How It Played: Medical Marijuana Makes November Ballot

Yesterday, the Florida Supreme Court ruled 4 to 3 in favor of the existing language on the new legislation that would make medical marijuana prescriptions legal in the Sunshine State.

The charge led by Orlando Super Attorney John Morgan announced that it hit it’s petition count late last week. This was the last hurdle it had to clear.

The Measure now goes before the voters in November. Polling indicates that 82% of Floridians are in favor of the measure. Advocates for the drug say it reduces the suffering of those undergoing chemotherapy and conditions that cause seizures. There are also the therapeutic properties of the drug that can reduce the amount of pain patients are forced to deal with.

Let’s take at how it played in the Orlando Media.

WESH 2: Florida Supreme Court approves medical marijuana initiative for November ballot

WKMG Local 6: Fla. Supreme Court approves medical marijuana initiative for ballot
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WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Florida Supreme Court OKs medical marijuana for ballot

CF News 13: Florida medical marijuana bill approved for November ballot

WOFL FOX 35: Supreme Court approves medical marijuana ballot language
FOX 35 News Orlando

Orlando Sentinel: Medical marijuana amendment gets green light from Supreme Court

So How Did it Play?: Well. This is exactly what John Morgan wanted.

There are political ramifications from this as well. Pundits believe that this amendment will increase sluggish mid-term turnout numbers for Democrats. In a close race, those who come out to support the measure will likely lean towards the lawmakers who believe in medical marijuana as well.

Expect Pro and Anti campaigns to pop up any week now and begin the message war.

Saturday Morning Political Headlines: Eduardo “Eddie” Fernandez is the new Orange County Clerk of Court

Happy Saturday. Here we go!

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed Eduardo “Eddie” Fernandez to be the new Orange County Clerk of Courts. Fernandez replaces Lydia Gardner who passed away last year.

In a statement the Governor had this to say..

“I am excited today to announce Eddie as the next Clerk of Courts in Orange County. Eddie’s reputation as a problem solver and respected member of the Orlando community makes him a great fit to serve the families of Orange County. I look forward to working with him as we continue making Florida the best state in the nation to live and raise a family,”

This story sweeps your Saturday Morning Political Headlines. Have a great weekend.

WESH 2: Governor appoints Eddie Fernandez as new Orange County Clerk of Courts

WKMG Local 6: Gov. Scott appoints new Orange County clerk of courts

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Gov. Scott appoints Eduardo Fernandez as Orange County Clerk of Courts

CF News 13: Gov. Scott appoints new Orange clerk of court

WOFL FOX 35: Gov. Rick Scott appoints Eduardo Fernandez as Orange County Clerk of Courts

Orlando Sentinel: Scott taps attorney Eddie Fernandez as Orange County’s new clerk of court

Scott has appointed Attorney Eddie Fernandez to be the next Orange County Clerk of Court

Scott has appointed Attorney Eddie Fernandez to be the next Orange County Clerk of Court

How it Played: Val Demings formally announces her OC Mayoral Bid

Yesterday afternoon, Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings formally announced her candidacy for Orange County Mayor after months of speculation over which political path she would take next after her Congressional run came up short in 2012. This presser set up what promises to be an exciting race between Demings and incumbent Teresa Jacobs who’s indicated early on, that she doesn’t believe Demings is qualified to hold the office.

Demings actually did a mini press tour talking to a few outlets before the announcement. I’ve included those and the answers she gave to questions during those hits are more valuable than what you’ll see from the presser footage.

Let’s have a look at the what the local media had to say…

WESH 2: Val Demings makes official Orange County mayoral announcement

Video:Full interview: Val Demings running for Orange County mayor

WKMG Local 6: Val Demings kicks off campaign for Orange County mayor
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WFTV 9 Eyewitness News : Val Demings announces candidacy for Orange County Mayor’s seat

WOFL FOX 35: Exclusive: Val Demings talks politics before her rally to run for Orange County mayor

FOX 35 News Orlando

FOX 35 News Orlando

Orlando Sentinel: Demings formally kicks off Orange mayoral campaign

So, how did it Play? Pretty Well. But man, that WESH exclusive

I saw a lot of the hits as they aired after the presser and the sound was dominated by the best parts of Demings’ speech. Despite the dreary conditions, it looked great with the supporters and union reps standing behind Chief with the fountain, for the most part, still in view.

What the average voter saw during their evening newscast was fine. However, that mini-press tour did give the opposition some talking points to use against her.

Florida Democratic Party already hurt her campaign by sending out a release that she cut millions from the police department budget, when it in fact increased under her watch according to that WESH 2 one on one. FDP needs to stay out of this race. Outside parties did plenty to hurt her campaign in 2012. She also called for her handler during the hit. There are quiet signals we use for that.

She was also less than excited about MLS Soccer when she spoke to WOFL FOX 35 during that one and one. City fans aren’t going to like that.

Keep the main footage. That was good stuff. Bury the one on ones. Those will come back to haunt her

How it Played: Precourt selected as Expressway Authority Director

Yesterday, after a 3-2 vote from the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Board, State Rep. Stephen Precourt (my write-up HERE) was selected as the next Executive Director of the body that primarily manages toll money.

How did it Play?

WESH 2: Expressway Authority names State Rep. Steve Precourt new director in controversial vote “Some call his selection Unethical”.

Orlando Sentinel: Rep. Steve Precourt chosen as expressway chief Blurbs- “I searched hard and long for what I believe in. … I believe Mr. Precourt is the right person for the job,” -Noranne Downs. We were just beginning to turn the corner and this sets us back,” Teresa Jacobs said. -They said Precourt was not qualified and his appointment smacked of political favoritism. The agency’s credibility, they said, would be damaged as a result.”

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Expressway Authority votes to hire State Rep. Steve Precourt “Red Flags” “Conflict of interests” -Concentration on Salary

WOFL FOX 35: Fla. legislator tapped to take over Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority “Looks like it was completely orchestrated completely in the backroom and it Tallahassee”

FOX 35 News Orlando

CF News 13: Steve Precourt is Orange County Expressway Authority’s new director “It also prompted an investigation by the State Attorney’s Office on allegations the vote was pre-arranged in violation of open meeting laws.”

Saintpetersblog: Steve Precourt plays coy, Eric Eisnaugle sounds eager

Tampa Times: Precourt to resign from House, but does he dodge ethics conflict? “Rep. Stephen Precourt, R-Orlando, finally got his dream job and he didn’t have to worry about any pesky ethics law stopping him.’


How did it Play? Poorly

You couldn’t find a report that didn’t point out ethical conflicts with the selection. Mayor Jacobs saying that the agency was “taking a step back” about an organization with past problems over conflicts of interests hurt the reception. He wasn’t there to defend himself because he was in Tally and his effectiveness was questioned over lobbying laws. There was also noise over how he would personally profit from a position he wasn’t qualified for. This could have been handled much better.

Jason Brodeur wants to keep employers from asking for social media passwords

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State Representative Jason Brodeur doesn’t believe someone should have to hand over the password to their Facebook account to find a job, and he’s prepared to move on that belief in the upcoming legislative session.

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Jason Brodeur

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