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Ten Ideas for the Amway Arena and working in the sewers


After this season, the Amway Arena will no long be the premiere venue here in O-town. It’s going to be replaced by the new Amway Center just across the way (how great is that skywalk!) It will be bitter sweet to see the Orlando/TD Waterhouse/Amway arena replaced. I remember when Bill Cosby opened that place, when the All-Star game invaded, and kids were bussed in for the weekend festivities and my first event at the Arena, a figure skating, school field trip.

There have been ideas for the old arena…I have heard Megachurch, I’ve heard Creative Village. Those are fine ideas, but I have ten much better ideas for the Amway Arena after the center opens up.

10. Super-Walmart! Tell me the residents of those half full, high rise condos wouldn’t want that! The 2AM church street crowd would migrate over there and go nuts..

9. Billionaire, Democratic, Senate hopeful, Jeff Greene’s campaign HQ. His best man, Mike Tyson could migrate to Church street at 2AM..with Tiger ofcourse.

8. We could finally bring Carrot Top home and woo him with a great nightly venue.

7. Space Shuttle Storage, very sad, but true…

6. We could sign it over to the city of Boston, the Celtics have played like they owned the place over the last two games, anyways. Seriously though, it’s sad. I thought this team was better than the one we had last year and I can tell you that myself, Mayor Crotty and the OC commission could have put forth better effort at times. I’m cheering for them, but they’ve got to wake up!

Mayor Crotty at the 2...

5. While we’re talking about Basketball and the earlier concept of a megachurch, we could pull a 3 way trade that would send the cash and a player to Cleveland, A Lebron James sign and trade to Houston, and bring Pastor Joel Osteen to Orlando. That arena would be full every weekend!

The Amway would be full every week!

4. After engineers recently inspected the Amway Arena, it was determined that it could house the Ego of Congressman Alan Grayson. We could get some of the out of work actors from Lost to guard it and make sure it could’nt escape on an airplane. Interestingly enough, it does not look like black smoke, rather a push of hot air that is attracted to TV cameras…

Don't let it escape again, Hurley!

3. Statewide Charlie Crist Independent rally! Lower bowl VIP seats only…

2. Creative Village—It’s actually a decent idea

1. You thought an Orange County classroom was crowded now?!


Most of these are jokes, but this is a great opportunity to do something great with one of the most important locations in Central Florida, I would hate to see this space wasted on a shallow development or something that doesn’t make any sense.

On a serious note, I was at a PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) meeting today. I usually never go because, I hate ties and blazers and the Citrus Club isn’t a place I can warm up to but, I went today because they had some big PR leaders in region and a great media panel.

What I heard was disappointing.

I heard one of those PR leaders say that commenting on a blog was the equivalent of working in the Public Relations Sewer, even with relevant knowledge, that sets the record straight. Now, I know that comments get out of hand and people don’t moderate like they should, but an exchange of ideas is never a bad thing. I was disappointed, I run a very small operation that revolves around communications in politics that are powerful and at times funny, and I know that a lot of those comments need to be used as a measurement of public sentiment. They’re an honest snap judgment of the readers, war-gaming of opposing positions and sometimes actual good information. It’s arrogant to see any methods of communication as below us, if it’s possibly useful, regardless of the format. I blog, I comment on blogs, I guess I work in the sewer..and I am more in touch with public opinion than most…..

The media panel was terrific….and I’m a better consultant because of it..

Puerto Ricans Affairs Summit and Rep. Grayson/Commissioner Pierluisis QA coverage coming this weekend!

Till next time…


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