Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: Obama in Afghanistan, Eyesores Irk Citrus Leaders, Baldwin Residents

Lots of great content for you on this Wednesday morning! Video, Video, Video.

President Obama visited the troops in Afghanistan and signed a treat with President Hamid Karzai. He addressed the nation at 730 Tuesday evening and layed out a timeline for the U.S involvement in the long conflict to end. He later met with troops, some who spend up to 15 months away from their families.

And now from troops risking their lives to Eyesore concerns over the appearance of the Citrus Bowl and school portables in Baldwin Park.

A Citrus Bowl official guided a reporter around the 76 year old stadium and spoke about his concerns over losing bowl games and not being able to promote Soccer Leagues and Concerts. A couple of points.

- A soccer league in the United States will not fill up the Citrus Bowl unless it’s the world cup, which we just had in 94. We could renovate and still have a shot at a game the next time we’re realistically eligible

- Major Concerts? Orlando Calling was great for those that attended but, hardly a success. Not because of the Citrus Bowl but because of ticket sales.

Next we move along to Baldwin Park where citizens are concerned about how close children are being educated to their homes and how unpleasant it makes their community look.


Anyhow these stories lead off your Wednesday morning political headlines.

WESH 2: (VIDEO) Deal Stalled To Renovate Citrus Bowl

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Baldwin Park residents upset over school portables

WKMG Local 6: (CNN) (Video) How the media almost blew Obama’s secret trip

WOFL FOX 35: (Video) Brevard Residents sound off on ‘smart meters’

CF News 13: Obama sees ‘new day’ 1 year after bin Laden raid

Orlando Sentinel: Scott Maxwell- Incentives no way to build state economy

More concerns over Citrus Bowl Improvements in the headlines

Sunday Morning Political Headlines: Public Schools, White House Correspondence Dinner

It’s going to be a beautiful Sunday and we’ve go some good material this morning.

Friday, I attended the Orlando Sentinel Florida Forward Panel featuring Superintendents Bill Vogel and Ron Blocker. It was a great discussion about public schools and the challenges ahead. There is a column that pulls some of the points from that panel below.

Enjoy your day! Back to work tomorrow!

CF News 13: Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs on Political Connections

WKMG Local 6: Flashpoint (VIDEO) Elections examined on ‘Flashpoint’

Orlando Sentinel: Beth Kassab- Public Schools Must Do Better at Selling Themselves

WOFL Fox 35: Fla. Supreme Court says Legislature can OK slots

WFTV Eyewitness News 9:Romney, Secret Service, GOP: Obama mocks them all (AP)

WESH 2: Romney To Appear With Possible VP Pick Ayotte (CNN)

Monday Morning Political Headlines:More Chatter over Citrus Bowl, Rubio-Bush Bro-mance

It’s Monday, you’re busy, let’s go!

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Orange County and Orlando Mayors battle Citrus Bowl tourist tax dollars

Orlando Sentinel: SunRail, road work could create 100,000 jobs over time

CF News 13
: Romney assails Obama ahead of event with Rubio (AP)

WKMG Local 6: (CNN)Secret Service needs more women, two lawmakers say

WESH 2: (CNN)John Edwards Trial Begins

WOFL Fox 35: Daniels Shrugs Off Talk Of Romney VP (Newscore)


Weather in O-town: Sunny and Beautiful!

Movies: “Think Like a Man” finally brings down “Hunger Games”: NOTE: Raid Redemption was in limited release in Winter Park and might be one of the best action movies ever made.

Sports: Irony? Possibly getting a concussion from a man named World Peace.

BTW, Kobe brought the Lakers back from 16 down and they won that game.

Sunday Morning Political Headlines: Slamming Private Donations for Citrus Bowl?!

Rain is in the forecast but the sun is shining right now. We’ll see how the days goes.

Today, we’ve got Governor Rick Scott on Political Connections. The Governor was rolling up and down the state speaking to reporters about the state issues and on Friday threw everyone off balance by giving the green light to Florida Polytechnic, allowing it to become the 12th University in the state.

What I really want you to read is the Orlando Sentinel article criticizing Teresa Jacobs for suggesting private donations for the renovation of the Citrus Bowl. It’s a well written article.

I also passionately disagree with most of it and haven’t wrote a rebuttal in months, which means it’s really well written.

First let’s get the common ground out of the way.

- I didn’t like the Performing Arts Center either. But, if Jacobs hadn’t audited the books we’d really be on the hook for cost overruns.
- He was right about former columnist Mike Thomas’ track record for dissing sports. He destroyed the idea of bringing a Yankees farm club to the area.

The rest of the column is just… wrong.

- “A product of her environment?” Yes, Orange County elected a cautious leader. We did that on purpose. Someone who could move the region forward but, looks before she leaps.
- No vision? We had an All-Star Game here a couple of weeks back. You’re right though, she did give some of the tickets away for the festivities to everyday people who wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise
- The convention center is a completely different animal. Competition for hosting conventions are far less competitive. The Center hosts revenue generating events every week. The Citrus Bowl? 4 or 5 every year?
- Weren’t those World Cup games back in 94′. We could build the perfect vision from the Soccer Gods themselves and we wouldn’t be a serious contender for another 12 years and Wrestlemania? That was only 4 years back and the Amway hosts several of those events every year. That revenue isn’t going anywhere.
- These private donations? Better than using more tax revenue that will take more cops off of the street and teachers out of the classroom.

Anyhow, it’s a great article and you should read it. That leads off our Sunday morning political headlines.

Orlando Sentinel: Mike Bianchi- Private donations for Citrus Bowl is ludicrous idea</

CF News 13: Gov. Rick Scott discusses state issues with Ybeth Bruzual on “Political Connections. at 130pm and 730pm

WKNG Local 6: (Video) ‘Flashpoint’ tackles health issues

WOFL Fox 35: (VIDEO) Seminole to give out ‘energy kits’ at a price tag of $145K

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Trouble in threes: Scandals hamper Obama’s message

WESH 2: (CNN) Gingrich Campaign $4.3 Million In Debt

Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: Earmarks under scrutiny?

Happy Tuesday!

Earmarks, regardless of what they are have been under intense scrutiny the last couple of days. It doesn’t matter if it’s USF Polytechnic or a neighborhood center in Pine Hills.

Nothing is off the table in this current economy.

Here are your Tuesday Morning Political Headlines.

WOFL FOX 35: Pine Hills budget turkey? (VIDEO)

Orlando Sentinel: John Mica opens big financial lead over Sandy Adams in primary fight

CF News 13: Aides soft-pedal Romney remarks to donors

WFTV Eyewitness News 9: No shocker in store: Romney veep search under way

WKMG Local 6: Gov. Scott: Outcry didn’t lead to Zimmerman charge

WESH 2: (CNN) Romney Talks About Dog On Car Roof