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Pine Hills OC Mayor Candidate Panel- I know, I know..


I know, I have been OC Mayor crazy these last couple of weeks, but this is one of the most important and fascinating races in Central Florida….and this particular panel, might have been the best one I’ve seen. You have Pine Hills, which has development issues that will need to be addressed by our next mayor. It’s a stormy night, with a smaller audience…and this debate was an hour and a half long! The message for these candidates was pretty similar to the last few debates, so I will give you what I’ve found a lot of people want to hear…the sound bytes! All four candidates in a great environment to listen to the issues

This longer debate was the one you wanted to be at..

“You guys are being hoodwinked”-Matt Falconer

“Put it on the ballot and let the citizens decide”- Linda Stewart on Amendment 4, all of the other candidates were opposed to it

““Don’t stop trying, the only time you fail, is when you fail to try”- Teresa Jacobs

“I can’t believe Matt Falconer, says he reads the Orlando Sentinel”- Bill Segal, after Matt Falconer referenced an earlier report from there

“My opponent “Johnny-come lately” (Matt Falconer) is going to tell you things he can’t deliver on, he never voted on these things, he never showed up at a meeting, he hasn’t been a member of this community fighting the battle. Be careful of politicians promising you unrealistic things, you probably can’t believe them” Teresa Jacobs….Probably the most intense moment of this event, there was a buzz in the crowd

“I may be Johnny-come lately, but I’ve been watching this game for a long time” Matt Falconer

““I think you will find that I am the most even tempered, mom type, that you could put in to office and will do exactly that what you want me to do, you won’t see me veered away by special interests” Linda Stewart’s closing statement

“When your in a financial hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging” Matt Falconer

“The real dragon we need to slay is health insurance, we need to shift more responsibility for health care to our employees”- Bill Segal

“Its very easy when you have a good moral compass to do the right thing for all of the people”- Matt Falconer

“I think a lot of people look as consolidation of services as the Silver Bullet, I have found, that cities have their own character, people like their cities”- Bill Segal

“Amendment 4 will cost 500,000 jobs”- Matt Falconer

“Good Jobs, are good jobs and they don’t have to be for people with college degrees” – Bill Segal

“The reason Pine Hills isn’t getting any money is because my opponents have spent all of it, in the Emerald city (Orlando) on (performing) art centers” Matt Falconer…that got a few chuckles and ok, it was kinda humorous..

“I can’t promise you I am going to run for office (get elected) and then go and break the law, I have to follow the law, and the state sets the laws. We can’t legally do what my opponent is telling you he can do”- Teresa Jacobs on Matt Falconer’s earlier remarks….

I know I am making this sound like the last 10 minutes of “A Few Good Men” but there were actually a few responses that had several of the candidates agreeing with each other.

As you can tell Ms Jacobs and Mr. Falconer decided to continue their Thursday night battle. They can’t continue running this screen for Bill Segal, while he clearly delivers his message.

I liked the questions asked during this event, they’re issues that are right up the county government’s alley, the role of local government, economic development, job growth..and it was longer (maybe just a tad bit too long)

This was the debate that should have been televised, but I’m sure there will be plenty more….

Thanks for reading!!

***Update: Ken Griffey Jr just retired…there goes another piece of my childhood***


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  1. Frank,
    Thanks for this update. I drive through Pine Hills weekly and it saddens me tremendously that we’ve let this once great neighborhood of Central Florida deteriorate into such fashion. I work with great people in the Pine Hills area that want to improve the region, but Pine Hills has no champion. The area is broken into three commissioner districts and parts are city limits and parts are county jurisdiction. It will be up to the Mayor to solve Pine Hills’ issue.

    Did any of the candidates have a specific plan for improving Pine Hills – or was the only thing given rhetoric from Falconer? (Of course, as mentioned before, much of Pine Hills is in the Emerald City)

    (Full disclosure, I’m supporting Segal, but have not had a discussion with him about Pine Hills.)

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