Nelson’s Orange County District 2 race. This isn’t illegal or frowned upon but for readers it’s definitely worth noting.

9-14-13: Randy Glisson posting a volunteer photo of 14 or 15 on FB. A healthy number considering it’s not even 2014 yet. It’s safe to say with the early press and the quality candidates, D31 is one of the best races in the region. I might have to spend more time in Lake County. UPDATE: The volunteers apparently participated in community service at a food drive.

9-10-13: Spoke with Terri Seefeldt at tonight’s Orange County Young Republicans meeting. She said that her website would be on soon and that the campaign was going well. She was well received by the audience in attendance and met a good portion of the crowd that was there to see Fmr Lt. Governor and Senate President Toni Jennings Speak. During the meeting I received a notice of a fundraiser that was being held for Seefeldt this week. It’s at a private residence so I cant do a post on it but it’s proof that her campaign is building the warchest for next year.

9-10-13: Provided Analysis on a News 13 report regarding the group of younger candidates running for office. Jennifer Sullivan was featured, along with Erik Arroyo from District 47. My analysis was that age depends entirely on the poise of the candidate. It can be used as a weapon by opponents by way of life experience but can also be exciting and inspiring to a tired electorate. The on air interview was done with Sullivan at the Orange County Young Republicans meeting and went well. It appears that she will inherit a strong portion of that grassroots following that supported her mom’s congressional run in 2010.

9-9-13: Sullivan became the first candidate to qualify for the race by collecting the necessary number of petitions. My post HERE

9-8-13: Sources from the ground gave Jennifer Sullivan’s campaign kick-off positive reviews. As you can tell by my notes, her campaign has been the only one making noise recently. We are still just under a year out but I expect all the candidates to start pushing for donations as the quarter comes to a close. UPDATE: Found some footage from her launch. Here it is.

9-4-13: Local News Producer called inquiring about Sullivan’s age. Possible television story in the coming weeks.

9-4-13: Sullivan posted a photo of about 10 campaign walkers eating at Chik-Fil-A. All younger volunteers. Good number and it should grow into next year as interest in the campaign increases.

9-3-13: Finally found Hensinger’s website. It doesn’t rank well with the search engines. That’s unfortunate it’s a good looking site. Will update tracker. Still, waiting on Seefeldt to stand one up.

9-2-13: RG posts a nice family picture of himself with his family on the farm. Definite Palm Card Material.

9-2-13: Got a positive message from Radio Host Ralph Smith this morning about the D31 race, and the possibility of sharing info in the future.

8-31-13: JS announces Campaign Kickoff in Mount Dora later this month full post HERE

8-31-13: It’s BH’s Birthday. While looking through her Bday greetings on FB she actually answers a question on her support of “Stand Your Ground”. Her response “Yes, I do support the current law and the right to defend yourself and your family” and adds “I do have a concealed weapon permit as well.”

8-30-13: JS meets 10k in 10 Day challenge. Posts thank you graphic on FB. Based on last quarter reports 10k puts her in 4th behind RG, TS, and BH. Residual donations will probably put her in front of BH

8-28-13: JS has been on a 10k in 10 Days Campaign Challenge on Social Media. A goal which she will probably meet. Based on last quarter’s reports this would put her in fourth behind RG, TS, BH but she’s only been in the race two weeks.

8-20-13: JS stood up her campaign website (HERE) and posted some photos from a Daniel Webster Townhall held in Mt. Dora. and has began reaching out to voters.

8-17-13: Heard TS on a Financial Radio Talker this morning talking about the President’s Healthcare Plan or “Obama Care”. It wasn’t a campaign stop and, TS stayed grounded making sure the radio hosts didn’t overshoot her resume, and spoke well about the health care law which played a major role in session this year. You’ll recall House Democrats pushed for the expansion of medicaid and even tried a filibuster type measure the last week of session. This potentially sets up an interesting debate between TS and RG (A Health Care Exec himself) on the topic in the future.

8-16-13: RG announced Golf Scrambler Fundraiser in Lake County next month. He is currently the money leader in this race and with this large field of challengers will need every penny. My full write-up HERE

8-15-13: As expected Jennifer Sullivan jumped in the race today. What tipped me off was the hint that her mom, Patricia threw out on FB. I think her entry makes what’s an already fascinating race even more interesting. Can she turnout the volunteers that her mom did 3 years ago? You can read my whole write-up HERE.

8-13-13: Still looking for movement from the possible mystery candidates. Waiting for official word or an update to the state elections website.

8-12-13- 1027 AM: Analytic and Social Media Noise Indicate there might be another candidate jumping into this race. I’ll update with a post as soon as i know.

8-8-13: While doing Campaign Finance Research, I discovered that Belita Grassel donated 100 to Karen Castor-Dentel in her Florida House District 31 race as listed on KCD’s finance reports.

8-7-13: RG posted a picture of himself and the staff from his medical center on FB. Captioned “Proud to be the owner of Lake Health Care Center. We are celebrating 50 years of service; we employ 5 doctors and 14 support staff. I will use my experience in business, healthcare, and service to my community to represent the constituents of State House District 31.”

8-3-13: TS announces Lake County Fundraiser on FB. Her first in lake with host committee consisting of former Congresswoman Sandy Adams and State Reps Stephen Precourt and Current D31 Rep. Bryan Nelson. My post (HERE)

8-1-13: NOTE OPENED:

Introduction: The race for Florida House District 31 should be a fun one. Termed out Bryan Nelson hasn’t had any strong competition in the seat that takes up areas of Orange and Lake and the red district has a platoon of potential candidates lined up trying to take it.

At the time of this note. There are more candidates in this contest than any other State House race in the area and they’re all Republican. Why the lack of Democratic participation? Well A. it’s early and B. this is a very Republican area. The winner of the primary will be a heavy favorite going into next November.

Let’s start with the candidates making the most noise.

We’ve got Businesswoman Terri Seefeldt who entered the contest with a convoy of support, including a hosting committee for fundraising that included former Congresswoman Sandy Adams, Apopka Mayor John Land, and termed out D31 Incumbent Bryan Nelson. She’s been campaigning aggressively and has a favorable reputation with local Republicans including, key members of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee.

The money leader has been Health Care Executive Randy Glisson. He hasn’t been busy in Orange County but has been making the rounds in Lake and other areas. He’ll be a factor in this race.

Then we line up the rest of the candidates who have filed but haven’t made any noise yet. Joseph B. Stephens who has no website or fundraising activity. Betty Hensinger who has done some fundraising but no online identity associated with her run for office, and Belita Grassel who just filed a few days ago.

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Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: Webster calling for IRS Investigation over Tea Party Targeting

It’s a crazy Tuesday and we begin with the IRS Targeting of Conservative groups nationwide, coming home to Central Florida.

Last night, Congressman Daniel Webster went on the record calling for an investigation of the targeting from the IRS that sent hundreds of letters and bizarre questionnaires to Tea Party groups. On a local level the names involved might be familiar with local politicos.

Webster joins Florida Senator Marco Rubio and dozens of other lawmakers all over the country asking for an investigation that President Obama called “unacceptable” during a presser yesterday.

That and rumors over who will be the next LT. Governor of Florida. Names like Former Congressman Allen West and even former local Congresswoman Sandy Adams have been circulated.

WOFL FOX 35: (VIDEO) Fla. congressman to press IRS for answers over targeting tea party groups

Orlando Sentinel: Rubio wants to criminalize IRS targeting of Conservatives.

CF News 13: Rumors swirl about Florida’s next lieutenant governor

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (VIDEO) Maitland votes no on proposed billboard

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) Obama: IRS targeting would be ‘outrageous’

WESH 2: GOP governors call for special prosecutor in IRS case