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Nan Rich wants to Debate Charlie Crist 10 Times


Everyone is already looking forward to a Charlie Crist vs. Rick Scott showdown for the Governor’s Mansion next year but it’s not that easy. At least not now.

The first major Democratic Candidate to announce her candidacy, Nan Rich wants to primary Crist for the nomination and despite early whispers asking her to drop out and clear the way for the Republican turned Democrat Ex-Guv, she’s not budging.

In fact, she wants to debate Crist. Ten times.

Here is a statement from her campaign that went out this morning.

“Charlie is a Democrat now – but he’s changed more than his party registration – he’s changed his stance on many major issues and voters I’ve met with wonder how committed he is to his new found positions.

“That’s why I hope that he will embrace this opportunity to debate the important issues Floridian’s care about. They want to know how we will improve Florida’s schools and what we’ve done in the past to support them, they want to know how we will protect Florida’s fragile environment, they want to know how we will protect Florida’s at risk children and elderly and I know that Florida’s women want to know where we stand on protecting their reproductive rights.”

Rich has been campaigning for over a year but has never really found her footing with her own party, with candidate rumors swirling around not only Crist, but former CFO and Gov Candidate Alex Sink, as well as Senator Bill Nelson.

Rich recognizes that the only way to stun Crist is to catch him behind a podium on television to answer for his Conservative past. She does have a small contingent of supporters and campaign donations that makes this story just important enough. The Republican Party of Florida has also hinted they would give her a little push in her uphill battle against their former leader.

10 Debates is a high number, the aggressor typically leads with. The actual agreement on events is usually half of that, if not less.

Crist’s connection with his new party is one of the major subplots in this entire race. Unfortunately, the Political Calculus doesn’t add up at this point for the newest candidate in the race. A debate with Rich would only soften him up for Rick Scott, who’s prepared to spend 100 million dollars to defeat Crist in the General Election.


Rich hopes her party views her as the genuine Democrat in the race

Rich hopes her party views her as the genuine Democrat in the race

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