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Jacobs vs. Falconer and the RJC Panel


Wow! Very sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of days but I’m bringing some pretty neat stories this time, so stay with me.

On Thursday, I had the chance to get out to the Orange County Republican Executive Committee and listen to, two of the candidates for Orange County Mayor Debate. Teresa Jacobs and Matt Falconer threw down without pesky commercials and two other candidates to get in the way.

I've seen Ultimate Fighters on better terms, than the candidates in this debate

Event: OCREC Mayoral Debate
Turnount: Full house
Moderator: Orange County Chairman Lew Oliver
Media Coverage: 1 real journalist there (Orlando Sentinel)

Matt Falconer took the floor (with notes in hand and I hate notes for the opening remarks of a debate) and started laying down a nasty attack against Jacobs. I’ve always wondered why Falconer always attacks Teresa Jacobs more than any other candidate. Bill Segal is the money leader and has a slew of endorsements. If I were drawing up the plays, he would be the one, I would be campaigning against. Point the cannons at him. It’s almost like a bizarre obsession.

The applause meter tilted in his direction. His message is angry, he takes shots at Jacobs and her “liberal” friends. This is a non-partisan race in a Democratic county, I’ve never understood that tactic. You run the risk of scaring away your moderates.

He takes another shot at Scott Maxwell, a major columnist from the Orlando Sentinel. He doesn’t just want to take a match to that bridge, but call in an air strike on it. Scott Maxwell is good journalist writing for a newspaper I’ve been reading since I was six. He returns a lot of reader E-mail and he’s an opinion leader, not a wise decision.

I like Matt Falconer, he’s a hustler, a hard worker and I understand that he had to start attacking early to build his name recognition, but after the mudslinging, after the name calling, where does this anger take Orange County?

I can say that if it wasn’t for him, this race would be a snoozer..

He wraps up his attack and takes a seat.

Matt Falconer wasted no time attacking his opponent on Thursday

Teresa Jacobs took the floor and started firing back.

“Matt Falconer asked me to be his chief of staff”……Wow! I looked at Falconer for a head shake or a no, but it didn’t come. This is interesting….

She managed to knock down almost all of Falconer’s attacks, and her message wasn’t an angry one, but a rational one. This didn’t play well with some of the losers mumbling insults in the back. Some people just want to be angry and sit around and do nothing about it.

Here is the thing about Teresa Jacobs and the reason why so many people wanted her to run. Before she makes any promises, she asks the questions “Is this legal?” “Is this ethical?” “Is this solution actually possible”. It’s one of the most honest approaches to government that I’ve seen in all of the races I have been covering this year. I can observe a lawmaker or candidate having a conversation with a voter and tell if there “running lines” or being honest and actually admitting that they need to do a little more research, before making promises they can’t keep.

Teresa Jacobs

The Q/A was more of the same. Both of the candidates had good ideas and still took shots at each other, when it was related to the question being asked.

It was anything but boring and it’s not the last clash we’re going to see before August 24th..

The Republican Jewish Coalition District 8 Candidate Forum-
Turnout-60 to 70
Above Legends Bar and Grill on Orange (Great venue)
Moderator: Angie Langley- Alan Grayson foe and creator of
Media Turnout: 3 Real Journalists- all Orlando Sentinel

This post is running long…sorry! I will try to sum this one up quickly all of the candidates running against Alan Grayson (Except Bruce O’Donghue, who was at a meet and greet in Eustis) came together to discuss the issues affecting the 8th. It was running against the Magic game so a lot of people were checking their watches. They agreed on a lot and by looking at the crowd I would have to say that it was a Kurt Kelly/ Dan Webster split and…..Wow it’s Dan Webster! He showed…, it’s really him! There was no controversy and no shots thrown really…I really am running long, so I will just show the photos..

Dan Webster

Todd Long

Patricia Sullivan

Kurt Kelly

Dan Fanelli and Moderator Angie Langley

Till’ next time!


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