Saturday Morning Political Headlines: Eduardo “Eddie” Fernandez is the new Orange County Clerk of Court

Happy Saturday. Here we go!

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed Eduardo “Eddie” Fernandez to be the new Orange County Clerk of Courts. Fernandez replaces Lydia Gardner who passed away last year.

In a statement the Governor had this to say..

“I am excited today to announce Eddie as the next Clerk of Courts in Orange County. Eddie’s reputation as a problem solver and respected member of the Orlando community makes him a great fit to serve the families of Orange County. I look forward to working with him as we continue making Florida the best state in the nation to live and raise a family,”

This story sweeps your Saturday Morning Political Headlines. Have a great weekend.

WESH 2: Governor appoints Eddie Fernandez as new Orange County Clerk of Courts

WKMG Local 6: Gov. Scott appoints new Orange County clerk of courts

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Gov. Scott appoints Eduardo Fernandez as Orange County Clerk of Courts

CF News 13: Gov. Scott appoints new Orange clerk of court

WOFL FOX 35: Gov. Rick Scott appoints Eduardo Fernandez as Orange County Clerk of Courts

Orlando Sentinel: Scott taps attorney Eddie Fernandez as Orange County’s new clerk of court

Scott has appointed Attorney Eddie Fernandez to be the next Orange County Clerk of Court

Scott has appointed Attorney Eddie Fernandez to be the next Orange County Clerk of Court

How it Played: Val Demings formally announces her OC Mayoral Bid

Yesterday afternoon, Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings formally announced her candidacy for Orange County Mayor after months of speculation over which political path she would take next after her Congressional run came up short in 2012. This presser set up what promises to be an exciting race between Demings and incumbent Teresa Jacobs who’s indicated early on, that she doesn’t believe Demings is qualified to hold the office.

Demings actually did a mini press tour talking to a few outlets before the announcement. I’ve included those and the answers she gave to questions during those hits are more valuable than what you’ll see from the presser footage.

Let’s have a look at the what the local media had to say…

WESH 2: Val Demings makes official Orange County mayoral announcement

Video:Full interview: Val Demings running for Orange County mayor

WKMG Local 6: Val Demings kicks off campaign for Orange County mayor
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News : Val Demings announces candidacy for Orange County Mayor’s seat

WOFL FOX 35: Exclusive: Val Demings talks politics before her rally to run for Orange County mayor

FOX 35 News Orlando

FOX 35 News Orlando

Orlando Sentinel: Demings formally kicks off Orange mayoral campaign

So, how did it Play? Pretty Well. But man, that WESH exclusive

I saw a lot of the hits as they aired after the presser and the sound was dominated by the best parts of Demings’ speech. Despite the dreary conditions, it looked great with the supporters and union reps standing behind Chief with the fountain, for the most part, still in view.

What the average voter saw during their evening newscast was fine. However, that mini-press tour did give the opposition some talking points to use against her.

Florida Democratic Party already hurt her campaign by sending out a release that she cut millions from the police department budget, when it in fact increased under her watch according to that WESH 2 one on one. FDP needs to stay out of this race. Outside parties did plenty to hurt her campaign in 2012. She also called for her handler during the hit. There are quiet signals we use for that.

She was also less than excited about MLS Soccer when she spoke to WOFL FOX 35 during that one and one. City fans aren’t going to like that.

Keep the main footage. That was good stuff. Bury the one on ones. Those will come back to haunt her

Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: MLS Announcment Lights Up Downtown

It was a wild scene last night in Downtown Orlando.

About 1400 jammed into the Chayenne Saloon to usher in a new era for sports in region.

The Orlando City Soccer Club will become the 21st MLS franchise.

On hand last night was Florida Governor Rick Scott, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. Among the MLS Officials were league President Don Garber, City Lions President Phil Rawlins, who was really what made this a reality, and future MLS owner of the Club Flavio De Augusta.

The Announcement ended what was a political battle that led the club all over the country, including an extensive legislative battle in Tallahassee with state lawmakers and right back down to Rosalind Ave, where the final obstacle included wrangling with Orange County Commissioners who had to green light a 94.5 million dollar venues package, that included funds for a new Soccer Stadium, a mandatory condition of MLS to grant the city a team.

This story sweeps your Wednesday Morning Political Headlines:

WESH 2: It’s official: Orlando City to become MLS team

WKMG Local 6: Orlando officially getting MLS team

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WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Orlando City Soccer Club joins MLS

CF News 13: Orlando City joins Major League Soccer

Orlando Sentinel: Orlando MLS Soccer Franchise is proff that city has come together

WOFL FOX 35: Orlando City is newest MLS expansion team

Debate Camp: Mike Clelland Florida House 29 Campaign 2012

This is our latest spot in our Debate Camp Series, where we review old debate footage from our Florida Lawmakers and examine how their performance in these forums could be interpreted now. We do fact checks, technique critiques, and even a some hindsight observations.

Today, we look at the District 29 contest between then Attorney-Former Firefighter Mike Clelland and then State Represenative, would be Speaker of the House Chris Dorworth. My politicos know that Clelland ultimately won this race, both due to the problems with the media Chris Dorworth was having and the heavy Obama for American Campaign turnout, that gave him just enough leverage to win the contest in a re-count. Let’s have a look.

As always, I invite you to watch along with me!!!

:35 – Here we have Clelland, elbows tucked in close to the ribcage, tight knot on the tie, and Dorworth, open collar, open stance behind the podium. It looks like he’s the moderator.

:45 – FACT Check: “Two things that are important to me, funding public education and creating jobs” now both of those things happened the last session but it was more of a credit to Governor Scott than anything Clelland did. He’s in the most Conservative district in the area so, cuddling up with Scott might be the way to go, but tough when you had Charlie Crist on your host committee at fundraisers.

1:10- Clelland doesn’t elaborate what kind of Ethics Reforms he wants but the Republican Majority in the State House did impose tougher reporting rules in the State House. Clelland being a Democrat will once again have to run towards the center to take credit for that.

1:56 – Dorworth is out of office meaning he’s out of play. I’ll let you break his material down.

2:10- The rest of the money was returned to the budget this year by the Governor.

3:10- I’ll give Clelland points for the Tax Breaks but if he touts job numbers created by those breaks on the campaign trail next year, then he’s not being “trill” ajd “Meaning a combination of true and real”

3:50: This was a creative attack ad.

3:55: I believe Seminole Democrats actually meet at Longwood Elementary now. They hold their Exec Meetings there.

4:19 : “It’s right on the money Greg!” what kind of question was that? Anyways.

4:20: Clelland, a little more comfortable now after the ad. Opened up his posture.

5:55 – Revisiting talking points. Needs more talking points. This is only a 10 min spot

6:48 – Clelland got on a little big of a role there. I’m not sure how many of those things actually happened but he was a lot more confident than I’m use to seeing.

8:05: There is a surplus

8:42: False. That pension contribution is not a tax increase

9:28 – still not a tax

10:33 - I’m not sure what happened on that handshake. Dorworth looking down. Clelland hand on his hip with a wide stance over the table.

Everybody is friends at the end.

Conclusion: Clelland is at his best when he starts fast on his answers and covers a lot of ground on rebuttals. He did have the luxury of being on Offense the entire time, something he wont have in 2014 when he’s going to have to debate for a Conservative seat with House Dems watching. He’ll have a record and his probable opponent Scott Plakon is a much more calculated debater. We’ll watch footage of him next time.

Thanks for joining me!

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Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: Orlando MLS Announcement Coming Today, Sebelius in Town

Big Tuesday coming up.

Today, the big announcement that Orlando will be the next home of a Major League Soccer franchise will happen at about 130 in front of what should be a wild crowd in Downtown Orlando.

We’ve also got Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius in town today to talk about ACA or “Obamacare” the massive legislation has been riddled with technology problems that has hurt enrollment and caused many Americans to lose coverage they were suppose to be able to keep.

I’ll have coverage on both. Have a great day!!!

WOFL FOX 35: Orlando City Soccer expected to announce new club, Osceola to give $1 million

FOX 35 News Orlando

WESH 2: Double Play!!!

Major League Soccer announcement expected in Orlando today

Fla. lawmakers push to split classrooms by gender

CF News 13: Double Play!!

Orlando City Soccer to make major announcement

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in Orlando today

WKMG Local 6: Kathleen Sebelius visits Orlando to discuss health care website

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: MLS to announce Orlando expansion team

Orlando Sentinel: Sebelius returns to Orlando to tout ACA