Today's date is August 15, 2022

That Rick Scott dude…..


For the last couple of months my afternoon routine has been invaded….I go home click on the TV, read the tweets on my phone, from the local anchors and reporters, hit the weights for a whole 5 minutes and click from newscast to newscast. I have to do my best to know everything about everything that is going on, which is kinda like moving water in a strainer, it’s almost impossible to get all of it…..

The newscasts move, almost in unison into commercial, that’s when I get the chance to flip around and see different kinds of coverage about the day’s most important stories.

For those two minutes almost every station in Central Florida, turns in to Rick Scott TV!

Channel 2-Rick Scott
Channel 6-Rick Scott
Channel 9- Rick Scott
Channel 35- Lexus of Orlando and Rick Scott

Now this Rick Scott dude, was the millionaire (not billionaire, we’ll talk about him later). That woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and said “I think I’ll run for Governor”. He then began to throw millions into a massive commercial campaign blitz and catapulted himself right into the middle Governor Race and unfortunately threw poor Paula Dockery out of it. He was in a massive medicare scandal that got his company, Columbia HCA 1.7 Billion dollars in fines. Regardless, he’s a contender in the Republican primary for governor against attorney general Bill Mccollum……wow it is almost impossible to make this sound interesting…I will blog about something funny tomorrow……

Rick Scott wants you to drive him to work...

Ok, but this is great strategy if you have the kind of dough he has. Thousands of Floridians are getting home and cracking a beer or starting dinner for their families and turning on the news to hear about, how crappy the world is….Then wait, there is this Rick Scott dude wants to run government like a business! Businesses have to deliver, right? or else everyone loses. He is introducing himself as an oasis of hope at the end of a depressing desert of a newscast. Politicians getting arrested, people getting hurt, oil in the Atlantic…then Rick Scott presenting himself as the solution for all of it. “Lets go to work”….Yeah man! Let’s go!

Its working..

Yeah he is catching a crazy, counter commercial blitz, with that embarrassing health scandal and he’s wounded, but he’s taking it head on and people are only going to want to hear him apologize so many times before they want to move on to whats next for Florida….

Am I gonna vote for him? Probably not…..It’s money being thrown to cover up his mistakes, unusual for politicians, no, but he is going to have to do a little more to win myself and the votes over.

How much will that cost? I don’t know but I’m sure he can afford it..

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