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Puerto Rican Affairs Summit


Crist bails, Sink sails…

I don’t think they are enough events like the one I went to today. The Puerto Rican Affairs summit in Kissimmee was great. We had great panels that dealt with everything from politics to education and business. The Governor bailed on the biggest Hispanic community in the I-4 corridor, but Gubernatorial hopeful Alex Sink dropped in to take his place..I’ll get back to that.

It was great to meet my Puerto Rican peers! It seems like we’re spread out between Deltona, East Orlando and Kissimmee…’s terrific to know, that people of our proud heritage can come together. Everyone in all fields of business can break bread and talk. The place was full and it was a smooth drive down I-4 (or as smooth as it can get) to the resort.

Puerto Rican Leaders in all areas of business and government.

The political panel was good…your never going to have a bi-partisan panel with out a jab or a shot here and there and this one, was no different. There was speculation that Governor Crist skipped out because he went indy, there was criticism from one of the members of the panel who also sits on the Orange County Dem Committee about the possibility that Crist could appoint Armando Guitierrez to the vacant Orange County Commission seat and ofcourse, The Puerto Rican Democracy act that could add the island as the 51st state…expect a lot more of that from the Hispanic community in the months to come. My assessment from applause and crowd reaction was that the room was about 70 percent Democratic.

Still not believing Governor Crist could diss us like that, his pollsters must not have thought we were worth the time.

Minor drama aside, It was a good discussion and it was the consensus that we must get involved to make a positive difference, this year and for all elections to come. Get to the polls and donate to candidates when we can..

Moving into the luncheon, the lovely Yvette Bruzwal from CF News 13 hosted and we had former Miami Mayor and Senate Candidate Maurice Ferre speaking, but people were expecting the Governor.

Enter Alex Sink…

and she killed it, our views are night and day but, she did a great job speaking and the audience dug her, if you were a democrat in that audience, you gave her a standing ovation.

Stepping in for the Governor, Alex Sink was a crowd pleaser..

but wait, the Governor is here! He sent a video! Let’s have a look….and, well, no one was watching…

This was the Charlie Crist we got today...and no one was watching

and…..Look! a Orange County Mayoral candidate. This is Osceola county, I guess you really have to hustle to nail down the Hispanic vote..

I had to take off to go to work but, I heard Bill Segal dropped in and even participated in the panel….Now if your one of my out of state readers and don’t know, who the good commissioner is, attending this Puerto Rican Affairs summit, I will give you a chance to pick him out of this photograph

and which person in this photo is courting the Hispanic leaders?

Bad Blogger! I apologize.. It was nice of both of those leaders to attend, and they both did their part to make this event a success.

It’s been a great week and I was very happy to attend this Summit. A really great time!


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