Macklemore vs. Stand Your Ground, hip hop still wants controversial law repealed

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Last night at the American Music Awards, the spotlight momentarily turned to the controversial “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, when hip hop artist Macklemore slammed the legislation, that many still believe was behind the tragic death of Trayvon Martin in early 2012.

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George Zimmerman

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Frank’s Political Notebook for 11-8-13: Stand Your Ground, Jacobs Fundraising, and Nan Rich

First off, Sorry..

I haven’t been posting as much these days. I’m working on a really big project and that’s taken up most of my time. Still, I’ve got time to breakdown a few notes and observations for you.

1. The Push to Change/Repeal Stand Your Ground was defeated yesterday but will still play a role in the elections next year: The Bill to Change/Repeal the Stand Your Ground Self Defense Law was defeated in Committee yesterday in Tallahassee, which is a major setback for opponents of the law that believe it played a role in the death of Trayvon Martin, even though it wasn’t cited in the case. Martin’s attacker, George Zimmerman, who was found Not Guilty this past summer. The incident occurred in Sanford. It doesn’t look like opponents will quit just yet, and State House Candidates should expect to answer questions about the controversial law on the campaign trail next year. Polling indicates that Stand Your Ground has the support from the majority of Floridians.

2. The New Reporting Rules for Fundraising are really taking the fun out of the anticipation of “the Big Announcement Haul“. True Politicos know that money is the Queen of Politics (Votes are King) and fundraising numbers can often be the pulse of a campaign. Simply put, if people believe in a candidate, they’ll open their wallets. The new reporting can make that pulse harder to take. The note is my example.

3. Mayor Teresa Jacobs Brings in 4,375 in October: You see? Now for all we know, Jacobs holds a few fundraisers before the end of the year and what is a small monthly number, turns into a less flattering quarter number. I know you’re wondering but the majority of Jacob’s haul were from businesses inside of the county. Good info coming for the Mayor race before the beginning of next week. You can read all of my notes on the Orange County Mayor Race HERE.

4. Nan Rich opens up attacks on Charlie Crist: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that former State Senator Nan Rich has opened up attacks on Charlie Crist and is going after the Ex Republican on education, gun control, and abortion (that story HERE).

Rich has no other cards to play here. Charlie entered the contest and produced a whirl-wind of national publicity, and many Democrats have pushed away his conservative past and see him as their best chance to defeat Rick Scott next year.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow. Great stuff coming soon!

The latest push to repeal Stand Your Ground has failed but expect Activists to try again

The latest push to repeal Stand Your Ground has failed but expect Activists to try again

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Friday Morning Political Headlines: Are Commissioners Split on Soccer Stadium Vote? Stand Your Ground Back in the News


We all know that the big Soccer Stadium Vote is going to go down on Tuesday in front of what is bound to be a packed house at the Orange County Commission Meeting on Rosalind Ave. What we don’t know is how the Commissioners plan to vote.

New reports have the Commission split somewhere between 2 yes, 4 maybe, 1 No. We know that 3 Commissioners have conditions they want the Orlando Soccer Club to meet before signing off the stadium which is part of a 94.5 million dollar venues plan that also includes funds for renovations on the Citrus Bowl, construction costs on the Performing Arts Center, and tourism advertising dollars. I think it’s very likely going to pass but we’ll find out on Tuesday.

Stand Your Ground is also back in the News. Tracy Martin wants the controversial law repealed. Tracy is of course, the father of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by George Zimmerman in early 2012. Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty” and it has since set off an emotional discussion of Self Defense Laws in Central Florida.

These are your Friday Morning Political Headlines. Have a great week!

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Days before Orange County venues vote, commissioners appear to be split

Orlando Sentinel: Trayvon Martin’s dad fighting for ‘stand your ground’ repeal, report says

CF News 13: Hearing on Common Core Draws Praise, Criticism

WKMG Local 6: Tracy Martin calls for ‘stand your ground’ repeal

WESH 2: After the shutdown, fight turns to website woes

WOFL FOX 35: (AP) Obama lashes Republicans as government reopens

Daytona Beach News Journal: Canaveral National Seashore reopens after shutdown

Florida State Senate District 12 Race 2014 -Frank’s Notes

State Senate 12 Changeable 10-13

These are my professional notes and research on the 2014 Florida State Senate District 12 Race. Dated From most recent developments working back.

4-14-14: Former State Senator Gary Siplin has entered the race. My full-write up HERE

4-11-14: Edward DeAguilera raised 2.2K with all but 5 of the 66 donations under $50. He only spent $11 bucks. He’s raised 18.8k for the campaign with about 16.2 on hand.

4-11-14: Geraldine Thompson was able to get one last burst of fundraising before session started last month raising 7K with 3K from unions and 2.5K from Disney and other entertainment supporters. She spent about 4.6K mostly on Consulting. She has about 92.5 K with about 70K on hand for the campaign.

4-11-14: Fritz Jackson Seide raised $100 in March. He has $175 for the campaign.

3-18-14: Geraldine Thompson raised 10.8K in her final fundraising push before the start of session. She’s got 85.5K raised for the campaign with about 68K on hand. 3K from Lobbyist in Feb and a load of $500 donations Attorneys, Beverage, and Management.

3-18-14: DeAguilera raised about $1300 in Feb. He’s got 16.5K raised for the campaign with about 14K on hand. More, more, more.

3-9-14: Seide posted another waiver for Feb

3-4-14: With session starting, Thompson can’t fundraise. This is DeAguilera chance to try and gain at least a little ground. He’s got a fundraiser on March 12 at Paris Bistro.

2-11-14; Geraldine Thompson raised $1550 in January and spent $3777. She’s raised 74.7K for the campaign with about 58K on hand.

2-11-14: Fritz Jackson Seide posted his 5th Consecutive waiver in January Fundraising.

2-11-14: DeAguilera posted $1450 in fundraising for January with only $39 bucks spent. He’s raised 15.2K for the campaign with about 13k on hand.

2-11-14: You can read DeAguilera interview with FPFT HERE

1-13-14: Geraldine Thompson raised $2,275 in December and only spent 80 bucks. She’s raised about 73K with about 60K on hand. Her December haul was mostly from the Alcoholic beverage industry and a $500 contribution from a Firefighting union.

1-13-14: Fritz Jackson Seide posted his 4th Consecutive waiver in December Fundraising.

1-13-14: DeAguilera posted $1,070 in what is typically the slow fundraising month of the December. The Haul consisted of mostly small individual donations. He spent 1K of it on consultants. He’s raised almost 14K for the campaign with about 11.5K on hand. More, more, more.

12-26-13: INTERVIEW REQUEST: I’ll be starting my candidate interviews in January. This is a 5 questions segment done over email. Interested candidates can reply to this request by emailing or by calling me at 386-334-4492

12-8-13: Candidates Peter Vivaldi FL CD 9, Edward DeAguilera FL Sen D-9, and Com. Bob Cortes FL House 30 attended the Don Quijote awards last night and this photo has been making the rounds on social media.

11-25-13: Geraldine Thompson chaired the Obamacare last night. She slammed GOP lawmakers for skipping the meeting that supported the expansion of medicaid in the state and sent out a release for the media. You can read that story HERE

11-15-13: Thompson posted 13.5k for the month of October, heavy donors include Citrus processing companies, and Local Attorneys. She’s on pace for her best quarter even though the holidays will probably prevent that.42 donations. 20 donations of $500. 9 donations of $100 or less.

11-12-13: DeAguilera posted just $1,130 for October. His current pace would make this his least successful fundraising quarter. Luckily, he’s been frugal and has almost 11k in the bank. 12 Donations. Commissioner Jennifer Thompson who’s already endorsed him donated $100. Break down the numbers. 1 maximum donation of $500. 9 small donations of $100 or less. All Individuals.

10-27-13: DeAguilera posted photos from his fundraising events. In the shot was former State House Candidate Rene Plasencia and Current House Candidate Erick Arroyo.

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10-15-13: Fritz Jackson-Seide filed a waiver for this period.

10-15-13: DeAguilera raised $4,565k for the quarter. Nowhere near enough to beat an incumbent like Thompson. He’s got more fundraisers scheduled and needs to convince possible donors that this is a winnable race. Luckily, he’s been able to keep expenditures down and we’re still a year out. He’s got just under 10k on hand.

30 contributions. 2 maximum donations of $500. 19 small donations of $100 or less. No notable names on the list.

10-10-13: Geraldine Thompson raised 34k this Quarter. She had 17k this time two years ago in her last campaign. Big Name Donors Include Buddy Dyer‘s Superpac, Alan Grayson, Scott Randolph, Karen Castor-Dentel, Val Demings, and a small donation from Joe Saunders.

A few cases of bundling from Florida Hospital and related contacts, Mears Transportation, and others. 117 Contributions. 50 are maximum contributions of $500. 32 small donations of $100 or less. Approximately 53 from outside the district. Get my full write-up HERE

10-8-13: DeAugilera announces “Red, White, and Brews” Fundraiser. Full Write-up HERE

9-30-13: Quiet end to the fundraising quarter from the candidates. We know Thompson and Deaguilera have been fundraising, let’s see what the numbers look like when they come in.

9-26-13: DeAguilera announced endorsements from State Senator David Simmons, Orange County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson, and fellow candidate Scott Sturgill. You can read my full write-up HERE.

9-22-13: Deaguilera posted some photos from his birthday bash fundraiser on FB. Some of those in attendance are former candidates and well know political personalities from the area.

9-16-13: Watched Geraldine Thompson Chair the State Legislative Session today. Stayed very true to her constituency in front of what was a friendly audience. She proposed a Medicaid specific town hall during the meeting which was tentatively approved.

9-12-13: DeAguilera announces an endorsement from Longwood Commissioner Joe Durso on FB

9-11-13: Edward DeAguilera has an upcoming Birthday/Fundraiser coming up. It’s at a private residence so I can publicize it but it demonstrates that he’s trying to build the warchest. I’ll keep you posted.

9-9-13: DeAguilera hints at a major endorsement coming. As soon as he announces, you’ll read about it here.

9-6-13: DeAguilera has a fundraiser coming up on September 20th. Waiting for some sort of graphic or host committee announcement to do a full post on it.

9-5-13:Looking at past campaign expenditures from the D12 2012 race and noticed how much Geraldine Thompson spent on paid canvassers. A strong reminder that this race needs to be won on the ground.



The race for State Senate in District 12 has an incumbent lawmaker coming off her first session in the State Senate, after previously being termed out in the state house. Democrat Geraldine Thompson carries high name I.D and a positive reputation with African American Voters, and while she’ll be favored in this contest, it’s far from automatic in a mid-term where Republicans tend to turn out in higher numbers.

Thompson was elected last year after a contentious primary with Victoria Siplin, the wife of Gary Siplin, the incumbent they were replacing. She cruised to victory against one of her current possible general election opponents Fritz Jackson Seide who ran a skeleton campaign with no money or professional help.

Her first year in the State Senate was a tumultuous one. The Orlando Sentinel caught her trading political favors for votes during a committee meeting, regarding a proposal on the application of Shariah law in the state (Story HERE) she ultimately helped kill it on the Senate floor but not before raising a few eyebrows.

Another role Thompson played this year was as a lead advocate for the repeal or modification of the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. This came after the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial and the controversy that followed. Thompson held press conferences and had multiple TV appearances regarding the law, even though SYG wasn’t applicable in the case.Tthe Black Community called for a repeal and Thompson was out front on it.

She’s a strong campaigner who swings moderate throughout the election year, without alienating her base. Her strong point is education (she’s former educator) and with Governor Rick Scott awarding pay raises at the same time there was drama unfolding around common core and the resignation of the Education Commissioner. Thompson can take credit for the good stuff and stick the bad with whichever Republican she faces who try to paint him or her as a Scott follower on the issue.

Seide was never a threat in 2012. He was a former “D” trying to avoid a primary, and hoping that the “REP” would do the work for him in a general election, with President Barack Obama on the ballot. That’s a mistake. He’ll have to show me something for me to believe he’s got a shot.

Republicans need to look at Edward DeAguilera. A small Businessman with strong ties to the District and Hispanic Community. He’s got a good story to tell. He has some money (he’s going to need more) and savvy on the internet (Thompson is the worst social media lawmaker in the region). He’s got to maximize Republican turnout in Winter Garden, Ocoee, and deep Apopka, and try to turn voters in Eatonville, Metrowest, and Paramore. It wont’ be easy but the path of victory goes through those areas.


Geraldine Thompson
Fritz Jackson Seide
Edward DeAguilera

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Saturday Morning Political Headlines: Rick Scott to Pitch Big Tax Cut

Rare Saturday Morning Political Headlines.

The Defending the American Dream Summit was held yesterday, right here in Orlando and featured two big Conservative Florida Lawmakers. Governor Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio addressed the crowd with the Governor exceeding his usual amount of energy behind the podium in front of the capacity event hosted by Americans for Prosperity. He pledged a 500 million dollar tax cut in next year’s budget. These cuts would pass during his final session before a re-election fight next November. You can read my full rundown on Scott’s speech as well as Rubio’s HERE

This story leads your Saturday Morning Political Headlines

WOFL FOX 35: VIDEO Fla. Gov. calls for large cut in taxes and fees

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Scott, Rubio headline convention of conservatives in Orlando

CF News 13: Gov. Rick Scott hits Crist, promises tax cuts

Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott delights conservative activists with $500M tax-cut pitch

WKMG Local 6: Video ‘Flashpoint’ discusses Orlando International Airport expansion, sinkholes

WESH 2: Shooting victim outraged over ‘stand your ground’ defense

Rick Scott defending the american dream