Today's date is December 5, 2022

Ron Desantis – No to Intervention in Syria


As the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution for intervening in the Syrian Conflict, a member of it’s House Counter-Part and Central Florida Congressman spoke out against it.

Representative Ron DeSantis from Volusia/St.Johns County sent out this release this afternoon.

“I do not support authorizing President Obama to use military force in the Syrian civil war at this time. The Obama administration has not articulated a clear objective for using military force in Syria, much less a plan to achieve that objective. This is all the more problematic given the realities of a Syrian civil war in which Assad’s dictatorship (supported by Iran and Hezbollah) is fighting so-called rebels that are populated with Sunni Islamic supremacists and Al Qaeda fighters.

Desantis joins a growing, Bi-Partisan group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives that would be “No” votes, including fellow Republicans Bill Posey, John Mica (his post HERE), and Democrat Alan Grayson.

In Washington, it’s uncertain whether the President’s initiative for intervention in Syria will pass. It has members from fighting from within their own parties. Republican Leadership has slowly rallied around the President. Speaker of the House John Boehner and Republican Senator John McCain have come out in favor of taking action, after the Assad regime conducted an attack against it’s own people using chemical weapons, that resulted in the death of almost 1500 Syrians.

Rep. Desantis is a No on Syrian Intervention

Rep. Desantis is a No on Syrian Intervention

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