Lynum “New Direction” of Campaign Signals Confusion, in Orlando D5 Commission Race

Attorney and Candidate for for Orlando Commission District 5 Juan Lynum is a smart guy but the movement from his campaign during his run has been a confusing one that portrays conflict.

The Orlando Sentinel published a story about the “New Direction” the Lynum campaign is promoting, in front of his run-off with Nurse Regina Hill on May 6th (that story HERE).

We’ll finish with that but let’s start from the beginning.

When Juan first entered the race, his Mother, current long-time D5 Commissioner Daisy Lynum was still in the contest, setting up a Mother vs. Son showdown, which everyone knew wouldn’t happen, but forced his campaign to get a late start against challengers that had already been campaigning for months.

There was also his curious behavior with Candidate forums. At first, he avoided debating his two other opponents and insisted holding his own events, where he alone would field questions. This gave his Hill and the other opponent in the Race Cynthia Harris, ammunition for claims that he was ducking voters. He ended up debating his opponents anyways.

There was also the WFTV story about Lynum using stickers to change his mother’s campaign signs to his own (a move I actually thought was kind of clever) and even though it was perfectly legal, Lynum didn’t talk to reporters. If he wasn’t going to defend his tactics, he just should have bought new signs (that story HERE).

Finally, we come to the “New Direction” his campaign is taking. He stood in front of a church full of voters about two weeks ago and reinforced his Mother’s policies, many of the cities existing policies, and promoting many of the venue projects in the City. One of his supporters include the Orlando Magic who will construct a Multi-Million Dollar Entertainment Complex across the street from the Amway Center.

This gave the voters a clear choice. Stay the course with a member of the Lynum family as Commissioner, or go a different route with one of the other two challengers.

Then came election day and Lynum got the most votes, but not enough votes to avoid a run-off with Hill. And with an endorsement from Cynthia Harris possibly coming he could be in trouble. Harris was called a “thugh” by Daisy Lynum when she dropped out.

Then came this New Direction from Gentrification to Preservation and Revitalization”.

This is the desired effect of the strategy. Flip on your donors, change positions, and try to attract as many of Harris’ voters as possible to win the run-off. When you win, revert back to your old positions and go pat your donors on the back.

But, this latest story just demonstrates more confusion. Should you have to re-define your campaign in the run-off?

But closing as I finished. Juan Lynum is a smart guy. He knows a lot. He could talk about hard policy and outperform the competition. Specifics about economic development. Specifics about solving the homelessness problem. Numbers. Solutions. but for some reason he hasn’t.

Instead it’s the latest unforced error of his campaign (and we haven’t even spoke of the FDLE Residency Investigation). If he loses then there will be plenty of things he could have done differently to have delivered victory.

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Lake Mary is going to solve a major problem surrounding everyday use of Sunrail

One of the biggest questions surrounding Sunrail, the commuter train system that will eventually run from Volusia to Osecola counties, is a relatively simple one that hasn’t found a good answer, from any of the lawmakers or transportation officials behind the highly scrutinized project.

What happens when you get to the rail station on the second half of your commute? How do you get to work/school/shopping center when you’re stranded? How do you get to your true final destination?

The City of Lake Mary has the answer to those questions, but it’s going to cost a little money.

According to a WFTV Report that aired last night, the city is considering renting vans from Lynx, to get commuters through the final leg of their journey.

Watch the report.

As you heard, the proposal is still up for a vote from the City Commission. $690 a month per Van is the cost but the city will pay half. So, 345×12 (the number of vans wanted)= + the cost of paying the driver (unless there is another plan for that).

So, about $4100 a month to ensure Sunrail isn’t a bust in your town?

Plus, Lake Mary is arguably the most fertile ground for higher paying jobs in the area. Verzion, Florida Blue are due to expand, and it’s already a growing tech hub. There might also be riders going to work on the Wekiva Parkway at some point.

Other cities with big employers located miles from the spine of Sunrail, should look into similar arrangements if they want Central Floridians to separate from their cars. An analogy once put by an expert that would be like “Getting Mickey Mouse to Divorce Minnie Mouse”.

This is only one half of the equation. Riders still have to consider the first part of their journey, and weigh whether it’s worth parking their cars at a station, just to jump on a train. Instead of slugging it out with I4 traffic.


Mayor Dyer said there wasn’t a public outcry over Tinker Field demolition plans on Sunday TV

Yesterday, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer appeared on Central Florida Spotlight and spoke about the Citrus Bowl renovations as well as the possible destruction of Tinker Field.

The latter has been the source of much controversy. Many Orlando residents are fond of Tinker Field’s place in the history of the City Beautiful that has had many notable times including an event featuring Civil Rights Hero Martin Luther King Jr.

Mayor Dyer’s comments on that controversy was a little surprising.

“There wasn’t really any public outcry, there was a commissioner and the media a little bit but most of the citizens I’ve talked to are ‘why are you tearing that down now?’” thats at about the 2min mark of the interview.

There was in fact many reports and outcry on social media over the rushed plans to destroy Tinker Field.

He continued that workshops were being held to listen to voters and that he “was going to let it sit for now”.

The interview continued and he laid out the plans over Citrus Bowl Construction and the sequence of phases which would ultimately lead to a brand new chapter for a venue that’s 80 years old. The field is estimated to be game ready by November.

It’s good television. You can watch the whole interview below.

How it played: Grayson not charged in Domestic scuffle with Wife

Good new for Congressman Alan Grayson.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office announced last night that it would not be seeking charges against the House Rep for the 9th District, because there was no probable cause that he visited his home last weekend to harm his estranged Wife, Lolita Grayson in a nasty domestic incident. Lolita Grayson was granted a protective injunction by a Judge Monday, after she said her Husband (whom she is in the middle of a divorce with) caused bruises by pushing her against the door. Grayson’s staff vehemently denied those allegations and published cellphone video, presented by his attorney earlier this week. You can watch that video HERE.

Here is how the announcement played in the Orlando media last night.

WESH 2: Rep. Alan Grayson will not face charges in domestic incident

WKMG Local 6: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Investigators say no charges will be filed in U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson domestic dispute

CF News 13: No arrest for Rep. Alan Grayson in case involving his wife

WOFL FOX 35: No probable cause to charge Rep. Alan Grayson

Orlando Sentinel: Sheriff will not pursue case against Grayson

How did it play?: Well, it’s obviously good news for Congressman Grayson but it could have been prevented.

You don’t really win in a situation like this as much as you stop the bleeding. Listen, Grayson’s team may be declaring victory after law enforcement agreed with their side of the story but there never really is a winner in a situation like this. He’ll go back to being the way Alan Grayson is. Bold. Aggressive. And yes, occasionally reckless. We’ve learned and hopefully his administration has learned that a quiet Grayson is usually best for everyone involved.

Alan Grayson pro

Here is the video of the altercation between Alan Grayson and his Wife

Up to this point there has been a lot of finger pointing between Congressman Alan Grayson and his Wife Lolita (who he is currently in the process of divorcing) over what took place this past weekend. The latter was granted a protective injunction by a judge after she said that Congressman Grayson pushed her into a door and caused some bruises. Grayson’s staff says she was the aggressor.

Today, a press conference was held by the Congressman’s new council, Orlando Super Attorney Mark NeJame (who’s very effective). He says that Lolita Grayson charged her Husband and landed an uppercut when he came to the house to visit his kids and collect the mail. Grayson’s older Daughter also says that her Father was not to blame for the altercation.

Here is a video of the incident taken by a member of Grayson’s staff that was shown to the media today. You watch and you decide. Nejame believes that the judge will life restrictions after he sees this video. It’s unknown if either of the two will face charges.

You watch and decide.