Whittington rolls out endorsements from Local Mayors, Businessforce

Metroplan Director and Candidate for Orange County Commission District 6, Virginia Whittington rolled out several endorsements this morning, in her bid to replace termed out incumbent Tiffany Moore-Russell this November.

Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn, Maitland Mayor Howard Schieferdecker, Edgewood Mayor Ray Bagshaw, as well as Oakland City Commissioner Joseph McMullen have all endorsed her campaign.

Mayor Bagshaw had this to say about Whittington on the release…

“Working with Virginia at Metro Plan has been a great help to me, as Mayor of the City of Edgewood, to accomplish some of my goals to improve the quality of life in our City,”

And Whittington followed with this statement about the latest show of support from her campaign..

“I am honored that both, business and elected leaders across the County have decided to support my candidacy to join the Orange County Commission. Over the past decade, I have worked closely with many leaders — from neighborhoods and boardrooms to local elected officials, and I have learned the power of bipartisanship. I’m a not a politician, but I know that it will take the support that goes beyond the boundaries of District 6 to move our communities to a safer and more economically prosperous place.” she continues “Progress has been stagnant far too long. District 6 is ready for a leader who can build bridges and create partnerships that produce real results.”

She mentions bi-partisanship because, Republican involvement in the blue area has been a touch subject in this race. Last week, former Commissioner Homer Hartage blasted Business owner Derrick Wallace for donating to Mitt Romney in 2012 (story HERE). A couple of these endorsements are from Republicans.

Whittington also announced her co-endorsement from the Businessforce. The political arm of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. Businessforce also endorsed Attorney and Government Aide Roberta Walton.

The crowded field for district 6 also includes Consultant Lawanna Gelzer and Buinesswoman Victoria Siplin.

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Walton announces a trio of endorsements in Orange Commission District 6 Race

Government Aide Roberta Walton, announced 3 endorsements this morning, in her bid to be the next County Commissioner from District 6, replacing her current supervisor and termed out incumbent Tiffany Moore-Russell.

Walton trumpeted support from Business Force (the political arm of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce),the Orange County Professional Fire Fighters Local 2057, and the Orlando Regional Realtor Association.

In a release Walton said the following about the earning the nods from these 3 organizations…

“I am humbled and excited that this campaign has not only received such strong support from voters in District 6, but from business and community leaders throughout Orange County,” she continues “These endorsements further prove that my experience and vision are what’s needed to take District 6 to the next level,”

Wallace is currently is competitive campaign against a squad of competitors in one of the most crowded races in the area. The field includes Businessman Derrick Wallace, Consultant Lawanna Gelzer, Former Commissioner Homer Hartage, Businesswoman Victoria Siplin, and Metro Plan Director Virginia Whittington.


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Siplin vs. Thompson Primary, Highlights State Senate D12 Contest

Qualifying for State Senate Races ended last week, and while many of her colleagues face little or no opposition, District 12 Incumbent Democrat Geraldine Thompson drew a primary opponent, that will draw statewide attention to her reelection bid.

Thompson is being challenged by the one and only Gary Siplin.

For better or for worse, you know the Fedora clad former State Senator, who left Tallahassee after meeting term limits, and lets face it, Orlando politics hasn’t been the same.

Siplin’s reputation depends on the room he’s standing in. There is the positive image of the community leader, who conducts school supply drives and who’s skill on the retail politics level, is in the top 3 in the Orlando area.

Then there are the ethics investigations, complaints, and embarrassing run-ins with the media. A dark cloud that hangs over him where ever he goes.

It’s not just politics with Siplin, it’s drama, it’s comedy, it’s entertainment, and that’s why the political media, in this town was fist pumping when he announced he was going to challenge Thompson. Senator Thompson defeated Siplin’s wife, Victoria, for the seat in 2012, so there’s a built in storyline already.

The incomparable Gary Siplin, returning from Political absence to avenge his Wife’s defeat. You can’t make this stuff up.

Geraldine Thompson’s road here is another story. The former State Representative turned Senator, has had an emotionally charged first term. There was the Trayvon Martin case and her fight to modify the controversial Stand Your Ground law. There was the GOP boycott of her Obamacare Townhall, during her time as Chairperson of the Orange County State Delegation. In Tallahassee, she’s also known for her tributes to African-American Pioneers on the Senate Floor.

This is going to be fascinating.

The winner will be favored going into the general, where they’ll meet either Edward DeAguilera or Fritz Jackson Seide after their GOP primary. The path to victory isn’t unreachable to those two, but it’s a tough path that will see many pairs of tennis shoes lost. They will have to knock on doors, until their knuckles bleed to defeat either of these two Democrats.

The story is still Geraldine Thompson vs. Gary Siplin. Buckle up, it’s going to be a crazy ride.

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Hartage goes after Wallace for Donating to Mitt Romney in Orange Commission 6 Race

Qualifying for the contest ended at noon today, and some of the candidates vying to replace termed out Orange County District 6 Commissioner Tiffany Moore-Russell are wasting no time going on the offensive.

Former County Commissioner Homer Hartage launched a negative web page and Facebook ad campaign, against Businessman Derrick Wallace , saying among other things that he donated $2300 dollars to Mitt Romney, in his attempt to beat President Barack Obama in 2012. Take a look at the FB ad below.

Hartage actually explains the strategy in the ad. D6 is heavily Democratic, any GOP friendly activities could potentially hurt a candidate.

When you click on the ad, you’re directed to a landing page, where there are more contributions to Republicans.

Wallace is an unofficial front-runner due to his personal investment in his own campaign. He loaned himself 100K to get his campaign rolling, and remains the money leader by a substantial margin. He has the most resources to get out the vote.

No response from the Wallace campaign. It’s possible he might not know the ads are running yet. If he does reply, I’ll print his comments here.

Other candidates in the race include Moore-Russell Aide, Roberta Walton, Businesswoman Victoria Siplin, Metro Plan Director Virginia Whittington, and Consultant Lawanna Gelzer.

Below is a graphic of the Anti-Wallace page…

Hartage Wallace Attack Page

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Hartage Supports Earned Sick Time in New Radio Ad for Orange County Commission 6 Bid

Former County Commissioner Homer Hartage is one of the 5 Candidates, vying to replace termed out incumbent Tiffany Moore-Russell this year in District 6, and he’s hit the radio to reach voters.

Take a listen.

It’s a bold Ad. He’s calling out members of the existing board and he pledges to work on bringing Earned Sick Time back, even though it’s been nullified at the state level.

Hartage is competing against Business Owner Derrick Wallace, Metro Plan Director Virginia Whittington, Commission Aide Roberta Walton, and Businesswoman Victoria Siplin in the competitive contest.

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