Today's date is January 16, 2021

Saunders to Kick Off Florida House 49 Re-Election Campaign Next Month


State Representative Joe Saunders has announced that his Re-Election Campaign will Kick Off in the middle of October for his Florida House 49 seat.

Saunders currently represents the UCF area as well as parts of East Orlando. He was able to roll to victory after the Obama for America Campaign maximized turnout in the blue district. Saunder carries high favorable ID on Campus and will be difficult to beat if he can bring out the college kids.

The Democrat’s only declared opponent at this time is Republican Edward Nelson Rodriguez but he’s made little noise up to this point. There are two other rumored candidates but neither have stepped forward or even floated their names around to gauge support. Saunders is in a similar situation to his Congressional Colleague Alan Grayson, meaning that if you’re going to beat him at all, it’s gotta be during a mid-term, when the Democrats and in this case the College Kids “tend to bail” on voting. The Democratic Party of Florida wants to keep their 2012 gains in the State House and will try to activate voters for Saunders as well (if they can keep their troubled house in order).

Saunders is coming off of his first session, where he took his Activist Mentality to Tallahassee with him. He tee’d off on Republicans on the House Floor and in the media but managed to ride the Education train with many other lawmakers that awarded teacher raises and money back into the education budget. This was part of Governor Scott’s change of position at the beginning of the year.

You can find out more about Saunder’s event below.

Joe Saunders campaign kick off

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