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Seminole County Hob Nob and Pink Slip Party 2010


Saturday was a crazy day if your into the conservative political thing here Central Florida. Hob Nobs, Pink Slip Parties, Dinners, Gun Shows…you name it, it was going on yesterday. I decided to go to the Seminole County Republican Hob Nob, and the Pink Slip Party for Congressman Alan Grayson and Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas.

Okay, Lets start with the Hob Nob at the Altamonte Springs Hilton. For you non-political people a Hob Nob is when they slam as many candidates for office as possible into a ball room, rec hall or any large venue. Voters can talk to any of the politicians, ask them questions, take pictures etc….then there is usually a straw poll, where the attendees can vote on the different races and the winner is announced at the end of the event.

I get to the Hilton, walk through the lines, shake hands. I’ve met a lot of these people before and head into the main ballroom where this thing is going down. There is a good crowd at this thing. Jason Brodeur is the MC and Rep Trent Franks and Marco Rubio are the big talkers expected.

The Line for the Straw Poll at the Seminole County Hob Nob

The vibe between some of the candidates that were shaking hands up and down the line, were colder than the pulled pork sandwiches at the food table. Straw polls are tricky because you can bus in as many supporters as possible to vote for you, whether there actually going to be voting in the race or not, and that was definitely the vibe I got walking down the lobby flanked by the supporters, for some of these candidates.

I need to give some major props to Seminole County supervisor of elections Michael Ertel. The guy was non-stop hustle and was dealing with a line that stretched from the front door to the rear of the building

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel

Finally, it was time for Rep. Trent Franks to speak and he was pretty good. The only problem was that everyone was having such a great time talking, eating and campaigning, that no one was really listening and I think that ticked him off a little bit.

Don't worry Trent Franks, I was listening to you

Then Marco Rubio showed up, and the superstar of Florida politics took over. He’s been called the Republican Barack Obama and you can tell why. He is an awesome public speaker. I asked one of his people, who writes his stuff and he said no one. Outstanding delivery.

There was no one talking when Rubio was at the podium..

After he spoke, I took off for the pink slip party. As soon as I get results from the straw poll I will post them…

Then I went downtown to City Hall where NRCC pink slip party was taking place. Now, I wonder what it must feel like to have legions of people, your neighbors,  detest you enough to celebrate the day when you will be out of office.

Communicating and working with your critics can prevent this from happening.

All of the congressional candidates from District 8 (Grayson) and District 24 (Kosmas) were on hand, except for Kurt Kelly and Dan Webster, who was undecided whether he was going to attend or not and finally committed to going to the event, only to arrive 1 hr after the event was over and everyone was gone….I kid! I kid! I heard his daughter was getting married and if that was the case, congratulations. It was a great afternoon to be outside.

NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions and others spoke and it was a sight to see all of these candidates standing side by side, united, to send a message to their eventual opponents that they’re ready for a fight……..but first they’re gonna rip each others eyes out in the primary.

If you’re one of my conservative readers, you really do have a great selection of candidates to go to work for. It’s a wide variety of backgrounds, experience, and ideas and if you don’t like Alan Grayson or Suzanne Kosmas, you’re going to have to get involved, I look at these races and the eventual primary winners will have to talk over the noise of the money train, both of those incumbents have access to.

A great group of canididates to get behind this year if your a Republican

Two great events, on one sunny Saturday afternoon in May. If you’re throwing an event you want me to cover, let me know and I will push it on the blog. Thanks for reading!

NRCC Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions addresses the media after the event


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