Today's date is April 13, 2021

Crist vs. RPOF: Guns Out Blazing Minutes After Announcement


In what will be one of the biggest political war of words in the country next year. The newest candidate for Florida Governor Democrat Charlie Crist and leaders from his former party, the Republican Party of Florida, wasted no time taking shots at each other, just minutes after Crist left the stage after declaring.

RPOF has been prepared to attack for some time now (Crist didn’t exactly guard this secret closely), and released this Webvid, immediately after the announcement was over.

Here is the video. “He’s an opportunist” featuring quotes from former CFO, Rick Scott foe (and current congressional candidate) Alex Sink, Crists Democratic opponent in the 2010 Senate Race Kendrick Meek, and former Vice-President Al Gore.

Those soundbytes from his former enemies and current teamates are going to haunt him throughout the campaign. The most potent attacks will likely come from his current primary opponent, Former State Senator Nan Rich. We’ll see how it resonates with the voters.

The Crist Campaign then released this video. It looks like it might have been shot the same day as Crist’s ambigous “I’m here to help” Webvid, which leads us to believe there was never any mystery at all. “You figure that out all by yourself, Sherlock?”… I know but it’s worth mentioning (you can watch that first video HERE). Here is the newest video from Crist.

There is that knock on the Rick Scott catchphrase again “It’s Not Working”. This is a lot of the same rhetoric that Crist used when he went Independent in 2010 but voters weren’t buying it. Can it work this time now that He’ll have the full weight of Florida’s Democratic Party Behind him?


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